Round 1- Western Bulldogs v Fremantle: Jail-Break

It’s time for the Western Bulldogs to make their own ‘Jail-Break’ and take the leap from mediocre to elite, says Mortlake’s biggest Bulldogs fan Neil Anderson, from his vantage point at the front row of Etihad Stadium.

Five minutes of Stevie J: the argument for a footy instinct

John Harms takes us back to five minutes of genius from Stevie J v the Bulldogs in 2012. Remember the moment? Is there a footy instinct?

The Theatre of Football

I’ve been dying to put into words my day at the Richmond v Hawthorn match two weeks ago, but a swag of uni assignments saw to it that last week’s writing consisted of essay’s, not the footballing type! And though the heights of Friday nights win against the Saints have all but obliterated the memory [Read more]

Redemption, redemption, or is it really?

It has now transpired that this footy trip was some 56 weeks in the making.  We knew that we would have to have a rematch replay against the very young Gold Coast Suns and the sooner the better for our own piece of mind.

Melbourne: have you considered your supporters might be the problem?

A big thank you to the Demons supporters who sat right behind me at the ‘G on Sunday to see their team play the Blues. Had they not been there, resplendent in their cashmere coats and members’ medallions, I would not have been aware of the injustices inflicted on their team by the the umpires. [Read more]

Five minutes of Stevie J: an affirmation of the footy instinct?

  Stay with me on this, because we’ll get to Stevie J. But in the meantime I need to establish my thesis. I remember chatting with Roger Merrett at the launch of Ross Fitzgerald’s footy book about the Brisbane Bears.  I think that was just before the 1996 season got under way. We mainly talked [Read more]

The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Nine

Greetings Tipsters Working long hours at strange times of the day does not make for an environment conducive to watching three hours of football four times a weekend. This could also make it difficult to write a football column, but being clueless has never stopped me from doing anything before.

You’d take magic over grind

I love a deft tap on the footy field, as much as I love a good footy brain. You can’t have one without the other. Tom Hawkins, he loves the deft tap. Whenever he flicks his wrist to guide the footy to a teammate in the clear, I press rewind on the foxtel control. Look [Read more]

Fearless, Round 9: Melbourne has copped enough! Focus elsewhere please…seriously it’s like shooting fish in a barrel

Having set a dubious precedent (players with sleeve tatts don’t squib, do they?), Josh Hunt and his Cats took on the Dogs in the Little River Hoon Cup. Weather jibes aside, a reasonably tight game saw Stevie J put on a clinic to assist the Cats get home by 20pts. The Cats’ cream rose but [Read more]

The View from Shepparton

Went to the footy on Satdy, first time in yonks. Went to see the Guns v the Powerless. Don’t go to live footy very often, which is a bummer because I don’t recognise a lot of the players and certainly didn’t recognise most of the Guns or for that matter most of the Port players.

Round 9 Winners and Losers

Richmond beat Hawthorn by 62 points. Is that four horsemen I hear? Winners Richmond In a typical office block, passionate Tigers fan David approaches his manager’s office. “Frank, can I have a word with you” “Sure thing David, have a seat” “Cheers. Look, I know September is the make or break month for the business, [Read more]

Cats On Holiday

Darl and I we’re in Auckland after spending 11 nights on the South Pacific island of Fiji where even there we were able to catch AFL games on the Australian TV Network.  I tried to time our flights and destinations to make sure we could find a TV that was showing the game.  So far [Read more]

Asher Keddie and I were there for each other

  Warning: may contain traces of ‘Pie-nut.   A paediatrician told me recently the key to navigating toddler tantrums is to lower your expectations of their behaviour by 50%.  It made sense because I’d successfully applied the same theory to maintain my sanity amid the delights and disappointments of Collingwood fandom.

Muz returns to see the Lions less mighty

It is 25 years since my last journey to a Melbourne stadium to watch a Brisbane team in a home and away game. A late Saturday night text invite from a mate in Bris Vegas had me rearranging my Sunday to go to the footy. Brad is originally from Townsville, a Kangaroos sponsor, and he [Read more]

A Heart Full of Lenny and Heart Beats for Farren

1. A week is a long time in footy What a weird few weeks of football we’ve had.  The favourites haven’t been winning.  Teams like Richmond upset Premiership hopefuls Hawthorn, Collingwood find some form against an unbelievably improved Adelaide, who were kept scoreless in the final quarter in a tight game.  Bulldogs took it right [Read more]

John Kingsmill’s Footy Diary

ROUND NINE Fireworks at AAMI Stadium They’d sold out; it was raining. They thought the big crowd needed something. As their players entered the field, the AFC let off some fireworks. Not many; just a couple of thousand of dollars

Oh Frabjous Day

WEST COAST EAGLES V FREMANTLE DOCKERS Subiaco Oval,Sunday 27 May 2012,2.40pmWST First Half Match Report “Beware the Rosserwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! Beware the Bally bird, and shun The frumious Sandersnatch!” Woosha took his vorpal sword in hand: Long time the manxome foe he sought — So rested he [Read more]

A Dove Among Pigeons

By Jake ‘Cobba’ Stevens Not that long ago I was on a train in India. True Story. (More on my adventures in India later…) Aside from my Parents and my sister I was the only non-Indian on the train. It was packed, and I estimate I was the only person with white hair within a [Read more]

Essendon breaking new ground

“ Hi Tania. We expected that. Thanks for calling. Guys, it’s off,” said my dad. After the rain on Friday, I would have been very surprised if our tennis game was on. It was the first washout of the season, but it meant a quiet day before gearing up for an almost certain win for [Read more]

Pies and Zen rule

famous a  celebrated (for quality etc.) ; well known ; (colloq.) excellent I had a very unusual pre-game routine for our blockbuster against the Crows.  I attended a silent retreat for the day as part of a mindfulness meditation course I am undertaking. How does this have any relevance to the game?  Well, limited, but [Read more]