Grand Final – Move over Knight, here’s the Zalac poster

Old Dog shares the work of his artist mate Zelko Zalac, a Dees premiership poster designed in a style reminiscent of the late, great WEG.

Melbourne: A City Surviving, a Team Arriving.

Beaut piece from Melbourne dad and footy lover Andrew Else with a look into family life in Grand Final week with its Lockdown, its riots, its earthquake and the arrival of a great footy team. [Love it -JTH]

Almanac (Demon) Life: Success is a Journey not a Destination

Geoff Woolcock has lived a Demon life which he chronicles in this timeline.

2021 AFL Grand Final Preview: An overtime thriller in prospect?

Nick Kossatch gets in first with his preview of the 2021 AFL Grand Final. He thinks it will be a close, hard-fought thriller!

Grand Final – My Return to the Almanac for a One-Off Grand Final Ramble

Some of the projected golden years of Daniel Saunders’ young life have been marred by the pandemic we all know and hate. He’s incredibly thankful for the wonderful season of top shelf footy that has kept him sane; he proffers his view on the looming last game of the year.

Round 19 – Melbourne v Western Bulldogs: Aaron Naughton terrifies me

During a cracking match between two contenders, quite a few footballers caught Old Dog’s eye. Some of them scare him. He explains why.

Balcony Banter: Ghosts of the Game

Lynda Carroll visited the MCG and was moved by the eerie feeling of emptiness despite the presence of other fans. First published by Balcony Banter.

Round 12 – Melbourne v Brisbane: Set up running

Old Dog thaws some bourbons and watches the footy. [More vintage Old Dog – with insight after insight. Ed]

Balcony Banter: What a lovely view

Through her work, Lynda Carroll knows all the ins and outs of the MCG. She’s also a keen Demons fan and recently shared her thoughts about Melbourne’s current ‘view from the top’ on the MCC Members blog ‘Balcony Banter’.

Almanac Footy: The Muse – what would happen if it was really a Grand Old Flag?

With the hopes of Demons supporters justifiably growing, Hayden Kelly shares his personal recollections of some other recent drought-breaking premierships. He also offers a distinctly Gordon St. perspective on what the celebration of a Melbourne flag might look like.

Round 3 – GWS v Melbourne: Sunday Night Lights

On a warm (for Autumn) Canberra evening, with Manuka a picture, William Westerman sees the emerging Dees deal with the battling Giants.

“Regrets……I’ve had a few……” by KB Hill

KB Hill caught up with Paul Bryce, a very talented player who never quite achieved what he might have. It turned out to be a brutally honest and revealing conversation.

Round 12 – Melbourne v Collingwood: One team sprints, another stumbles

Have the wheels fallen off at Collingwood? Sean Mortell saw not so much parallels as perpendiculars to the 2018 Queen’s Birthday demolition job and hopes to see more black and white dash and dare in the future.

Round 12 – Melbourne v Collingwood: Bring on 2021 (Floreat Pica Society)

Not much went right for the Pies against the Dees; Tony Scully wasn’t expecting this pre-game and has his sights firmly set on the future.

Round 8 – Melbourne v Brisbane: Just a good ordinary miracle – the Lions win

Remembering the days when any win felt like a miracle, Shane Reid is happy to take any “good ordinary win” in his stride.

‘From King Valley, to Moonee Valley…and beyond’ by KB Hill

KB Hill talks to Leigh Newton, son of a King Valley footy dynasty, about his injury-plagued career at Melbourne, and his further sporting adventures.

Why I Hate Victorians

Peter Baulderstone takes aim at all things Victorian from his mineshaft in Western Australia. Is he serious? Is he right? He’s certainly hostile. (This 2018 effort has had revived interest among the non-Victorian audience. Can’t think why. PB in pre-flag warrior mode – Ed)

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 1 – Melbourne v St Kilda

This is the very first match report from the very first edition of The Footy Almanac, on the internet for the very first time. John Harms opening the bowling, reporting on Melbourne v St Kilda.

Round 1 – West Coast v Melbourne:  Last Orders on the Titanic

How to make sense of the final game that never never should have been played in a season that was cancelled before it began? A show about nothing? Peter Baulderstone finds meaning in old movies, Gatsby and Monty Python.

My International Women’s Day sportsfest

Cathi Johnston packed in a couple of big sporting contests featuring some amazing women for International Women’s Day. The day didn’t start off in the best fashion, but her first ever live cricket experience certainly brought some smiles.