Round 1- Western Bulldogs v Fremantle: Jail-Break

It’s time for the Western Bulldogs to make their own ‘Jail-Break’ and take the leap from mediocre to elite, says Mortlake’s biggest Bulldogs fan Neil Anderson, from his vantage point at the front row of Etihad Stadium.

Asher Keddie and I were there for each other

  Warning: may contain traces of ‘Pie-nut.   A paediatrician told me recently the key to navigating toddler tantrums is to lower your expectations of their behaviour by 50%.  It made sense because I’d successfully applied the same theory to maintain my sanity amid the delights and disappointments of Collingwood fandom.

John Kingsmill’s Footy Diary

ROUND NINE Fireworks at AAMI Stadium They’d sold out; it was raining. They thought the big crowd needed something. As their players entered the field, the AFC let off some fireworks. Not many; just a couple of thousand of dollars

Pies and Zen rule

famous a  celebrated (for quality etc.) ; well known ; (colloq.) excellent I had a very unusual pre-game routine for our blockbuster against the Crows.  I attended a silent retreat for the day as part of a mindfulness meditation course I am undertaking. How does this have any relevance to the game?  Well, limited, but [Read more]

No Ambulance needed..this time

I’ve noticed that Collingwood like to put us supporters through a bit of a heart attack before winning a game. Unlike the cool, swift Geelong that once had the sandwich eating coach and the supporters with their feet up, ready to relax with a win by the end of the second term, my boys seem [Read more]