To the Port Adelaide list management team

Dave Boon couldn’t be happier with the AFL Trade Week for his Port Adelaide. The inclusions of Steven Motlop, Jack Watts and Tom Rockcliff will bolster the Power significantly according to Dave.

Almanac Poetry: A greeting from Bruce Dawe

This piece was written by John Harms just after he had received a beaut greeting card from Bruce Dawe around Christmas time 2016. Bruce Dawe’s poetry, loved by many, was special to John Harms.

1981 Revisited – Round 1 Carlton v Richmond: ‘Just Like Starting Over’

Stainless begins his journey through the season that was 1981. Coming off a Tigers premiership, things looked good. Little did he know what lay ahead for the next three decades.

1966 and all that: Prologue

Peter Clark begins a series on the season that was 1966. Here he sets puts the footy season into its historical and social contexts.

SANFL Draft Dodgers – 1982: You Got Nothing I Want

The second of the VFL’s hidden drafts took place in 1982. ‘Swish’ lets us know how it turned out for the Croweaters involved.

Poetry: ‘Life Cycle’, by Bruce Dawe

Life Cycle by Bruce Dawe captures the significance of footy in Victoria and beyond. Life and footy are so entwined in all those places (and cultures) where footy is meaningful to the people. [This was published to celebrate the birth of Henry Joseph Santamaria – Ed]

Five Reasons To Watch Richmond In 2020

The absence of the footy season sends some minds off in ‘interesting’ directions. Sam provides this take on why we should keep an eye on Richmond.

‘Old Pie treads down Memory Lane……’ by KB Hill

Trevor Steer’s football and cricket resume makes for some reading! A Collingwood Life Member, he could have been a dual premiership winner except for two agonising twists of fate. KB Hill recounts Trevor’s career in both Melbourne and the bush.

Life of a dog in lockdown…Colin Wroby gives an update.

Colin Wroby asked his Mum Number 1 Yvette Wroby to transcribe this piece for the Almanac. He likes ball play too. Go figure.

A Footy Learning – What Footy Photos Taught Me About The Way I View The Game

A black and white image of former Richmond champion Ray Stokes, gave rise to many thoughts for Liahm O’Brien to consider about the time and place the photo represented.

A Mea Culpa for Chris

Based on Chris Scott’s actions in the past week, Paul Spinks is moved to offer a mea culpa.

Almanac Footy History: An afternoon of footy with Fred Goldsmith

Richard Davis’s piece about Fred Goldsmith reminded John Harms of the time in 2008 when he visited Fred at home in Spotswood and they watched the Swans take on Melbourne.

Errors: Significant, but often forgotten by history

Many of us have turned to the past to fill the footy void – Alex Darling has been looking back on classic matches with a keener eye than before and discovered a veritable forest amongst the trees. Those trees are the individual moments of brilliance we reduce so many memorable games to.

Fred Goldsmith in Retrospect

Fred Goldsmith is the only specialist full-back to ever win the Brownlow Medal. Richard Davis offers this retrospective profile.

Round 1 1962 – Footscray v Hawthorn: An angry lady, Teddy Whitten and my first game!

Some fond childhood memories of angry supporters, Teddy Whitten, his dad, as Col Ritchie remembers his first ever VFL game, Round 1 1962, the Bulldogs and the Hawks.

1981 Revisited: Introduction

With time on his hands, Sam Steele reflects on current events and its effects on footy, and considers another time of upheaval for the sport, 1981.

Balcony Banter – The next great comeback story

Check out the latest instalment of Balcony Banter with a story by Emma La Mari about the frustrations of a footy follower in these new unprecedented times.

Almanac (Family and Footy) History: At the end of the day, everyone just wants to come home.

Every week when Fitzroy plays the season proper – home and away, in the heat of battle or on the training track – a man mountain clad in club gear can be seen cheering them on. That man’s name is David Leydon and his family, like no other, represents the face of Fitzroy old and new. Beautifully written by Gabby Murphy, this is their story.

Remembering Mighty Mick Martyn

Matt Watson presents an in-depth account of former Roo, Mick Martyn’s mighty footy career, a career expanding over 16 seasons and 300 AFL games.

From the Outer – Watching football in the 80s: by Garrie Hutchinson

Garrie Hutchinson has an offer for Almanac readers, he’s selling copies of “From the Outer: Watching Football in the 80s” for a special price. Check out the details here.

Almanac Rugby League – Grand Finals in Group 9: a reporter’s view from inside the fence

Liam Hauser continues our series of stories from rugby league’s back catalogue. He recalls his experiences reporting Grand Final clashes in Group 9 for local newspapers in the Riverina.