To the Port Adelaide list management team

Dave Boon couldn’t be happier with the AFL Trade Week for his Port Adelaide. The inclusions of Steven Motlop, Jack Watts and Tom Rockcliff will bolster the Power significantly according to Dave.

Almanac Footy: It’s Time, Scotty!

Deakin student Chris Mangos watches football strategy and tactics very closely. Here he asks why Geelong coach Chris Scott has a relatively poor finals record, analysing three significant losses in particular. [This piece may flush out some Geelong frustration in the comments – Ed]

Gravel & Mud: Geoffrey Blainey

Historian Geoffrey Blainey has had rich experiences with Australian mining, society and football. This story is from the anthology ‘Gravel & Mud’, a wonderful look into how western Tasmania approached its footy, from conditions to crowds to players.

Almanac (Footy) Memoir: “Come on Cliff!”

Richard Griffiths has slunk away from Hawthorn of the late `70s and finds a new footy home – with his brother at Queenscliff. Here’s his story of happy years with the Coutas. [Accommodation deal is a cracker – Ed]

Gravel & Mud: Martin Flanagan’s introduction

Martin Flanagan recalls life on the West Coast of Tasmania with its places, and characters and its distinctive footy. This piece of fine story-telling is the introduction to Gravel & Mud, an anthology put together by Tony Newport and the Carswell brothers Chris and John.

Almanac Memoir: 1955 – through the eyes of a child. Sporting Heroes.

It’s 1955 and six year old Allan Grant is living in Balaclava. This brilliant memoir covers all of his early sporting loves – and is a look into the life of Melbourne at this time. The saints, visits from Arthur Morris, Dad’s brickie mate who plays for North Melbourne, connections to racing and the Stawell Gift, tennis, the Olympics on the horizon and a Grandma who only went out with Brownlow medalists. Fine memoir from Allan.

Round 19 – AFL Footy Fixture: Who, where, and when your favourite team is playing

It’s crunch time for a number of teams this round. Check out all the details of who, where, and when your team is playing in Round 19. [These details are subject to change – Ed]

Geelong’s Record Run – Round 5, 1953: Richmond v Geelong – Goninon punts 11 in the wet

Missing their two dominant rovers, the Cats bludgeoned Richmond in Round Five of the 1953 season, with spearhead George Goninon booting double figures. Peter Clark details the victory in the newest entry to his series.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 18 Review, Round 19 Preview

Losing to Carlton hurts says Cam Hooke as he reviews the Round 18 match, and looks ahead to the Round 19 clash against the Power.

Round 18 – GWS v Sydney Swans: Almost as triumphant as Beethoven’s Ninth!

The triumph of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony came to mind as Jan Courtin watched the Swans roll onto victory in their game against the Giants.

FEARLESS 2021: Double Header Rounds 15 and 16…and another thing I’ve been wondering lately…

FEARLESS 2021 catches up his match reports with those for Rounds 15 and 16. He also offers his thoughts of some current footy issues.

Round 18 – Collingwood v Carlton: Football in the Time of Covid

Covid has certainly played havoc for Merv Collins and his football going days as he explains the trials and tribulations of this time.

Almanac Teams: Saccharine Sixteen (1980- )

A few players who wore Number 16 in recent decades caught Rodney Boyd’s eye for their more interesting feats or foibles…including one player with a surprising basketball background.

Round 18 – St Kilda v Port Adelaide: A day of barracking for and against the Saints

Nick Kossatch had his heart in two places; against the Saints in Melbourne playing his team the Power, and for the BITS Saints in Rockhampton. The results caused mixed feelings as he explains in his match report of the games.

Almanac Footy: Vale – Serge

Warren Tapner pays a fitting tribute to Carlton great Sergio Silvagni, who passed away a few days ago.

Gravel & Mud: Chris Fagan’s Preface

As you will see over the coming days, as the Almanac publishes this series of extracts, Gravel & Mud is full of wonderful yarns.

Round 18 – Sal’s Preview: The Great Number 1

Sal Ciardulli remembers Carlton great Sergio Silvagni, and presents his thoughts and tips for the Round 18 matches.

Almanac (Local) Footy: Ainslie Women’s Division 2 – Round 5

Another tough match for the Ainslie Tricolours as they go down to the Riverina Lions as reported by Declan Kerlett in prose, verse and image.

Almanac Memoir and Music: Slade Forever!

Yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh, Slaaaaaaaaaaaade! In this Friday’s column, KD celebrates UK rockers Slade, a favourite band of his early teen years.

Almanac Books: Introducing Gravel & Mud – An Anthology of Football in the Mountains of Western Tasmania

Tony Newport, John Carswell and Chris Carswell have compiled a classic anthology of footy stories from the west coast of Tasmania. Here’s some info about the book. Look out for some stories from the book to be published here in the coming days. [A ripper – JTH]

Almanac Footy (heartbreak): She was teasing me all along

Earlier this week, Chris Bracher poured his heart out over his beloved South Melbourne. Now he’s lost her again to the uncertainties of the far north. Oh, the pain!