Almanac Teams: Obscure Number 10s (1980- )

Rodney Boyd considers some of the more obscure VFL/AFL players to have worn the Number 10 jumper over the last 40 years.

Almanac Teams: A Perfect Ten (1980- )

The number 10 jumper has been worn by plenty of fine players over the past 40 seasons – but one big club missed out in Rodney Boyd’s selected side. Do you think they were hard done by?

Almanac Teams: Noteworthy Nines (1980- )

Rodney Boyd rounds the turn into double digits with his team of interesting players to sport the Number 9 guernsey since 1980.

Almanac Teams: On Cloud Nine (1980- )

You’d be hard pressed to find another team batting this deep with quality midfielders! Rodney Boyd’s team of the best to wear Number 9 since 1980 is arguably his best yet.

Almanac Teams: The Debatable Eights (1980- )

It’s Monday and that means Rodney Boyd is back to share his weekly side, this one made up of the more ‘interesting’ players who wore Number 8 in the past 40 years or so.

Almanac Teams: Super Eights (1980- )

To start off your working week, Rodney Boyd is back again with another of his best sides from the past 40-odd years. This week is Number 8; it includes a couple of thylacines and one current player who plays as smooth as his nickname suggests.

Almanac Teams: The (not-so) Magnificent Seven (1980- )

From myopic sharpshooters to cross-code game winners, there’s plenty in Rodney Boyd’s team of more obscure Number 7s since 1980 this week.

Almanac Teams: Seventh Heaven (1980- )

We forge ahead with Rodney Boyd’s series of teams; this week’s side has the best Number 7s to don the jumper since 1980(ish) and a first time selection of two players from the same team.

Almanac Teams: The Eclectic Six (1980- )

Rodney Boyd has returned with a deep dive into VFL/ AFL history, pulling out some forgotten names who happened to pull on the number six jumper at some stage in their career.

Almanac Teams: Hit for Six (1980- )

Rodney Boyd moves from Number 5 to 6 this week; this side has a few players called on to play extra roles during a game.

Almanac Teams: The (not quite so) Famous Fives (1980- )

Back onto the more obscure names this week, Rodney Boyd’s team for the bearers of Number 5 has some excellent footballers who’ve done interesting things.

Almanac Teams: Mambo Number 5s (1980- )

The best players to wear the Number 5 jumper since 1980? Rodney Boyd makes his selection and invites your contributions.

Almanac Teams: More Fours (1980- )

Rodney Boyd follows up his best ever team of players who wore Number 4 with a slightly more obscure selection to play in the same number.

Almanac Teams: Fab Fours (1980- )

It’s an unlucky number in some cultures, but Rodney Boyd’s team of the best Number 4s is so packed with talent, you’d think it more than lucky to be given the jumper.

Almanac Teams: Three’s a charm (1980-)

In his last team for 2020, Rodney Boyd turns his attention to some of the more ‘out-there’ selections in the Number 3 jumper since 1980.

Almanac Teams: Three cheers (1980-)

They’re always open for discussion, but this week’s team of the best Number 3s by Rodney Boyd has a controversial selection plonked on the pine.

Almanac Teams: In Two Minds (1980-)

We’ve had his top side in Number 2s, now Rodney Boyd shares his cult heroes and generally interesting names who played wearing the number in the past 40 years.

Almanac Teams: The Terrific 2s (1980-)

The schoolyard refrain ‘First is the worst, second is the best’ might not be entirely scientific in its reasoning, but Rodney Boyd has put forward another team based on the best players he’s seen in the Number 2 which could very well take it up to his Number 1s.

Almanac Teams: Number 1 sometimes in name only (1980-)

For a second week Rodney Boyd looks at players who wore Number 1, but this side is sourced from the more obscure members of the club.

Almanac Teams: Number 1 Hits (1980-)

Hot on the heels of his last ‘Return to Sender’ side, Rodney Boyd shares his picks for the best team to have worn Number 1 on their backs since 1980.