Almanac Life: Car Horns are Versatile Instruments

All too often used in anger or frustration, Mickey Randall offers a far more positive, even loving appreciation of the sound of a toot of a car horn.

Almanac Pubs: A single sentence on Mystery Pub in the Warradale

Mickey Randal, In the style of Proust, Kerouac and others, recalls a mystery pub evening with friends on a very hot Adelaide day – and all told in one sentence!

Almanac Music – Harvest Rock: Beck’s Chicken Curry and the Celebrated Drumsticks of Christmas

It’s the time for festivals in the most festive of states and Mickey Randall and his Family Band were on hand to witness some musical delight at Harvest Rock.

Almanac Pubs: Security! Security! Trouble at Mystery Pub

The Somerton Bar and Bistro is this week’s mystery pub for Mickey and Claire, and as Mickey explains, there was a near calamity for sitting at the wrong table.

Mystery Pub: Viva Las Vegas – The Peninsula, Taperoo

It is mystery pub time once again. This time, Mickey and Claire find themselves in Taperoo

Almanac Running: City Bay fun run – Singapore Sharks, snags and spirituality spruikers

Mickey Randall is off on another run, this time the six kilometre leg of the Adelaide City Bay fun run. As usual, Mickey takes in all the sights and sounds during his run to share with readers.

Sausage Roll Review: Platy Pie Bakery of Mount Compass

Mickey Randall tackled a monster of a sausage roll at the Platy Pie Bakery and with it the monster questions of existence, with cameos from Aristotle, The Dude and HAL from 2001 [Shame you couldn’t shoe-horn Camus in for the sake of this excerpt – Ed]

Mystery Pub: Stanley Tucci to play Greg Chappell in upcoming biopic

Claire and Mickey visited the Britannia Hotel, possibly best known for the dreadful roundabout that abuts it. The problems it caused for generations had an unusual solution applied!

Almanac Running: At Large in Largs Bay – a parkrun yarn

Mickey Randall is off on another park run taking him through the heart of the Lefevre Peninsula, Largs Bay, Taperoo presenting the sights and sounds along the way.

Almanac Dinners: Rick, Mick and Nick

It was a fabulous night at The Tanunda Club SA for the Footy Almanac Dinner with special guest, former Test cricketer Rick Darling, and Mickey Randall was in attendance.

Almanac (Mystery) Pubs: You Right There Darl?

Michael Randall’s latest mystery pub visit is to one where everyone is apparently known as ‘Darl’!

Almanac Life: A Cheery Cemetery Story

Mickey Randall and Claire are deep in Mystery Day which takes them to a cemetery.

Almanac Life: Open a Kissing Gate

Mickey Randall poetically describes his Friday night travels into the countryside where he’d celebrate his birthday dinner

Almanac Running: West Beach parkrun – cocooned in this calm esplanade

Mickey Randall takes readers on a park run of sights, sounds and experiences at West Beach.

Almanac Books: The Final Frank Bascombe novel

The Footy Almanac community has brought many things to Mickey Randall but among its greatest gifts was the introduction to the fictional character of Frank Bascombe in the novels of Richard Ford. Mickey is looking forward to the final Frank Bascombe book, ‘Be Mine’.

Almanac Art: Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and the Delight of Context

One of the joys of overseas travel is visiting many of the world’s great art galleries and museums and viewing the wonderful treasures there reports Mickey Randall.

Almanac Beer: Three Italian Beers

Mickey Randall reviews three Italian beers, two he tasted in Italy, and the third back home.

Almanac Travel: An Italian Arrival

Mickey Randall arrived in Milan and, in a country not known for its efficiency, all went remarkably well!

Almanac (Overseas) Life: Milano parkrun

Mickey is in Milano and enters the parkrun. He finds it’s a little different to his usual experience at the Patawalonga. Claire was there to cheer him on.

Sausage Roll Review: Linke’s Bakehouse and Pantry, Nuriootpa

Mickey Randall is Nuriootpa for work, it’s lunch time, and time for a sausage roll. Mickey puts his sausage roll to the taste test and shares his thoughts.