Almanac Life: First Swim

The day was hot, so it’s time for the togs and the first swim of the season as Mickey Randall explains.

Almanac Life: The West End Brewery and me

Mickey Randall contemplates the demise of West End Brewery.

Almanac Life: Onkaparinga Gorge – farts, sticks and socks

Mickey Randall got the chance to wander in the spring sunshine at a nearby gorge with four boys. It left him reminiscing of days gone by and the terrific film Stand By Me.

Almanac Pub Review: In which our heroes discover that the Victoria Hotel is victorious and the Terminus Hotel is terminal

Claire and Mickey Randall took in a couple of pubs in Strathalbyn and encountered contrasting experiences. It seems like the names of the pubs matched their prospects!

Almanac Life: The Little Barbecue Who Could

Join Mickey Randall as he spends an idyllic Sunday morning at the “world’s most forlorn barbecue”.

Almanac Pub Review: The Exeter, Semaphore

Mickey Randall heads to the Exeter in Semaphore (in Adelaide) and recalls canned peas and canned corn and bachelorhood.

Almanac Pub Review: The Palais, Semaphore

“If coleslaw is the CD player….. does that make quinoa the trendy streaming service?” Yes, it’s another Mickey Randall pub review. This time, Semaphore’s The Palais is under scrutiny.

Almanac Life: A Pretty Possessive Apostrophe

The joy of an apostrophe is a delight to behold explains Mickey Randall.

Almanac Pub Review: The Greenock, Barossa Valley

In Mickey Randall’s time, Greenock has become a ‘destination’. But the pub remains a sanctuary. [Includes traces of cricket stories – JTH]

Almanac Life: 92 days

It’s been 92 days since Mickey Randall took a stroll to the Broady pub in Glenelg. His forthcoming visit finds him ‘excited and strangely nervous’.

Fish and Chips Review: Sotos of Semaphore

Claire and Mickey have been checking out the fish and chips available down Semaphore way. Inclement weather mixed with satisfying cuisine to the accompaniment of eclectic music.

Almanac Music – ‘Wichita Lineman’: a 42-minute version

Mickey experienced a magical musical moment during his Swedish sojourn – from Jimmy Webb via Glen Campbell to the Dick Slessig Combo. (Allow some time for this one – Ed.)

Sausage Roll Review: (not quite) Hurling on Hurtle Square

Even during Covid-19 Mickey Randall finds an opportunity to purchase a sausage roll; here’s his review, is it hit or miss?

A Good Friday in Glenelg North

Mickey Randall observes life on Good Friday in seaside Glenelg and environs. [Trademark Mickey-ness. JTH]

After isolation

Mickey Randall has returned from travels in Sweden. Having completed his term of self-isolation, Mickey’s ready to hit the road and it’s back to work for him.

Kenny Rogers and me

Mickey Randall goes down memory lane to catalogue Kenny Rogers’ presence in his life. It’s a charming tale of belated appreciation.

Scandinavia’s finest pontoon gin bar

Mickey and the missus are out and about in Sweden having just crossed over ‘The Bridge’. Bucolic days abound! (We hope you get home safely, Mickey! – Eds.)

Sausage Roll Review: LRB plays the Dulwich Bakery, Glenelg South

Mickey rates this week’s sampling more Diamantina Cocktail than Sleeper Catcher (that’s a good thing – Ed).

Best go through puberty on a Tuesday

It’s Sex Ed night for Mickey Randall and the boys as they attend the obligatory primary school Growth and Development session as he explains in his inimitable style.

Almanac Club Review: The Cobdogla Club

Mickey Randall takes us along the mighty Murray to the always welcoming Cobdogla Club… he also takes us back to the 1990s both through anecdote and the Cobby’s very reasonable drinks prices on offer! [Reminds me of the classic Crackerjack quote “beers at genuine 1972 prices” – Ed.]