Almanac Life: Mystery Pub – The Beer Smells Like a Microphone in John Doe’s Local Bar

It’s Mystery Pub weekend for Mickey Randall, who pays John Doe’s Local Bar a visit.

Sausage Roll Review: The Port Elliot Bakery

Mickey Randall took on a titan of the SA bakery industry for the first time. Was it worth the wait?

Almanac Reviews: Alberton Hotel, Alberton Oval

It’s a day at the footy for Mickey Randall but before that, a pre-match beer at the Alberton Hotel.

Almanac Life: Charlie Watts and the Ramsgate

Mickey Randall headed to Henley Beach for an evening at the Ramsgate Hotel and a chin wag on the Stones and the late Charlie Watts.

Almanac Life: Macbeth marks strongly but misses to the near side

There’s luckily no curse to reckon with for Mickey Randall as his pub preoccupation serves as the matinee for a Shakespearean tragedy…or is it the other way around?

Almanac (SANFL) Footy – Glenelg v Norwood: Quarter time in Chernobyl

Mickey Randall goes to watch Glenelg find their way to 15-and-0 with Pete and Trev.

Almanac Life: More Things I Like

Mickey Randall has come up with another intriguing list of his favourite and important things in life.

Almanac Life: A Nissan Exa, Eagle Super Beer and The Farrell Flat pub

Mickey Randall ventured to the tiny town of Farrell Flat, a couple of hours due north of Adelaide – a town with a long history, but possibly a small future. It does however have a pub…

Almanac Life: Riesling Trail Ramblings

Rambling The Riesling Trail on their e-bikes, Mickey Randall and Claire partake in the leisurely pleasures of wine tasting and pub meals along the way.

Almanac Beer (and Wine) Review: Incident at Mystery Pub/ Greenock Creek Shiraz

You lose some, then you win some. Mickey Randall encounters very mixed results on the libation front.

Almanac Travel: Fifteen (happy) notes from our Melbourne weekend

Mickey Randall packed a lot into a weekend trip to Melbourne.

A Hoppy Trinity of Outback Pubs

Claire and Mickey continue their honeymoon meander through regional South Australia, enjoying the array of wide experiences on offer at three local pubs.

Almanac Life: Our Honeymoon in Arkaroola

With the uncertainty of Covid border restrictions still a consideration, Mickey Randall and wife Claire opted for a road less travelled as their honeymoon destination. It soon became apparent why it was less travelled.

Beer Review: Coopers Australian IPA

Mickey Randall emerges from the mists of freshly wedded bliss to pen a review of the latest amber nectar out of South Australia; Coopers Australian IPA.

Almanac Life: Claire’s wedding speech, to me

Last week we read Mickey Randall’s lovely speech to his wife Claire, from their wedding day. Now, we get to see what Claire said to return the favour.

Almanac Life: My wedding speech, to Claire

Mickey Randall married his beloved Claire last weekend. He shares his wedding speech with the Almanac readership. (A hearty congratulations to you both – from all at The Footy Almanac).

Almanac Life: Another Good Friday in Glenelg

Mickey Randall takes a lazy Good Friday afternoon cruise around town to eventually reach the Broady for a couple of well-earned drinks.

Almanac Life: Bottle and Bird

Mickey Randall had too much time on his hands, as his story tells.

Almanac Beer Review: Prancing Pony and Smiling Samoyed at the Normanville pub

A kaleidoscopic spread of brews crossed the paths of Mickey Randall and Co. at Normanville’s historic pub; some were more palatable than others.

Almanac Beer: Southwark Bitter

Mickey Randall presents his considered thoughts about Southwark Bitter.