Round 15 – Brisbane v Sydney Swans: The view from Shepparton (via the – ‘Gabba) Back home to see the Lions at home

Peter Schumacher and the Minister escape the chilly confines of downtown Shepparton for a winter break in Brisbane, as the Lions give the Swans a hell of a fight at the ‘Gabba.

Round 14 – Gold Coast v North Melbourne: Brilliant Effervescent Against the Ordinary Roos

Peter Schumacher travelled to Broadbeach to escape the cold this winter so this is definitely not the view from Shepparton. He attended the Suns v Roos match, where he watched an impressive Suns outfit, bolstered by the return of G. Ablett smash the feeble Roos.

Round 13 – Brisbane v Adelaide: The View From Shepparton: Brisbane Lost Again

There’s potential in the Brisbane squad, according to Peter Schumacher, but that’s not translating into consistent four-quarter efforts just yet, as the Lions faded away for the second week in a row.

Round 8 – Essendon v Brisbane: The View from Shepparton

Peter Schumacher gives his view on his Lions going down to the Bombers and calls out to his relatives to come home to Shepparton.

The View From Shepparton: Round 4

Peter Schumacher wonders what’s happening in 2015. Brisbane are off the boil and commentators are still referring to after-match drinks. [Includes an opinion piece from the Minister for Home Affairs – something for commentators to think about].

Round 2: The View From Shepparton

Sensei Peter Schumacher sits back and places some much needed perspective: plenty of quality sides have started 0-2 and gone on to great things in a season. Also; footy is crook in Queensland

The View From Shepparton Round 1

Peter Schumacher checks in with the round one view of all things AFL from Shepparton and a healthy dose of scepticism for his Mighty Lions

AFL Round 8 – Brisbane v Essendon: So close yet so far

Peter Schumacher hopes for a Brisbane win, to prevent the gloating of other family members if nothing else.

AFL Round 7 – Brisbane v Sydney: High Hopes

Peter Schumacher thought the Lions could make a game of it at the Gabba, but Jonathan Brown’s withdrawal and a ruthless Swans outfit soon made his side look second rate.

AFL Round 6 – St Kilda v Brisbane: The View of New Zealand from Shepparton

Peter Schumacher is glad his Lions have more energy than he does and will take the win despite not being a fan of footy scheduled for across the ditch.

AFL Round 4: The View From Shepparton

Peter Schumacher is concerned for his Lions as they lose more players to injury. Could be a long season from Shepparton.

AFL Round 3: The View From Shepparton

Peter Schumacher is putting together a list of easybeats – and it seems it’s growing.

AFL Round 2 (at last) : The View From Shepparton

Peter Schumacher celebrates the Big Nicks – Riewoldt and Maxwell – and the renewal of Adelaide as a premium sporting venue. He is keeping the faith with his Lions (for now).

AFL Round 1: The View From Shepparton

Peter Schumacher gives a Wrap (again) for Round 1 and a rap to the AFL. Covers all this weeks footy news, and a few hit-outs to boot. Give us your notes on what you have seen at the end of the longest first round ever.

The View from Shepparton : AFL Round 1 (part one)

Peter Schumacher reckons that so far this has been the best ever opening to an AFL season, with Fremantle’s dominance and upsets by the emerging young clubs. Blues, Maggies, Tigers and Swans may beg to differ.

Sydney Test – Day 2 : The View from Shepparton

Peter Schumacher, the Shepherd of Shepparton, passes judgement on Day 2 at the SCG. He is a hard marker – thank God we are not losing.

Adelaide Test – Day 3: Answered Prayers

Our man in Shepparton, Peter Schumacher, has prayed to the Lutheran Church, the memory of Nelson Mandela and the Minister for Home Affairs (a higher god). His prayers were answered with a magnificent performance by Mitch Johnson, Davy Warner et al.

The View from Shepparton

The Hawks winning was good for another reason. It showed again that a team which hopes to win at the very top level must be able to attack and not just defend.

Urgent Request to pick a Fremantle fan’s brain. Team flag image needed.

This is not a trick question. Peter Schumacher urgently needs an image of the Dockers team flag. He refuses to say if he plans to wave it or burn it.

The View from Shepparton

The Cowboys debacle sums up another inglorious year for the NRL, writes Peter Schumacher.