A letter of thanks to U2: Surrender (Joshua Tree tour, Melbourne)

They’re one of the biggest bands in the world, with a career spanning decades, but amidst the dark hours and a cast of thousands, our E.r experienced U2’s music in a way that resonated deep within his soul – here he shares the experience as best he can in mere words.

Sausage Roll Review: Banjo’s, Moseley Square, Glenelg

Mickey Randall has partaken in a taste test of sausage rolls purchased from a new bakery in Adelaide. And his verdict? Find out here.

Footscray/Western Bulldogs Past Players from the VFL/AFL

The Footscray/Western Bulldogs Past Players held their 2019 AGM recently. Paul O’Connor sent this photo.

Footy Town: an experiential book review

Henry Ballard’s attitude to reading changed over the duration of his recently completed Bachelor of Communications degree at Deakin University. “Footy Town” was an integral read for him in the final stages of his course as his review of the book reveals. [Henry was an intern at The Footy Almanac during 2019 – Ed]

The ‘Esk Bradman’: who was Jack Badcock?

Some are never favoured by timing or luck. Dave Brown takes a fascinating look at the career highs and lows of Jack Badcock, the ‘Esk Bradman’.

Almanac Life: Eloise Learns to Ride

Andrew Starkie has a story about his daughter, a bike, and important first steps.

Match: South Australia v New South Wales 16-21 December 1927 by Bernard Whimpress

A new cricket book by Bernard Whimpress about a significant Sheffield Shield match in 1927 involving Don Bradman’s first class debut has just been released and is sure to be of great interest to all cricket aficionados. Check out the book details here.

The Uplifting and Unparalleled Uraidla & Summertown Show

The local Show brings together the disparate threads of community life. Mickey and Claire took the omnivores along to the Uraidla and Summertown Show to take in the pleasures on offer in the Adelaide Hills.

Aboriginal People and Australian Football in the Nineteenth Century: They Did Not Come from Nowhere by Roy Hay

Roy Hay’s exceptional account of the historical development of aboriginal players into the game of Australian Football is now available in a paperback edition. Details here.

Referendums, Gilchrist and a record-breaking run chase – the Australian cricket summer in 1999/2000

1999 was an interesting time in Australia. Sean Mortell tells the story of a nation’s referendum and the connection it had with a famous Australian test match victory.

Book Launch – Gideon Haigh & Cecilia Haigh launch their new books

Gideon Haigh and his daughter Cecilia are launching their respective new books on 29 October, and you’re invited. Check out details here.

Almanac Music – Aussie album review: The Teskey Brothers “Run Home Slow”

The latest of Smokie’s reviews of classic Australian albums is “Run Home Slow” by the Teskey Brothers, a brand-new release which is sure to become a classic.

Dancing Queen

Deakin student Shannon Cole reflects upon her time as a budding childhood dancer until fate intervened as she explains.

Almanac Music – Like a Rolling Stone: Bob Dylan

Col remembers the time he first heard Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” played by a favourite teacher in Form 4 all those years ago.

Pub Review: A Story from the Story Bridge Hotel

Mickey Randall has been up north and dropped into the Story Bridge Hotel in Brisbane for lunch with Claire and an old school mate from his Kapunda High School days.

A view of Australia from fine leg – let the adventure begin

Craig Dodson is raising funds for Mental Health Foundation Gotcha4Life (www.Gotcha4Life.org) by playing 10 cricket matches with different clubs each week across Australia. Here is his match 1 report. [Great effort Craig, help him support this cause! Ed.]

Almanac Flashback – A Story-Teller’s Story Can Be A Beautiful Thing

Here is a fabulous Footy Almanac Flashback from Matt Zurbo about his good mate Bruce Pascoe. Ripper read!

Almanac Cricket History – 1956: First Pakistan v Australia Test Match: history repeating itself or sheer coincidence?

A search through history of today’s date, 17th October, demonstrates the sometimes unusual intersection of different forms of the same experience across the centuries. Here’s one we discovered. (Put on your tangential thinking cap! – Ed.)

Book Tour – “The Totem Poles of Ouyen United: Travels in Country Footy”: Events & dates

Paul Daffey is continuing his tour to launch his book “The Totem Poles of Ouyen United: Travels in Country Footy”. If you missed him in Horsham last night, you can catch him tonight in Mildura and this weekend at the Patchewallock Music Festival, just out of Ouyen.

Racing: Horses get sick, don’t they? – Part 3

The equine influenza has hit home and has created a devastating effect as Matt Watson tells in Part 3 of his history of the 2007 outbreak of the disease.