Bruce Dawe: A Poet remembered

Vin Maskell is a huge fan of Bruce Dawe, and shares his previously published stories of the poet as a tribute to celebrate the life that has just passed.

Almanac Poetry: A greeting from Bruce Dawe

This piece was written by John Harms just after he had received a beaut greeting card from Bruce Dawe around Christmas time 2016. Bruce Dawe’s poetry, loved by many, was special to John Harms.

The Wisteria Diary – So we’re all socialists now?

Welcome to the revolution, Liberal/National Party style, comrades.

Bruce Dawe RIP – the Larrikin Laureate

Australia’s Everyman poet Bruce Dawe died on April 1st. His words and sensibility live on in thousands of hearts that have laughed, cried and nodded on reading his words over 60 years. His footy poems “Life Cycle” and “High Mark” are embedded in the heart of the game.

All it takes is a smiling Shrek

Teddy bears, and chalk drawings on the footpath not only bring joy to children but also to senior citizens as Jan Courtin explains.

After isolation

Mickey Randall has returned from travels in Sweden. Having completed his term of self-isolation, Mickey’s ready to hit the road and it’s back to work for him.

Life of a dog in lockdown…Colin Wroby gives an update.

Colin Wroby asked his Mum Number 1 Yvette Wroby to transcribe this piece for the Almanac. He likes ball play too. Go figure.

The Wisteria Diary – Dispatches from the retail front line

Like so many, John Butler now has time on his hands and a bit to consider.

The day I met Kenny Rogers

The passing of modern music icon Kenny Rogers has touched several Almanackers – Andrew Starkie shares his experiences of watching ‘The Gambler’ up on stage in all his magnificence and frailties.

Almanac Life: State of mind? Or genuinely funny?

A movie has snuck under JTH’s guard.

Almanac Life: Kids and the language instinct

The kids were talking about words today.

Goodbye from your Arctic Correspondent signing off for now….until I’m Home in Bris Vegas

With heartfelt sentiments Richard Marlow says goodbye to the Arctic and ponders the future as he attempts to get back home to Oz before he is locked out! Bon voyage Richard!

Almanac Punting: The weather (late mail)

Need a dabble. Well weather markets are very popular at the moment, and JTH has stumbled across some good mail.

Almanac (Family and Footy) History: At the end of the day, everyone just wants to come home.

Every week when Fitzroy plays the season proper – home and away, in the heat of battle or on the training track – a man mountain clad in club gear can be seen cheering them on. That man’s name is David Leydon and his family, like no other, represents the face of Fitzroy old and new. Beautifully written by Gabby Murphy, this is their story.

From the Outer – Watching football in the 80s: by Garrie Hutchinson

Garrie Hutchinson has an offer for Almanac readers, he’s selling copies of “From the Outer: Watching Football in the 80s” for a special price. Check out the details here.

Kenny Rogers and me

Mickey Randall goes down memory lane to catalogue Kenny Rogers’ presence in his life. It’s a charming tale of belated appreciation.

Lest we forget the other pandemic

The First World War, the Spanish Flu pandemic, and their terrible effects on life at the time are reflected upon by Harold Peacock in this timely piece leading up to Anzac Day. Check out details of a live stream of an Anzac Day commemoration.

Those Other Days Are Gone

In this ever-changing world, a poignant futuristic (and historical) story from Dips O’Donnell, father and son discuss footy in the good old days.

The New World

Like it or not, but the times they are a’changin’ and all because of a little bug. Earl O’Neill reflects upon the possible repercussions of coronavirus in the new world.

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

An allegorical story by E. regnans in which the empathetic Andre identifies, describes and lives out a way of being.