Roadrunner – The Relentless Search for Meaning

For any ‘Bourdain-aholic’ out there such as Ian Wilson, Roadrunner is definitely a must-watch film documentary that provides an opportunity to know more intimately about the late, great Anthony Bourdain. Read more to hear about Ian’s review and insights about the film.

Almanac Music: The Doctor Will See You Now – Five Oz Rock Classics by The Angels

KD salutes iconic Australian band The Angels, originally headed by dynamic frontman, Bernard ‘Doc’ Neeson.

Almanac Mates: Paddy and the Doc

Citrus Bob Utber relives many past memories of footy and cricket playing days with his old mates Bill ‘Doc’ Doherty OAM and Paddy Shelton.

Almanac Books: ‘Hard Wired’ – Emma Carney Media Release

A new book about the life and sporting career of former champion triathlete Emma Carney has been published. This media release provides background details and information about Emma and her book. Emma Carney will be the special guest speaker at the forthcoming Odd Friday/Footy Almanac lunch on July 15. All welcome.

Almanac Music: ‘Not Quite Bob’ – Different Folkies: Bill Callahan (Smog), Will Oldham (Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billie, Palace Music), Sam Beam (Iron & Wine)

More ‘Not Quite Bob’ from Trevor Bailey, this week featuring some artists who are more in the ‘folkie’ genre, Bill Callahan (Smog), Will Oldham (Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billie, Palace Music), and Sam Beam (Iron & Wine).

Almanac Poetry: ‘The Wild Iris’ – Louise Glück

Louise Glück is an American poet who won the 2020 Nobel Prize in Literature. ‘The Wild Iris’ is one of her best known poems.

Almanac Footy Life: The Disenchantment of Jimmy Krakouer

Jim Krakouer was a gifted and sensational footballer, and at times a controversial one. With a life regularly afflicted by poor decision making and their resulting consequences, Ian Wilson examines many aspects of Krakauer’s footy career and life.

Almanac Literary: Proximity

Very short story? Prose poem? This Friday’s piece from KD involves his maternal grandmother’s unusual connection to Africa.

Almanac Road Trip: Plenty of horses and umpires at Swan Hill but no trains

Track maintenance on the Swan Hill line meant part three of Roger Lowrey’s free train trip challenge was taken by road. Roger reports on the Swan Hill Race Carnival, his punting mates, and other attractions undertaken on his trip.

Almanac Tennis: Wimbledon 1973

As Wimbledon 2022 approaches, Glen! takes tennis fans back to the past as he reviews Wimbledon 1973,

Almanac Music: Going Down Music ‘Rabbit Holes’ – prior to the Internet

Ian Wilson remembers the day his appreciation of music changed forever in 1978 in Medina, WA. These days, the consequences drive his kids crazy!

‘A present from grandpa’ by Tony Wilson

Tony’s son Jack went through the Hawthorn banner recently with heroes around him…and grandpa. The journey to get there was as worthy as the event and one we think you should check out. [Is the newsletter’s name from a mint commercial ~20 years back? Ed.]

Almanac Road Trip:  Part 5 – Burra to the Flinders Ranges

Col and Meryl’s road trip ends in Burra and the Flinders Ranges before their return home.

Almanac Travels: Tramping through Tanunda

Mickey is out pounding the pavements of Tanunda, recalling times and places where significant events from the past took place.

Almanac Music: Not Quite Bob – Bloodlines

Another cracking musical treat from Trevor Blainey that examines the parent and the progeny of some ‘Not Quite Bob’ greats.

Almanac Life: Ulysses recalled – Farewell to The Brick.

John Gordon recalls his former team mate fondly known as ‘The Brick’, a man of great sporting prowess, and later in life, in search of a miracle as John so poignantly and profoundly explains.

Almanac (Family) Life: The Redemptive Powers of Red Rooster

Growing up with a parent whose life was blighted by wartime service is never easy. Ian Wilson shares his experiences as a child when a particularly traumatic episode was resolved via a most unusual medium.

Almanac (Road Trip) Life: Music In The Mulga

On a recent road-trip, Andrew and Helen Fithall found themselves in outback Queensland at a unique music festival.

Almanac Poetry: Archetypal Dream

This Monday’s poem by Kevin Densley is about dream analysis, and also makes reference to a big hit by Chubby Checker!

Almanac Music: Australian Songs of Autumn

Now that it’s autumn, KD offers his piece concerning Australian songs of autumn, to complete a ‘Footy Almanac Four Seasons’, as he has previously posted pieces concerning Australian songs of summer, winter and spring on the Almanac website. Again, he invites Almanackers to contribute their own song choices.