#almanac280 writing competition ends – “Finals”

The #almanac280 winner is announced! Well, winners actually. Thanks for your fantastic response to the competition. Terrific reading all round.

Almanac Writing Competition – #almanac280: Finals

The time-honoured #almanac280 story-writing competition returns. Write us a story inspired by footy finals. The story cannot be more than 280 characters long…

“No rest for ‘Wobbles’…….” by KB Hill

Kevin Allan’s direct involvement in local football clubs spans almost 80 years! KB Hill talked to Kevin and records the story of a remarkable servant of the game.

The Modelling Industry: How Women’s Lives are Endangered

We encourage Deakin Uni journalism students to publish here at the Footy Almanac. In recent times Shannon Cole wrote about her role as a swimming coach. Here she tackles the subject of modelling.

Luke Hodge

Luke Hodge has played his last AFL game. Take a look at Kate Birrell’s portrait of the champion, and read Tim Boyle’s piece which features as one of the introductory essays of The Footy Almanac 2013.

A Phoenix from the Ashes: A Review of The Merge

William Westerman previews “The Merge”, a film detailing the the story and history behind the merger of the Fitzroy FC and the Brisbane Bears in 1996.

In What Colours Do You See The World?

Deakin journalism student Shannon Cole and her family came to Australia from South Africa almost 20 years ago. Sooner or later they had to choose which footy teams to follow. Here’s how it worked out.

Too Old For That Yeah! podcast with Sue O’Brien and Karyn Howie is coming

Sue O’Brien and Karyn Howie have got energy to burn. Here’s the trailer for their new podcast Too Old For That Yeah! Looking forward to their first, coming soon.

Almanac Life – #hourlydaily scenes of life: 4-10 September 2019

What did David Wilson’s overhear during his travels last week, something naughty, something nice or just plain old everyday run of the mill stuff? Find out at #hourlydaily.

The Struggle of Gifted Children

Supporting gifted children and their needs can be a difficult and ongoing issue in many schools. Teacher Clare Ball has developed a program that provides opportunities to extend the abilities of gifted children as Deakin journalism student Shannon Cole reports.

Almanac Life – On the road again: 50 years on the Newell Highway

It’s 50 years since Ian Hauser’s first road trip. Just back home in Noosaville after a recent jaunt to Melbourne, Ian shares his experiences and insights into travelling the Newell and New England Highways – and throws in a few tips as well.

Almanac Life – #hourlydaily scenes of life: 28 August-3 September 2019

What’s David Wilson overheard this week in his meanderings around town? Check out #hourlydaily here and find out.

A life, well lived and well loved.

Earl O’Neill pays a wonderful tribute to his Perky Girl’s incredible mother, Esme Beer, for a life well lived and well loved.

Footy Art: 2019 Potential Premiers?

As has become his custom, Ben Kirkby has prepared a batch of premiership posters for those teams still in the hunt. Dare to dream, if your side is still in it. Which one do you think will stand the test of time?

Almanac Life – #hourlydaily scenes of life: 21-27 August 2019

David Wilson continues his #hourlydaily conversations that occurred over the past week.

Almanac (Sports) Travel: St. Louis – Land of Blues, Reds, Brews and MACs.

Steve and Lachie Earl are in St Louis where it seems the locals find them exotic enough to chat, befriend and look after them with visits here and there. [Great travel yarn belted out on a phone – JTH]

Almanac Travel: Out-of-Bounds

Whilst recently on tour, Peter Robertson got to thinking about walls, and sport’s ability to break them down.

Almanac Life – #hourlydaily scenes of life: 14-20 August 2019

David Wilson brings up the #hourlydaily ton, as he continues his observations of the little moments that reveal a lot.

Almanac Beer: Coopers Sparkling Ale – it’s just a shot away

Mickey Randall pays tribute to the cult of Coopers Sparkling Ale by making some big comparisons (and statements).

Almanac Life – #hourlydaily scenes of life: 7-13 August 2019

ER continues his weekly #hourlydaily of catching snippets of conversations heard here and there to provide an interesting backdrop of everyday life.