Almanac Music: A Pogues Life

With the passing of the legendary Shane MacGowan, Smokie details just how much the music of The Pogues means to him

Almanac Fiction: The Search for the Shield (Episode 5)

Down at heel gumshoe Swifty Taylor decides to take a break from his search and goes for a drink

Almanac Music: Vale Shane MacGowan – The Pogues – ‘Dirty Old Town’

Col Ritchie has been a fan of The Pogues for many years, and fondly remembers a memorable performance by them at BluesFest a few years ago. [Like Keith Richards, we thought Shane MacGowan would live on forever but not so. With his death on Thursday, The Footy Almanac reprises this story about The Pogues. Vale Shane MacGowan. – ED]

Almanac Music: In memory of Shane MacGowan – ‘Fairytale of New York’ – The Pogues (with Kirsty MacColl)

One of the great contemporary Christmas songs is ‘Fairytale of New York’ by The Pogues (with Kirsty MacColl). It is sure to get your feet tapping and put you in the Christmas spirit. [With the passing of Shane MacGowan on Thursday, what better way to remember him by as we lead into the festive season than to replay this great Christmas song by The Pogues. Vale Shane MacGowan – ED]

Almanac Life Seasons – A Notable Death: Fr. Gerard Dowling

Peter Fuller remembers a one-eyed Kangaroos supporter who just happened to be both a Catholic priest and an outstanding broadcaster, Fr. Gerard Dowling.

Almanac Literature: Peter Fitzpatrick’s ‘Mayo Street’

Peter Fitzpatrick has had a wonderful career in the arts – especially writing and directing – and also as an academic. His third novel, ‘Mayo Street’, has just been released. Read more about Peter and his novel here.

Almanac Event (Dec 1): Drinks to celebrate the release of The Furphy Anthology 2023. All welcome.

You’re invited to the All Nations Hotel in Richmond to celebrate the release of The Furphy Anthology 2023 – Dec 1. All welcome.

Almanac Life: Car Horns are Versatile Instruments

All too often used in anger or frustration, Mickey Randall offers a far more positive, even loving appreciation of the sound of a toot of a car horn.

Almanac Fiction: The Search for the Shield (Episode 4)

In the fourth instalment of his search for the shield, Swifty Taylor crosses paths with an old acquaintance.

Almanac Travel: The Trek

Dips O’Donnell visits one of the wonders of world on a four day trek to Machu Picchu, and survives the raging discomfort caused by an aguaymanto as he explains.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Work Yard’ – Tommy Mallet

In his poem ‘Work Yard’ Tommy Mallet says so much in so few words.

Almanac Family: Mum Knows Best

Ian Wilson remembers his much loved mother and the lessons in life he learned from her.

Almanac Fiction: The Search for the Shield (Episode 3)

As the search for the missing Tony Williamson Shield continues, flatfoot Swifty Taylor meets up with the ‘running man’ in Episode 3 of ‘The Search of the Shield’.

Almanac Music: You Wear it Well – Songs about Clothes

Today, KD’s piece on popular music themes concerns songs about clothes. As usual, readers are warmly encouraged to contribute song choices of their own in the ‘Comments’ section.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Skin’ – Tommy Mallet

We all know that early morning feeling putting on our ‘second skin’ as Tommy Mallet’s poem ‘Skin’ highlights.

Almanac Music: Dave Warner’s from the Suburbs play Melbourne Saturday night!

Footy Almanac friend and favourite, Dave Warner’s from the Suburbs, has a gig in Melbourne this weekend and Trucker Slim is a big fan urging all not to miss this Aussie music icon in concert.

Almanac Life: The penny is dropping

Dips O’Donnell shares some words of wisdom about ‘think’ time given to him by his father. [The Footy Almanac reprises this wonderful piece by Dips from twelve years ago – still very timely. – ED.]

Almanac Poetry: ‘You Wove Your Web For Me – Karl Dubravs

Karl Dubravs presents a poem of desire, and submission, ‘You Wove Your Web For Me’.

Almanac Pubs: A single sentence on Mystery Pub in the Warradale

Mickey Randal, In the style of Proust, Kerouac and others, recalls a mystery pub evening with friends on a very hot Adelaide day – and all told in one sentence!

Almanac Music: Two evenings with Calexico

Venusmoon witnesses Calexico shine at both Hamer Hall and in a Sth Gippsland Town Hall in 2016. [With the announcement of Calexico’s forthcoming tour it is timely to reprise this wonderful review from 2016 – ED]