Grand Final – Richmond v Geelong: The Aftermath

There was a near inevitability to the Richmond win over Geelong for KN Dole, based on years of astute observation. It wasn’t all roses on or off the field though – for team and supporter alike.

Muz returns to see the Lions less mighty

It is 25 years since my last journey to a Melbourne stadium to watch a Brisbane team in a home and away game. A late Saturday night text invite from a mate in Bris Vegas had me rearranging my Sunday to go to the footy. Brad is originally from Townsville, a Kangaroos sponsor, and he [Read more]

Scarfin it up

In the recovery institution I am currently residing in, fashion is not a priority. From the adolescents to the aged, clients walk around in hospital issue dressing gowns, pajama quality t-shirts (Australian Open ’03, Smashing Pumpkins tour 2008) and the ubiquitous black leggings. Admittedly, I am among those who have worn leggings for 48 hour [Read more]