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The Footy Almanac – or The Almanac as we tend to call it – is a busy website! We publish around 30 pieces each week.

John Harms is the coordinating editor. You can contact him at any time:  [email protected]

The Almanac ticks along because of the dedicated work of our daily editors (profiles are below), who are charged with the responsibility of looking after the life of the site. After writers and artists submit their pieces, the daily editor prepares and publishes them ready for you to read.


The editing schedule for the week Dec 4-10 is:

Monday:         JTH and Ian Hauser
Tuesday:         JTH (with Smokie Dawson chiming in on Tuesday night)
Wednesday:   Shared
Thursday:       Ian Hauser
Friday:            JTH

Weekend:      JTH and others


We also have a squad of volunteer editors:

David Wilson
Smokie Dawson (Tuesday night)
Luke Reynolds (when needed)

And an alumni of previous editors who can be called on when needed:

Swish Schwerdt, Peter Baulderstone, et al


John Harms can be contacted directly at any time:

[email protected]

0417 635030


Our editors



Jarrod Landells was drawn to the Footy Almanac as a reader over a decade ago, but it wasn’t until 2017 that events in Vanuatu, Fiji and suburban Melbourne conspired to bring him into the fold proper.

One member of the burgeoning Queensland contingent at the Almanac, his wanderlust and passion for public health has seen him overseas more often than not in recent years (pandemics notwithstanding). Besides travel for work and leisure, he is never far from a book, magazine or the kitchen and wishes he wasn’t as far away as he is (physically) from the briny or (temporarily) from the footy field.

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David Wilson enjoys the company of trees. Of all the trees, his favourite tree is the mountain ash (Eucalyptus regnans), sometimes known as the swamp gum. His first story at the Almanac was about watching Collingwood on TV on a Friday night in 2013. Other stories since then have included watching Collingwood in bars, playing village cricket in England, seeing Springsteen at Hanging Rock and a small series of fiction based around a young bloke called Daz Cooper. He is happy to report that he doesn’t really know what is going on.

David writes under the pen name E. regnans. Read his pieces HERE.








Col Ritchie is a retired teacher who has returned to study to keep his seventy year old mind active. He enjoys swimming in the ocean and the pool, loves reading. He loves music of all styles and genres – especially Bob Dylan. He travels whenever he can both within Australia and overseas, heading to his favourite place, New Orleans, annually. He is a passionate Bombers supporter eagerly awaiting premiership No. 17.

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Apart from his family, Darren ‘Smokie’ Dawson’s great interests are sports, music, and pop culture. His love of banter, conversation, and the craic derives from his Irish heritage. He lives with the hope that the North Melbourne Football Club can rise again, and that Williamstown CYMS FC will continue to be successful in the ‘Ammos’.

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Retired teacher Ian Hauser is not very retired. He sits at his desk (which does not have an item out of place on it) at the northern end of the Sunshine Coast and takes in as much sport as he possibly can, especially rugby league, which he has loved since he was a young boy on a veggie farm in the Lockyer Valley. He retains many of the understandings and enthusiasms of his childhood: his Lutheran-ness, his Queensland-ness and his love of learning. An eclectic reader and wine drinker (known to start the process of preparing the evening meal with a sherry), he manages to combine the two well enough to remember where the yarn is up to. Ian dabbles as an ‘editor for hire’ working with writers on their major projects. Our rugby league specialist, he enjoys his Almanac editing on Thursdays, the exposure to a wide range of writers, styles and  topics, the esprit de corps of the Almanac community, and loves heading Down South to enjoy lunch at the North Fitzroy Arms.

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John Harms is a writer and historian. Over the last decade or so, he has also been a publisher. He always has his own writing projects on the go, while working with the contributors and editors to keep the Almanac ticking along.

He enjoys lunch, golf and a couple of late-afternoon beers at the pub. He used to play a lot of golf and would like to again.

He is always considering spending more time with his family: Theo, 15; Anna, 13; Evie, 11.

His books Confessions of a Thirteenth Man, Memoirs of a Mug Punter and Loose Men Everywhere are available in the omnibus Play On. He has written biographies of Steve Renouf and Michelle Payne.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0417 635030

Read his Almanac stories HERE