Our Editors



The Footy Almanac is busy! We publish 40+pieces each week.

John Harms is the coordinating editor.

He could not get within coo-ee of managing on his own. The site ticks along because of the dedicated work of a daily editor (paid), who is employed to be responsible for the life of the site, preparing and publishing pending posts.

Contributors and readers can contact the daily editor at  [email protected]

At the moment the schedule is:


Monday:          Jarrod Landells
Tuesday:         Col Ritchie
Wednesday:   John Butler
Thursday:       Ian Hauser
Friday:            Colin Ritchie

Weekend:      Sean Mortell


We also have a squad of volunteer editors, currently:

David Wilson
Smokie Dawson
Luke Reynolds
Dave Brown

And a squad of previous editors who can be called on when needed:

Swish Schwerdt, Peter Baulderstone, et al


John Harms can be contacted directly (and privately):  [email protected]