Another Bout of Sudden Death Sickness with the Socceroos

Declan Fay recalls a few classic World Cup qualifier moments – or half recalls them and half imagines them. But as you read this he is making his way to Sydney for the Honduras-Socceroos Sudden Death play off, the prospect of which has had an observable impact on his health. [Good to hear from you again. And you are Kennett-less in this case. JTH]

The Parade College Writing Workshop – Dylan Trovato: Manchester United v PSG, 2019

Parade College Grade 9 student Dylan Trovato had to wake up early to watch his beloved Manchester United play PSG in a 2019 Champions League match. As he viewed the final moments with his school friends, his dedication was worthwhile.

The Parade College Writing Workshop – Christian Velevski: The Melbourne Derby, 2014.

Parade College Grade 9 student Christian Velevski went to the Melbourne Victory-Melbourne City game in 2014. It was a night to remember, for a number of reasons.

The Greatest Sports Photo of 2019

This is a superb photo. The mighty Greens. Photo by Jasmine Hirst. [With some words from JTH – Ed]

An Arctic Almanacker: Southampton v West Ham – Hammers’ heart attack material (yet again).

From the icy climes of Northern Canada, Richard Marlow returns with a take on the clash between Southampton and his West Ham side in the EPL.

Zamora – Soccer and life in Venezuela

Life in Venezuela can be very tough for the ordinary citizen. It’s sport, especially soccer that people turn to for relief as Matt Zurbo explains.

Book Review: Never Say Die – The Hundred-Year Overnight Success of Australian Women’s Football

Roy Hay reviews a book which he hopes will open many eyes to a long struggle.

The Parade College Writing Workshop: Hajduk Split

We continue our series by Grade 9 students from The Parade College following their Writing Workshop last week. Joshua Cavar shares his excitement from the day he saw the clash between intense rivals Hajduk Split and Dinamo Zagreb.

The Parade College Writing Workshop: Scoring my first goal

Parade College Grade 9 student Jacob Coviello recalls that special moment when he scored his first goal for Fawkner Blues.

The Parade College Writing Workshop: The Boys In Blue – the feeling of a Melbourne Victory match

Continuing our series of stories written by the Year 9 boys from The Parade College, Alexander Trajkovski shares his family’s love of and commitment to Melbourne Victory.

The Parade College Writing Workshop: Why I Support Richmond

Zach Delzoppo, a Grade 9 student at Parade College, explains why he supports the mighty Tigers and how he got to watch the Grand Final this year.

The Parade College Writing Workshop: Pascoe Vale v Hume City

Parade College Grade 9 student Thomas Alisandratos tells about his preparation for and contribution to a key clash between Pascoe Vale and Hume City.

The Parade College Writing Workshop: The underdogs in red stripes

Parade College student Marven Polus (Grade 9) tells the story of a tense junior soccer match – a game he’ll remember forever for a special reason.

The Parade College Writing Workshop: A Champions League dream

Yanni Pargas has a great morning watching the Champions League final between Liverpool and Spurs.

A new pay deal for the Matildas

The Matildas have announced a new pay deal, having reached agreement with the FFA.

Flashback: Chelsea v Wolves at Stamford Bridge

Another taste of the Almanac’s early days. Our roaming correspondent at large, the peripatetic Peter Flynn, was at Stamford Bridge to watch Chelsea take on Wolves. The cab ride was a mistake, as was the unfortunate mention of Frank Skinner.

Preseason musings in the Merks

It briefly enters the public consciousness after an incident of great notice, but Phil Hill has been mulling over general rule changes in sports, with a few examples. [Could throw rugby league into the mix after recent events – Ed.]

Confessions of a Disloyal Almanacker

Peter Fuller returns to the Almanac’s pages by sharing a contemplation of this year’s ups and (mostly) downs, especially for Carlton fans. But amid the clouds there are also silver linings. (Welcome back, Peter – Eds.)

Almanac Soccer – Deakin University Library’s Soccer Collection: Goals and Glory

“Goals and Glory” is an exhibition of Association Football (soccer) history delved from the collections and sources at Deakin University in Geelong. Check out the details for further information about this must see exhibition.

Almanac Soccer – That Other World Cup in Europe: The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup

Dennis Gedling presents an authoritative and informative history of the development of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in soccer, as well as the Matildas, in the lead up to the 2019 cup.

Almanac Travel and Soccer: Valencia messes with Messi’s Barca

Ian Hauser sends news of his tour of Europe which has taken him to Spain where he couldn’t help but notice, despite the barriers, that a big game of soccer was being held.