Almanac Soccer: Klompen across the Riverina

The great postwar migrant boom saw more than 2 million arrivals from Europe through the 1950s, 60s and 70s.  In the 1950s alone, 100,000 Dutch migrants arrived here.  Like other migrant groups, it wasn’t long before they were establishing soccer clubs across Australia.  Here’s the tale of one of those Dutch teams formed in the [Read more]

Almanac Football (Soccer): Diego Maradona dies at 60

Soccer great Diego Maradona has died at the age of 60 – a sublime talent, a hero to many, a villain to some. A name that conjures a multitude of responses.

Community Sport: The state of play with Football Queensland

How much should people running ‘community’ sport earn? And should there be transparency about that? This piece from the ABC raises many interesting questions.

Almanac Fans Research: How’s your heart rate?

Taking our cue from an EPL survey of differing fans’ heart rates, we wonder how Australian fans might measure up. What do you think? [Some ‘research’ conducted by a betting company!]

Almanac Soccer: Book Review – ‘What you think you know about football is wrong: The global game’s greatest myths and untruths’

Soccer fans, Roy Hay has reviewed a book written by the former Director of England’s National Football Museum, Kevin Moore called ‘What you think you know about football is wrong: The global game’s greatest myths and untruths’. Check it out, sure to be an ideal Father’s Day gift.

From North Fitzroy to the stands of Sao Paulo

Anthony Perkins is a massive fan of Sao Paulo FC in Brazil – find out how he’ll be supporting his side from Australia during the pandemic!

Almanac Soccer: Love in the time of COVID – an A-League tale

Today (Sunday) at 6pm, Western United play Brisbane Roar in the second elimination final of the A-League. Steve Fahey has become a genuine fan of the new club. He explains the origin and development of his affection.

Almanac Soccer: FA Cup – We gotta hold on to what we got

Patrick O’Brien fondly shares nostalgic memories of watching FA Cup Finals over a forty year period in both Australia and the UK .

Almanac Soccer: The Tykes Survive

Rod Oaten would just like to put it on the record that Barnsley FC have pulled off a great relegation escape in the EFL Championship.

Almanac Reflections: A Sporting Life

Rod Grierson loves sport and reflects on his life participating in all codes of football no matter where he worked or lived.

The beautiful bid: Why Australia and New Zealand should win their 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup bid

Roy Hay is a partner in Sports and Editorial Services Australia, and an Honorary Fellow at Deakin University. He discusses why Australia and New Zealand’s joint bid to host the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup could be successful.

Almanac Soccer: You’ll never walk alone, even in Japan!

John Campbell just can’t get his head around ‘the world game’ even though he has been to some of the great home grounds of England and Japan. He explains why.

Almanac Soccer (History): The press box at Chaplin Reserve

‘The end of civilisation as we have known it’ or ‘The press box at Chaplin Reserve’. Sunshine George Cross FC has moved to Caroline Springs prompting these memories of a soccer ground and the goings on in the press box from Roy Hay.

Book Review – Women in Boots: Football and Feminism in the 1970s

“Heather Reid and Marion Stell have combined to tell the stories of a generation of Australian and New Zealand women who took up Association football in the 1960s and 1970s”. Roy Hay reviews a book about some early Australian women’s sporting pioneers.

The Parade College Writing Workshop – Dylan Trovato: Manchester United v PSG, 2019

Parade College Grade 9 student Dylan Trovato had to wake up early to watch his beloved Manchester United play PSG in a 2019 Champions League match. As he viewed the final moments with his school friends, his dedication was worthwhile.

The Parade College Writing Workshop – Christian Velevski: The Melbourne Derby, 2014.

Parade College Grade 9 student Christian Velevski went to the Melbourne Victory-Melbourne City game in 2014. It was a night to remember, for a number of reasons.

The Greatest Sports Photo of 2019

This is a superb photo. The mighty Greens. Photo by Jasmine Hirst. [With some words from JTH – Ed]

An Arctic Almanacker: Southampton v West Ham – Hammers’ heart attack material (yet again).

From the icy climes of Northern Canada, Richard Marlow returns with a take on the clash between Southampton and his West Ham side in the EPL.

Zamora – Soccer and life in Venezuela

Life in Venezuela can be very tough for the ordinary citizen. It’s sport, especially soccer that people turn to for relief as Matt Zurbo explains.

Book Review: Never Say Die – The Hundred-Year Overnight Success of Australian Women’s Football

Roy Hay reviews a book which he hopes will open many eyes to a long struggle.