Almanac Soccer: The 6 minute game

Back in 2004, Rob Spurr was having the happiest day of his life. Then he decided to go watch a star-studded Real Madrid play, and things took a most unexpected turn.

Almanac Book Reviews: ‘Green and Golden Boots: Australia’s Overseas Golden Boot Winners’ – Jason Goldsmith

Roy Hay reviews the new soccer book by Jason Goldsmith, ‘Green and Golden Boots: Australia’s Overseas Golden Boot Winners’, a book that reflects upon Australian soccer players who were leading goal scorers for their overseas league.

Almanac Soccer: Visit to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Allan Barden got a peek into the current workplace of ‘Big Ange’ Postecoglou and EPL pace-setters Tottenham on a recent trip to the UK.

Almanac Book Review: ‘Australian Soccer from the Beginning’ – Ted Simmons OAM

Ted Simmons OAM has always been the go to person for those seeking historical information about Australian Soccer. This historical information he gathered over many decades is now recorded in his book, ”Australian Soccer from the Beginning’ which has been reviewed here by Roy Hay.

Almanac Soccer: Relegation and Promotion In Our Own Backyard – Poetic Brutality and Beauty Under Our Noses

Photographer and sports writer Luke Radziminski has worn some crashing defeats (and victories). Here he whips around Victorian soccer and his engagement with it in recent times.

Almanac (World Cup) Soccer: It’s been a fascinating few weeks

John Harms has his thoughts on the response to the World Cup and the Matildas. He’s interested in yours.

Matildanomics: the Economics of the the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™

Friend of the Almanac, Tim Harcourt, returns to give insights on the tremendous economic impact the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup has on Australia. He further delves into the importance of capturing the momentum it carries to have a lasting legacy beyond 2023 as it continues to smash attendance records and viewership ratings.

Almanac (World Cup) Soccer: Even the cat is watching the games

Like many households, Roy Hay’s family were firmly engrossed watching the Matildas win their exciting quarter-final match against France, and even the cat could not take its eyes off the game!

Round 22 – Collingwood v Geelong: Waltzing the Matildas at the ‘G with Pies and Cats

Citrus Bob Utber was at the MCG to watch his beloved Cats fall short against the Pies in their Round 22 match but The Matildas more than compensated with their fantastic win against France.

Almanac (World Cup) Soccer: We’re all Matildas now

Trucker Slim had a Greek family dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant in Northcote with American friends, and on their phones they all watched the Matildas do the Aussies proud with a great win over France in their quarter-final match. Trucker recounts the night.

Almanac (World Cup) Soccer: Aussie, Aussie

Old Dog and co got caught up in World Cup fever as the Matildas overcame France in 120+ minutes and 20 penalties.

Almanac Book Review: ‘Football Fans: in their own write’ – David Picken

Roy Hay reviews ‘Football Fans: in their own write’ by David Picken, a book about prominent football supporters discussing their allegiance to the game and specific football clubs, and according to Roy, the book is “a bloody good read”.

Almanac (Sporting) Life: Lyndon ‘Beefy’ Andrews – A Lifetime Watching

Lyndon ‘Beefy’ Andrews and his wife Marilyn have attended an abundance of sporting events across Australia and around the world from toad Races to World Cup Finals.

Almanac Book Review: Clogball

Historian and writer Roy Hay reviews Adam Muyt’s new book, ‘Clogball’, the story of Dutch soccer in Australia. Sounds like an interesting read.

Almanac Book Review: ‘The Matilda Effect’ – Fiona Crawford

Roy Hay reviews the recently released soccer book ‘The Matilda Effect’ by Fiona Crawford. According to Roy, ‘this is a brilliant introduction to a history and analysis of the recent history of the women’s game in this country’.

The rhyme of the modern Mariner

Last Saturday’s A League Grand Final, won spectacularly by the Central Coast Mariners, 6-1, reminded Alex Darling of this poem first published in 2018.

Alex Darling with a rousing sea shanty of the Gosford waterfront. (“It is a modern Mariner; And he stoppeth regu’ly…”)

Almanac Soccer – Under 13 Girls: Barossa United v Salisbury Inter

It was Sponsors’ Day at Barossa United JFC on Sunday with all teams playing a fixture. The Under 13 Girls took on Salisbury Inter.

Almanac Soccer: Under 15 Girls – Adelaide Comets v Barossa United

The Under 15 Barossa United team came up against the Comets and didn’t stop running. Neither did team manager Catherine.

Barossa United Under 11 Girls v Metro United Black Sep 18 2022

The BUJFC Under 11 Girls finished on a spectacularly high note in their game against Metro on the weekend.

Barossa United Under 13 Girls v Modbury Sep 11 2022

The mighty Barossa Under 13s were away to Modbury on the weekend. They battled it out but found the going a little tough. [First published Sep, 2022]

Small steps, big steps: the story of O Tecnico and his boys

This is the story of a team of young players and their coach. By John Harms. [First published in 2018]