Moz The Magnificent: A reprised tribute to an injured hero

Neil Anderson reprises his penned tribute to injured Doggies hero, Dale Morris. A Bulldogs win was the perfect tribute to the man they call Moz as he reached his 250 game milestone against North Melbourne, Round 19, 2018.

Round 23 – Richmond v Western Bulldogs: Dead Rubber

A dead rubber in name only, Neil Anderson watched on as the holiday-bound Dogs took it right up to the reigning premiers.

Round 20 – St Kilda v Western Bulldogs: Adoration of The Bont

‘Bont the artist emerged with splashes of colour and not just dabs of pastel here and there. He was suddenly Jackson Pollock in a room full of still-life painters.’ It was a tale of two halves Saturday night and The Bont was there to lead the charge for the Dogs. Neil Anderson captures his artistry in his report.

Bob Murphy’s Take On That Tackle

Neil is full of admiration for his Bulldogs, especially Bob Murphy, and Bob’s view of that tackle.

Almanac Book Review – How the West was One: Stories of Melbourne’s Western Suburbs.

Neil Anderson, who spent his early years in The West, reviews the How the West was One, which was launched on Nov 12 at the Yarraville Club.

Round 23 – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs: David Versus Goliath, The Rematch

Bulldog supporters hoped Bob Murhpy and Matthew Boyd would play forever. But they were wrong laments Neil Anderson.

An angel in our corner

Bob Murphy was the sort of player who walked the walk as well as talking the talk. Neil Anderson has penned a thank you to the man they call Bob.

Round 17 – Carlton v Western Bulldogs: Dogs not done yet… still got a trick or two up their long sleeves

The Western Bulldogs got the job done against Carlton on a cold arvo. It wasn’t an impressive performance but their finals chances are still alive.

Round 15 – Western Bulldogs v West Coast: If you don’t mind umpire!

Neil Anderson has put together a funny play about the umpires of the Bulldogs/Eagles match meeting before the game. Free kicks of all.

We’ll always have Paris: The 2017 Western Bulldogs

These are tough times for Western Bulldogs supporters, with the team sitting at 6-6 after thirteen rounds. Neil Anderson gives us a deep insight into the mind of a lifelong Footscray/Western Bulldogs fan.

Round 9 – Geelong v Western Bulldogs: Getting the band back together

Geelong switched on with their two champion midfielders on fire and Harry Taylor accurate in front of goal. The Bulldogs battled hard but fell short of the Cats.

Book Review – The Mighty West: Your story is my story too

Neil Anderson has savoured this wonderful story of family and football by Kerrie Soraghan.

Round 2 – Western Bulldogs v Sydney: Reprogramming of a Bulldogs Supporter

Neil Anderson has changed his thinking about his Western Bulldogs after last year’s premiership win. The doubts that most Doggies fans have always held are put to ease this season knowing their boys did the impossible last season and may well again this year.

Almanac Footy – Armistice

Neil Anderson takes us back to the Western Bulldogs premiership win last year and the impact it has had on the team and it’s supporters.

It’s a New Dawn

Neil Anderson takes a look back at the decades of watching rival football teams success while his Bulldogs suffered. All making the 2016 premiership all the more sweeter.

I thought of you

It’s been a wonderful few months for Doggies’ fans – especially this one, Neil Anderson, who has received many greetings from friends, who say the same thing: “I thought of you.”

Round 15 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Youthful Revolution at the Dogs

Another piece in the Paddy Suggests series, Neil Anderson tells the tale of the lesser-known Western Bulldogs victory over Sydney in 2016, all the way back in round 15. It’s an incredible feeling when one realises how far the Dogs have come since that unlikely victory at the SCG, and the trials the then-embattled Sons of the West undertook.

Grand Final 2016- Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Happy Days

Neil Anderson travelled from his Western District home to the Western Bulldogs’ family day at the Whitten Oval on Sunday, spending a nostalgic time wandering the streets of old Footscray while revelling in his Doggies second flag.

The day I saw the Bulldogs win the Grand Final.

Hoping for victory for his Bulldogs this Saturday, Neil Anderson relives his memory of attending the Bulldogs Grand Final win in 1954.

The Bulldog Tragician on Radio

Bulldog Targician Kerrie Soraghan and her sister (they are the Libber sisters) are driving to Sydney for tonight’s game.