FEARLESS 2020 Round 10: The AFL’s Rodeo Road Trip equivalent is well underway

Fearless is back to dissect the Round 10 action and provide his entertaining view on the festival of footy.

FEARLESS 2020 Round 9: After 700+ days, the time comes around for some Majak magic….

FEARLESS 2020 reviews all the Round 9 matches.

FEARLESS 2020 Round 8 – A word to the wise heads running the game

Paul Thomson reviews the Round 8 matches and results, and he has a good word for the AFL administration.

2020 FEARLESS Round 7: Welcome to the truly national competition

From the Gilead Suns to the Hinchinbrook Hawks, Fearless casts his eye over Round 7’s action to catch everyone up to speed.

2020 FEARLESS Round 6: Officially the lottery begins…games like Shakira…wherever whenever

Footy moved entirely north of the Barassi Line, and Fearless follows with his summary of Round 6 action.

2020 FEARLESS Round 5: Victorian Encore Round…the bell lap of the state for now..

As he admits himself, Fearless was MIA last week. If you want to catch up, here’s what he thought of Round 5, the last to feature Victorian-based games for some time.

FEARLESS 2020 – Round 4: the costly injuries round – Howe, Stewart, Ziebell, Fyfe…

Fearless 2020 presents his report of the Round 4 AFL matches, a round of costly injuries to key players.

FEARLESS 2020 – Round 3 (incomplete): Positive test for Covid 19 postpones a game…

FEARLESS weighs into the Eddie Betts saga with a few telling comments, then casts his eye over Round 3 results.

FEARLESS 2020 – Round 2: …some 12 weeks later, we’re back! Rusty, but anything’s better than nothing

FEARLESS is back with his take on the AFL’s Round 2 after taking time out to voice his thoughts on Jeff Kennett’s economic rationalist theory of club survival in the 21st Century.

2020 Fearless – Round 1: The Corona Virus…Strange times Archie…indeed… strange times!

Fearless is back for 2020 with his belated AFL Round 1 report. Also he comments upon some current footy news.

FEARLESS 2019 – the last 3 weeks belatedly

Fearless presents his belated reports of the AFL Finals, Weeks 2,3 and the Grand Final.

FEARLESS 2019 – a trip to Briar Hill: A great concept

Got any excess sporting gear? Fearless reports on how you can help dissolve the barriers to sport across Australia by donating re-usable sporting gear. A great concept.

FEARLESS 2019 – Finals Week 1: Ten teams do the Mad Monday shuffle

Fearless presents his thoughts about the results of the Week 1 Finals matches.

Round 23 – FEARLESS 2019: And now the pre-finals bye…finalists tend your injured.

Fearless presents his weekly review of the previous round of AFL matches. He also makes some interesting comments about Geelong hosting a home final and the future prospects of the Gold Coast Suns.

FEARLESS 2019 Round 22: Scorpions “Winds of Change” – the theme of SA footy?

Round 22 lived up to its billing. Fearless offers some thoughts on those departing, before looking back at a round that provided several potential finals previews.

FEARLESS 2019 Round 21: If we got no place to go, let it snow let it snow let it snow

Remember Round 21? When it snowed during Friday night’s game? Fearless was rudely interrupted whilst preparing his report for this round, but it in hindsight it set the ground nicely for what followed last weekend.

FEARLESS 2019 – Round 20: The end of the marathon is nigh. Just outside arena…

“Sometimes you’re the insect and sometimes you’re the windscreen”. Fearless bids a fond adieu to AFLX before looking at Round 20.

FEARLESS 2019 – Round 19: The overdue return of the squirrel grip…

FEARLESS calls out pointless jargon, such as the use of ‘metres gained’ statistics and the over-hyped obsession with ‘players as athletes’. How would a ball-getter like ‘Diesel’ Williams fare in the modern draft?

Round 18 – Fearless 2019: Congratulations to Mack Horton and the British bloke…

Fearless presents his thoughts about the Round 18 results. He’s also had a look at The Final Quarter. Read what he has to say.

Round 17 – Fearless 2019: I  know it’s footy season but jeez the Kiwis were dudded!

Fearless 2019 has his say on Brad Scott as a coach, and also reviews the Round 17 matches from last weekend.