Ovens and Murray Football Netball League Round 7 – Myrtleford v Wodonga: Honest

It’s a late autumn Saturday as David Wilson makes for Myrtleford, for some Ovens and Murray League footy. It’s a good day in a good world.

Almanac Cricket: Shane Warne and the gift of hope

E.regnans met S.K. Warne in Lorne many years ago. What followed is indicative and memorable.

Almanac Life: Dropping 47 litres of unleaded in the diesel tank at Beaufort

David Wilson made an error recently…it wasn’t quite as massive as it seemed in the moment.

Almanac (Christmas) Life: ER may have met Santa!

David Wilson experienced the community joy and spirit of Christmas in Brunswick when he may have met Santa!

Almanac Lost & Found: One oar, St Kilda beach

This is the story of an oar. By E. regnans, who was down on the Bay for the the summer solstice.

Almanac Life Lessons: I must not argue with the umpire

E.regnans recalls being unfairly dismissed from a game of primary school “Cutter’s Out”. Oh, the injustice!

Almanac Footy and Community – Premiership photos

E.r was prompted by memories of his school side’s victory in 1991 and Matt Zurbo’s latest piece to bring together pictures of premiership winning teams. It might have been last week down the road or halfway through last century and a state away, no matter when or where we’d love to share your photos of premiership triumph on the Almanac.

Almanac (Covid) Life – Lockdown submarine

All you need is love sometimes…in this time and place E.r was moved to share a local riff on one of Ringo’s finest moments while living in lockdown.

Almanac (Family) Life: ‘Hamilton’ in Sydney

ER and family travelled to Sydney to see, on stage, the musical which has dominated their domestic soundtrack for ages – ‘Hamilton’. There was a game of footy in there somewhere too.

Almanac Life (and bodysurfing): Last wave

A holiday bodysurfing accident brought back memories of old trauma for David Wilson.

Australia v India – Fourth Test, Day 5: Chaos, defiance, pirates and unicorns

On the decisive day of an enthralling test, E. Regnans was happy just to take it all in. (A lovely expression of the joy of cricket watching – Ed).

Almanac Poetry: Note of thanks to an Old Gum Tree

E.regnans shares more of his insights into the time of Covid, recognising and thanking an old gum tree for its stability in a time of uncertainty.

Almanac (Covid) Life: Love in the Time of Coronavirus – Part 2

E. regnans continues his journal of life and love in the time of coronavirus. In this instalment, he channels the thoughts of Andre who contemplates the not inconsiderable challenges of ‘opening up’.

Almanac Life: Time of Coronavirus Day 200 in Melbourne – Persist

In this stream of consciousness, E.regnans urges persistence in the ‘Time of Coronavirus Day 200’ as Melburnians await the further easing of restrictions.

Almanac (Holiday Cricket) Poetry: Deano and the endless summer

E. regnans remembers summers at the beach when Dean Jones was in his prime. R.I.P. Deano.

Almanac Life: A postcard to Life

E. regnans has written this postcard to Life. It’s a patchwork of moments and more moments, thoughts and feelings and observations and descriptions. It rolls and drifts all the way to a reassuring conclusion.

Almanac Life: A Human’s Guide to Pandemic Living (for-areas-yet-to-reach-Level-6)

Some timely advice for us all about pandemic living, the ‘Human’s Guide to Pandemic Living’ from ER.

Day 107 – Time of Coronavirus

Another day in the life of ER in the time of coronavirus so eloquently told in his inimitable style.

Equinox to solstice and the Time of Coronavirus

E.regnans walks on through the Time of Coronavirus with U2 in his ears. He ponders a thousand thoughts.

Almanac Music – ‘Don’t Start Me Talking’ by Paul Kelly: a story by David Wilson

Check out the story David Wilson published on the Stereo Stories site about Paul Kelly’s song, ‘Don’t Start Me Talking’. The song provides significant memories for David.