Almanac Melbourne Cup: The time-honoured trifecta think-tank and other absurdities

Last night’s think-tank has generated this report, with these selections.

Almanac Anniversary Celebrations: Citrus Bob at the MCC Library 150th Anniversary Luncheon – A minnow among the big fish

Citrus Bob Utber was among the who’s who of the sporting writers world at the MCC Library 150th anniversary luncheon on Monday, and he had a fabulous time.

Almanac Life: Meeting Ron Barassi

Everyone, it seems, has their Meeting Ron Barassi story – including John Harms who bumped into him Up North.

Almanac (World Cup) Soccer: It’s been a fascinating few weeks

John Harms has his thoughts on the response to the World Cup and the Matildas. He’s interested in yours.

Almanac Cricket (Memoir): Falling towards Headingley

John Harms remembers 1993, and his trip to the Headingley Test with T.G. White.

Almanac Rugby League – Never the twain shall meet

An Origin memory from 2012.

What would Mark Twain have thought?

Almanac Cricket: What I was reminded of while watching the AB doco

Like many, John Harms has the cricket on in the background. As the rain kept falling during the Sydney Test he reckons he saw the Allan Border docos umpteen times. Here’s some things the doco reminded him of.

Vale W.K. Trewick (Brisbane)

The funeral of Ken Trewick, who won the Stawell Gift in 1950, was held in Brisbane yesterday (Feb 23, 2023). John Harms remembers a character of Australian sporting life.

Small steps, big steps: the story of O Tecnico and his boys

This is the story of a team of young players and their coach. By John Harms. [First published in 2018]

Almanac Cycling: The Santos Tour Down Under comes to the Barossa

The Santos Tour Down Under – men’s and women’s – is on in South Australia from January 15 – 22. Stage 1 of the men’s event will be held on a brilliant course in the Barossa Valley and Barossa Ranges. John Harms looks at the course.

Vale Jan Courtin, great friend of The Footy Almanac community

It is with deep sadness that we bring you the shocking news that Jan Courtin died following an accident last week. This is John Harms’s tribute.

Almanac (Under 13) Soccer – Barossa United v Adelaide Comets: The greatest nil-all draw of all time

John Harms reports on a classic game of Under 13 soccer between Barosssa United and the Adelaide Comets.

Almanac Golf: The 98 putts of Foxy’s debut

John Harms has been playing golf with Foxy, a former hockey player turned golfer. Last Saturday they fell just short of a memorable century.

Streets of our Town: All hail the Community Cup!

With the Reclink Community Cup (Melbourne) on Sunday at Victoria Park, we revisit John Harms’s report on the Community Cup of 2017.

Almanac Tributes: Vale Ron Reed

Ron Reed’s column will not appear on our site today. He died last Friday at the age of 74. We will miss him. John Harms pays his tribute.

Almanac Rugby League – State of Origin: What are we playing for?

John Harms says that the Maroons are playing for the Queensland way of life. [This piece was first published in 2014]

Almanac Golf: Oakey Golf Club – a story of country golfing

Today, October 19, 2015 is the 40th anniversary of John Harms’s hole-in-one. We re-visit the story of the course where it happened, and of the event. [Forty years! Really – JTH] [This story was first published in 2015 – Ed]

Almanac Racing – Warrnambool Carnival: Pilgrims’ Progress

Father Kevin Mogg’s funeral was held last week. We reprise this piece in which he played a leading role:

John Harms leaves home at sunrise for a pilgrimmage to the Bool. He meets quite a few fellow-travellers.

Almanac Tributes: An interview with Jack Styring

A genuine legend of the Australian turf, the racing gods declared correct weight on the life of renowned racecaller Jack Styring with his passing on February 9th, at the grand age of 92. Recorded back in 2014, Jack graciously opened his home to John Harms and Steve Baker to reflect on his time behind the microphone and the binoculars.

Jack Styring gets Dog on Fire home at Donald

John Harms paid tribute to Jack Styring when the legendary race-caller was behind the binoculars at Donald, in this extract from Memoirs of a Mug Punter (2002).