Almanac Music: The Doctor Will See You Now – Five Oz Rock Classics by The Angels

KD salutes iconic Australian band The Angels, originally headed by dynamic frontman, Bernard ‘Doc’ Neeson.

Almanac Poetry: Measures Taken

This week’s poem from Kevin Densley is about hard times, and actions one takes when experiencing them, like ‘kicking a newspaper football, tied into shape with string.’ [Who has played kick-to-kick with a football made of folded-up newspapers? – KD]

Almanac Literary: Proximity

Very short story? Prose poem? This Friday’s piece from KD involves his maternal grandmother’s unusual connection to Africa.

Almanac Poetry: Archetypal Dream

This Monday’s poem by Kevin Densley is about dream analysis, and also makes reference to a big hit by Chubby Checker!

Almanac Music: Australian Songs of Autumn

Now that it’s autumn, KD offers his piece concerning Australian songs of autumn, to complete a ‘Footy Almanac Four Seasons’, as he has previously posted pieces concerning Australian songs of summer, winter and spring on the Almanac website. Again, he invites Almanackers to contribute their own song choices.

Almanac Prose Poetry: People and Places

This Friday, KD presents two prose poems concerning people and places – the first piece was inspired by his paternal grandmother, Iris, as well as his love of old pubs, while the second is a more introspective affair evoking loneliness and the passing of time.

Almanac Poetry: Three (More) Little Worlds

As with last week, every poem worthy of the name – no matter the length – should evoke a world; clearly Kevin Densley has a veritable galaxy of word worlds brimming within.

Almanac Poetry: Three Little Worlds

With this Monday effort, Kevin Densley states that every poem worthy of the name (no matter how long or short) should in some sense evoke its own world. He offers three tiny ecosystems for your consideration.

Almanac Life: Ten Personal Favourites

Kevin Densley has hit us with his best shots today; a list of ‘personal favourites’, which might not necessarily equate with the ‘greatest of all-time’, but in many instances are more important, as they tell you something about yourself.

Almanac Music (and Poetry): ‘Lacrimosa’ from Mozart’s Requiem

Prose and poetry combine in this piece by KD about working as a cinema usher in Melbourne in the mid-1980s – the focus is upon one of his all-time favourite films and pieces of music.

Almanac Poetry: Bushranger Jimmy Governor

Today’s poem from Kevin Densley focuses upon Jimmy Governor, whose execution in 1901 was one of the key markers of the end of Australia’s bushranging era. [Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are advised that the following contains images of person who has died.]

Almanac Art: Millais’ Leisure Hours

Today, KD offers a piece that he describes as ‘a brief meditation on a well-known English painting of the Victorian era, one that I find particularly fascinating’.

Almanac Poetry: From Sheffield, England

Cutlery drawers can be interesting places – some contain family history going back generations, as this week’s poem from Kevin Densley demonstrates.

Almanac Music: Flaming June (Song Lyric)

Once in a blue moon, Kevin Densley offers one of his song lyrics for Footy Almanac readers to ponder. This one, ‘Flaming June’, was written in about 1990, and strongly influenced by one of his favourite paintings of the time.

Almanac Poetry: The Bluestone Step of the Sherritt Hut

Kevin Densley considers this ‘perhaps the most chilling episode in Australian bushranging history’ – step into his reflective poetry on the execution-style killing of Aaron Sherritt by the Kelly Gang’s Joe Byrne.

Almanac Poetry: ‘The Great War – AIF Suite’

Kevin Densley’s ‘The Great War – AIF Suite’ poetry collection is as timely as ever on ANZAC Day. Read on for some poignant and arresting reflections on Australian soldiers who fought in World War One.

Almanac Poetry: Joseph of Arimathea

In keeping with Easter, this week’s poem from Kevin Densley is his take on Joseph of Arimathea, who, according to all four canonical gospels, was the man who took responsibility for Christ’s burial after his crucifixion.

Almanac Music: Deconstructing The Beatles’ Song ‘Rain’

In this Friday’s column, KD puts The Beatles song ‘Rain’ under the microscope, and concludes that it is ‘certainly one of the most influential songs of the 1960s, or maybe, the entire rock/pop era’, even if it was originally the B-side of the ‘Paperback Writer’ single.

Almanac Poetry: Chad Morgan, the Sheik of Scrubby Creek

In this week’s poem, Kevin Densley deals with Australian country music legend Chad Morgan (Kevin stresses that the particular incidents mentioned in connection with the great man are ‘fictional’)

Almanac Music: Australian Country Music

In this Friday’s post, KD looks at Australian country music, especially the kind of songs his father listened to when he was a kid.