Almanac History: Almanacs Through The Ages

In this Friday’s column, KD presents a very short history of almanacs in words and images.

Almanac Poetry: Sickle Moon

This Monday’s poem from Kevin Densley looks in detail at the sickle (or crescent) moon – compared to its gibbous and full cousins, it is found wanting!

Almanac Memoir and Music: Slade Forever!

Yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh, Slaaaaaaaaaaaade! In this Friday’s column, KD celebrates UK rockers Slade, a favourite band of his early teen years.

Almanac Poetry: Hieronymus Bosch’s ‘The Conjurer’ (c. 1502)

This week’s poem from Kevin Densley concerns Hieronymus Bosch’s famous painting and how foolish people can be.

Almanac Food: KD’s Kitchen – The Anchovy: Èlite Piscine Performer

Who loves anchovies? Who loathes them? There seems to be no middle ground when it comes to this salty little fish. In this week’s instalment of KD’s Kitchen, Kevin Densley argues strongly on the side of these who are fans.

Almanac Poetry: The Local Mayor Launches a Literary Magazine

Some book and magazine launches can be ok; some excruciating. This week’s poem by Kevin Densley depicts an example of the latter. (Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. Contains minor strong language.)

Almanac Memoir (and Music): The Last Time

In this Friday’s piece, KD looks at ‘last times’, both personal and those more broadly historical in nature.

Almanac Poetry: Sea Horse

This week’s poem from Kevin Densley is about childhood, beauty and loss.

Almanac Fashion: Colac ‘Ready-To-Wear’

This week, in his regular Friday column, KD discusses his idea for a new fashion line, mainly inspired by Colac and Picasso.

Almanac Poetry: The Poem of My Enemy Has Not Been Anthologised

According to Kevin Densley, what was his motivation for this week’s poem? ‘Sometimes a poet just needs to vent!’

Almanac Memoir: Geelong with All Five Senses

This week, KD’s Friday column is a pastiche of Geelong memories, involving all five senses – it features Geelong’s most iconic building, possibly the best meat pie ever, and 3GL’s VFL football broadcasts of Geelong matches.

Almanac Poetry: Three Bushranger Trials, Berrima, New South Wales, September 1841

This week’s poem by Kevin Densley concerns crime and punishment in the early colonial days of New South Wales.

Almanac Life: Footy Almanac Vernacular

Is there such a thing as Footy Almanac vernacular, that is, a particularly Footy Almanac way of talking and writing, especially in relation to how Almanackers respond to posts on the website? KD discusses this question.

Almanac Poetry: The New Testament

‘The New Testament’ is Kevin Densley’s poetic take on the second major division of the Christian Bible – in just thirty-seven lines!

Almanac Life: Ten Things I Hate

It’s often said that there’s a fine line between love and hate – but not in these ten instances, according to KD.

Almanac Poetry: Albert Jacka Earns Australia’s First VC of The Great War

One hundred and six years ago, almost to the day, legendary Australian soldier, Albert Jacka, performed the remarkable feat which earned him Australia’s first Victoria Cross of The Great War. Kevin Densley’s new poem paints the picture.

Almanac (Football) Humour: The Artist from Port Adelaide

Footballers’ nicknames aren’t as interesting and colourful as they used to be, KD laments. In a creative mood, he invents a new one for a Port Adelaide player, as an example of the way ahead.

Almanac Poetry: In the Good Old Days

This Tuesday’s poem from Kevin Densley concerns the typical profile of a serial killer back in ‘the good old days’.

Almanac Literary: Proximity

The very short story is a notoriously difficult art for a writer to pull off successfully; KD has a crack in his Friday piece.

Almanac Poetry: Great Literary Fistfights of the Twentieth Century

When two giants of twentieth century American literature faced off (poet Wallace Stevens and ‘he-man’ Ernest Hemingway), it was no question who was really the winner.