Grand Final 2011 – Geelong v Collingwood: In search of Jenny Hawkins’ pasta

Fox Footy showed the 2011 Geelong-Collingwood Grand Final yesterday. John Harms thought it deserved a match report.

AFL Round 7 – Geelong v Essendon: I went to the footy with George Foreman and saw a great Geelong victory

JTH has a day out, as do his Cats.

Professor Johnson, the young skipper and The Doyen of Unobtrusion

Carlton v Geelong It was a Frank McCourt afternoon as Anna and I sat in the Lutheran Church at North Geelong at the funeral of old Uncle Theo, a cousin of my late father’s. Dank and gloomy, the Heavens were low, and descending. Two-year-old Anna had sensed the mood and was perfectly quiet and appropriately [Read more]

Cats On Holiday

Darl and I we’re in Auckland after spending 11 nights on the South Pacific island of Fiji where even there we were able to catch AFL games on the Australian TV Network.  I tried to time our flights and destinations to make sure we could find a TV that was showing the game.  So far [Read more]

Ritual or routine?

Growing up, footy, for our family, was a matter of ritual. Each season developed its own rhythm, its own timetable, and we would find ourselves doing the same thing at the same time each week. Church, school, Saladas and Vegemite and Adventure Island after-school and then kick-to-kick, Monday’s newspaper to read, and F-Troop, being allowed [Read more]

Cats in control

Friday. I am having lunch with an Eagles fan who is such an Eagles fan he is known as West Coast Dave (a fine contributor to these pages I might add). He is down from Canberra and is in a preliminary final mood. A Group 1 theoriser (with a masters degree in sports psyche which [Read more]