Almanac Flashback: Round 10 2011 – Gold Coast v Geelong: Party Time

Round 10 2021 the Cats will play Gold Coast. From the Footy Almanac archives, Round 10 2011 also saw the Cats play the Suns in Gary Ablett Jnr’s first season for Gold Coast. Footy Almanac Tech guru James Demetrie was there and this is his report of the match.

Round 8 – Geelong v Carlton: Carrying The Torch

James ‘Dermie’ Demetrie (our Almanac IT man) finally got to run out for the mighty Cats. He explains how.

AFL Round 4 – Geelong v West Coast: Central Park to Kardinia Park

James Demetrie journeys from Central Park to Kardinia Park to be filled with hope for another Cats flag.

AFL Round 22 – Geelong v Sydney: Friendly Hoodoo and Garage Tales

James Demetrie has to earn enough points in the garage, and then overcome the Frank and Jennie factor. But it’s worth it in the end.

AFL Round 21 – West Coast v Geelong: Reflections of a Pessimist

Pessimist James Demetrie re-lives the upset of past Cats losses to the Eagles but manages to enjoy the win in the rain.

AFL Round 17 – Adelaide v Geelong: Jibbed again

Games against Adelaide give me the creeps. It’s not the win/loss record that creeps me out; Geelong holds a 2 game edge after all this time. It’s more to do with the sordid Crows past, which has left a sour taste in my mouth. (Warning: contains references to Leigh Colbert’s mark in 1997 final.)

Cycling through the eras

Premierships are the benchmark of successful teams.  Geelong had been starved of real success since 1963.  A founding member of the league as we know it, influential on the rules as we know them, the once powerful Geelong had become mediocre.  A spate of losing efforts in Grand Finals dating back to 1967 against Richmond, 1989 against [Read more]

Among Saints

Geelong versus St. Kilda 7.50pm, Friday, 21 August 2012 Etihad Stadium, Melbourne “Do you want to come into the rooms and meet the players?” asked Bob the doorman. We were at Linton Street, the old home of the Saints. We snuck in under a wire fence at the Doonga Avenue end of the ground. The [Read more]

Power House – My home away from home

I’ve been involved with Power House footy club since 1985, I played just 66 games for the Club over 15 seasons (I retired from playing in 2000).  I’ve been a player, a committee man and since 1995 my business DISKMANdotNet has been the Club’s web designer, domain name and web hosting provider and more recently I’ve [Read more]

Souvlaki v Kebabs

Everyone’s got a preference for one or the other: the souvlaki or the kebab. Both are kings of the late night fast food fare with swarms of followers keen to tell you one is better than the other. Both are tightly wrapped filled with goodies both warm and fuzzy and sometimes you just don’t know [Read more]

Cats On Holiday

Darl and I we’re in Auckland after spending 11 nights on the South Pacific island of Fiji where even there we were able to catch AFL games on the Australian TV Network.  I tried to time our flights and destinations to make sure we could find a TV that was showing the game.  So far [Read more]