Almanac Book Review: the Scott Hodges story

Jeff Dowsing found that Scott Hodges’ life story is both familiar and startling.

Decoding the MRP: My brain hurts

Jeff Dowsing has had a tough time trying to figure out how the MRP are making their decisions this season; especially with head high charges.

Round 18 – Collingwood v West Coast: Twin Peaks

Collingwood has entered the Lynchian world of Twin Peaks with the latest developments at the club. Thankfully Jeff Dowsing is here to make sense of it all for everyone.

For the love of Collingwood, it’s time Ed

It’s time says Jeff! Time for Eddie to go! The greatest shame is that by lingering on, clinging to that prime car spot outside the Holden Centre, Jeff can’t get away from the word ‘selfish’.

AFL Trades: Panic

Unsure of how you feel after the AFL trades have completed? Set to Panic by The Smiths, Jeff Dowsing pens his thoughts.

Still a happy team at Hawthorn?

Jeff Dowsing looks at Hawthorn’s recent trade decisions and considers the implications for club. What immeasurables does it impact?

Almanac Cricket: No one should have expected the Hughes inquisition

In the ongoing pursuit for truth, justice and the Australian cricketing way, Jeff Dowsing doubts the Hughes’ coronial inquest will lead us to a better place.

Almanac Music: Bowie’s best & less known gems

The forgotten genius of David Bowie’s early work is not lost on Jeff Dowsing, presenting his favourite ‘off the beaten track’ Bowie tracks.

Missed opportunity with disjointed AFL-VFL fixtures

Jeff Dowsing sees an opening for the AFL, for the VFL, for clubs, for players and for fans. Bring on the change.

The reluctant coach

As fill-in coach for his children’s junior soccer team, Jeff Dowsing is learning about emotion and decision-making – “Ange Postecoglou has nothing to fear.”

Round 19 – Collingwood v West Coast: More Darce, less farce

Jeff Dowsing catches a star-studded Almanac cast at Victoria Park, before watching the “freakish” D Moore in both full flight and full story-of-2016 at the MCG.

Collingwood: A sensational history

Almanacker and Collingwood diehard Jeff Dowsing invites you to take a look at his new website.

Round 14 – Collingwood v Fremantle: Low

Winter cold + bleak footy = David Bowie. Most of Jeff Dowsing’s body may have frozen at the MCG, but his creative gland remains in rude health.

Round 9 – Collingwood v Geelong: It was fair dinkum unbelievable

With Geelong threatening Collingwood in later stages of the game, Jeff Dowsing reports the highlight was an American Pie galloping towards goal.

Unpalatable ‘Pies need new recipe

His beloved ‘Pies are decidedly unpalatable at present. So Jeff Dowsing assesses the ingredients and attempts to concoct a new recipe.

Round 5 – Collingwood v Essendon: A hiding to nothing

J Dowsing spots similarities in the approaches of Mason Cox, the Collingwood mid-field and a young fella on the South Morang line train. The old KISS method.

Has the AFL drawn the wrong conclusion?

Jeff Dowsing enjoys a draw, surely two grand finals are better than one?

Round 2 – Collingwood v Richmond: You have to larf

The death of Ronnie Corbett, the Melbourne Comedy Festival, and an April Fools’ Day win for his Pies result in Jeff Dowsing experiencing delirium and hilarity in equal measure.

Preston Lions find they’re raw

Jeff Dowsing experiences pride with his Preston Lions in Junior Soccer’s David v Goliath

David Bowie is now a was but will be forever

Jeff Dowsing on the incomparable Bowie.