A team that flew the coop, soaring high in the sky

It is the silly season, and goodness knows I’m silly enough. Any how I thought a last one of these teams to finish 2018 CE. This one has an Avian theme. Some players have clearly defined bird names like Swan. Others have a bird as a component of the name like Hawkins.   How does it read?


B:  W Duckworth (Ess), J Duckworth (Fitz), L Hawken (Haw).


HB: N Fincher (Foot/NM), J Hawkins (Geel), C Bird (Syd/Ess).


C: G Crane (Carl), D Swan (Coll), D Hawkins (Foot/Fitz).


HF: P Featherby (Foot/Geel), J Gull (SM), C Cockatoo-Collins (Ess/PA).


F:  M Crow (Ess/Foot/StK), T Hawkins (Geel), D Chick, (Haw/WC).


Followers: R Crow (Fitz), N Eagleton (PA/WB), P Hawke (Syd/Coll).


Inter: N Crowe (Rich), S Gull (SM/Melb), A Swallow, (NM), D Swallow (GC).


Emerg: from Do Cockatoo-Collins (Melb), Da Cockatoo-Collins (Melb), N Cockatoo (Geel) & A Cockie (WC).


What would we call this team ? The ‘Magpies’, maybe the ‘Eagles’, do I hear the ‘Hawks’?


Naaah, how does the top knots sound?


Happy festive season Almanackers.




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  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Don Eagle kicked Centrals’ first two goals in SANFL league company in 1964 (thanks to Rob McLean for alerting me to this)

    Cheers Glen! Keep ‘em coming

  2. Neville “Chicken” Hayes was a tough as nails (tougher) half back in Foster Williams champion Port Adelaide Magpies teams of the 50’s and 60’s. Chicken played 217 games including 8 SANFL flags (6 in a row 54-59) and 21 times for South Australia. I recall seeing him in the 60’s and he was more feared than Woosha or Dermie ever were. Master of the late stiff arm and the “accidental” (honest ump) off the side of the boot out of bounds in a tight last quarter. Reason why on the full was introduced. A Mike Sexton piece link below:
    Roy Boy Wilfred “Chicken” Smallhorn won the 1933 Brownlow and survived 3 years in the hell of the Japanese Changi POW Camp in Singapore in WW2. Too sick to play he umpired and lived until 1988. Roy Boys were tough in those days.
    I wouldn’t be honouring Daniel Chick in any way, as he has been a sad waste of a life and those of others.

  3. Lawrie Fowler (189 games for Richmond and Melbourne) took out Big Nick at the start of the 73 Grand Final. Mr Wrap still has his picture on the study wall alongside Captain Blood, Mopsy Fraser and Neil Balme. Murderers Row.

  4. Ta PB.

    L Fowler to the back pocket, W Duckworth HB flank, N Fincher to the bench, as A Swallow replaces D Chick in the forward pocket.



  5. Colin Ritchie says

    Grant Fowler played with the Bombers in the early 80s after a stint with Fitzroy. Also had a couple of games with the Hawks. Nippy on baller who liked to kick goals.

  6. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Super team, Glen ! Love the concept, especially with so much bird symbolism in footy.
    John Wren would have to be President or ‘Benefactor’.
    Joe Poulter played 120 games for the Magpies and Swans between 1923-1931. Seems he was partial to the birds.

  7. Luke Reynolds says

    Another fantastic team Glen!

    Here’s a cricket avian team-

    Aaron Finch (Aus)
    Ashley Woodcock (Aus)
    Graeme Fowler (Eng)
    Jeff Crowe (NZ)
    Martin Crowe (NZ)
    George Duckworth (WK) (ENG)
    Vasbert Drakes (WI)
    Graeme Swann (ENG)
    Neil Hawke (AUS)
    Joseph Partridge (SAF)
    Jackson Bird (AUS)

  8. Your namesake Glen Hawker? Bombers legend.

    Scott Crow was handy for the Pies mid 90s.

  9. Well done, Glen. Very clever!
    Damo, I thought the same – Glen Hawker was a very good player.

    Any of these players originate from Eaglehawk?

    Well played, Crackers, a good team. Vasbert Drakes – excellent.

  10. If Vasbert Drakes gets a mention then surely South African golfer and 2001/04 US Open winner Retief Goosen deserves a nod. Scot James Foulis won the second US Open in 1896. American Chick Evans won it in 1916.
    Winged Foot golf course in New York State has hosted 4 mens US Opens – the last in 2006 when Australian Geoff Ogilvy edged an imploding Phil Mickelson. It has also hosted one US PGA Championship and 2 US Womens Opens.
    Like the White Wing-ed Warrior “Its everywhere; its everywhere” when you start looking.

  11. Superb Glen and well played,Luke as well !

  12. Snowy from Busso says

    Frank Sparrow?

  13. Excellent nomination Snowy from Busso. We need more experts like yourself to keep the Vicmanacs honest. For those who only consider interstaters who made it to the VFL as “real” footballers – Frank Sparrow played 183 games for East Perth, Swan Districts and West Perth between 1943 and 1956. He was runner up in the 1952 Sandover Medal and won All Australian selection at the 1953 Interstate Carnival in Adelaide.
    After retiring he became the “Ron Casey of WA Footy Media” chairing World of Sport and other footy media into the 90’s.
    Outstanding bird spotting Snowy. More please.

  14. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I know that Ian ‘Rooster’ Wallace (Footscray and West Torrens) doesn’t technically qualify, but PB would probably approve. Also, South Adelaide’s Craig Cock could hold down a HBF. Tassie’s Ian Rainbird bobbed up at the Peckers for forty-odd games in the late 70s

  15. Luke Reynolds says

    Swish, do you know if Ian Rainbird is related to current Tasmanian fast bowler Sam Rainbird?

  16. How can can you leave out the one who did not fly the ………?
    Doug Koop (Melbourne)

    LR – great team
    Might spend six hours tomorrow doing something like yours if I have the ability – sure have the time!
    JTH – Third day is pink

  17. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Not sure Luke. I’ll see what I can find out

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