Boxing Day Test – Melbourne Concrete and Gravel

Peter Baulderstone celebrates the return to a traditional Australian wicket at Melbourne Concete and Gravel. Premier Daniel Andrews has guaranteed that Victoria will hold the traditional Boxing Day wake for the rest of the millennium. Australia yawns.

Why does sandpaper hurt so much?

Peter Baulderstone muses about the place of sport in our individual and collective consciousnesses. How are sports different from each other? Is there an ongoing meaning of sport in our lives that explains just why sandpaper hurts so much?

Grand Final – West Coast v Collingwood: The Circle is Unbroken

Peter Baulderstone on the Grand Final. For the faitfhful – of all faiths.

Grand Final Preview – West Coast v Collingwood: Looking Forward Looking Back

Peter Baulderstone finds reasons for his dream of an Eagles Grand Final win. And his soggy Saturday Collingwood nightmares. [A lot of analysis and some very nice lines like: “It takes a village to raise a flag.” JTH]

Why I Hate Victorians

Peter Baulderstone takes aim at all things Victorian from his mineshaft in Western Australia. Is he serious? Is he right? He’s certainly hostile.

Round 22 – West Coast v Melbourne: Gawn, Gawn, Gawn

Peter Baulderstone loved the finals like pressure of Sunday’s game against Melbourne, if not the result. Max Gawn turned on a rucking master class to drag his Demons into the finals for the first time in a dozen years.

Round 21 – Port Adelaide v West Coast: Tarzan Saves the Day

It’s off to the movies for Peter Baulderstone, as Jeremy McGovern swings through the trees to save the day for his West Coast Eagles.

Round 20 – West Coast v Fremantle: A Momentary Gaff

It feels like a “death” in the footy family over West according to Peter Baulderstone. The Brayshaw family; the Gaff family; the Eagles flag hopes and honest competitiveness. Hard life lessons all round.

The state of the Game is the game of the State

Peter Baulderstone reckons there’s nothing certain in life except death, taxes and the “state of the game” on talkback radio.

Round 15 – Adelaide v West Coast: The Fat Lady Sings

Peter Baulderstone is on holidays on the beach in Broome. His Eagles joined him sitting about doing nothing much in the last quarter on Saturday.

Round 11 – West Coast v St Kilda: Hope for the Hopeless

Peter Baulderstone finds the Saints not as bad as they seem, and his Eagles not as good as they have been. Time for Eagles to have a week in Broome regenerating in the winter sun.

Almanac Other Sports – Great Sporting Weekend for Aussies and American Haters

Peter Baulderstone wakens to a beautiful set of numbers on Monday morning. Australian victories in golf and motor racing all over the world. Throw in a couple of Brits and an Italian (and the Eagles and Swan Districts). Not an American in sight. What’s not to like?

Round 9 – West Coast v Richmond: Superheroes League

Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Wolverine got together in Perth on Sunday to overpower the reigning premiers. Peter Baulderstone reports on the feats of this League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Funny Teams: Almanac All-time Alliteration Alumni

BB Productions (Peter B and Phil “Lord Bogan” D) have collaborated on a team of the greatest alliterative names in Australian football. Mathilde fancies a Steele Sidebottom. We prefer Ursula Undress. Memories, additions and comments welcomed.

Round 7 – West Coast v Port Adelaide: Darling Buds of May

Peter Baulderstone is happy to be proved a moron and a pessimist for predicting his Eagles would be bottom 6. Humble pie never tasted so good; perhaps the Eagle flowers made all the difference?

‘Free’ Thinking and ‘The State of the Game’

Peter Baulderstone is happy with his Eagles but wonders if rugby tactics are taking over the Australian game. Some musing on changing the risk/reward of free kicks to encourage open running, long kicking and high marking (explain it to your kids).

The Dying Art of Sporting Conversation

After 3 games at the new Perth Stadium, Peter Baulderstone reviews the fan experience. His Eagles can’t be the only team or sporting stadium where shared participation is being drowned by marketing dross and din.

Australian Cricket Anthem

Peter Baulderstone struggles to understand how low Australian cricket culture has sunk. He suggests a new anthem for the Australian cricket team.

Vale’ Peter Temple: Last Drinks at The Prince of Prussia

Peter Baulderstone honours the too early passing of Peter Temple, a great author who captured the everyman at his best and worst. The Jack Irish books showed his loved of footy, pubs and the punt. A Knacker at heart. Tributes and memories please – of the man and his books.

AFL: Alphabet Soup

Peter Baulderstone loves footy. But he’s confused by all the brands. He shares the AFL’s latest marketing plan. They are keen to receive more suggestions.