Almanac Teams: Saccharine Sixteen (1980- )

A few players who wore Number 16 in recent decades caught Rodney Boyd’s eye for their more interesting feats or foibles…including one player with a surprising basketball background.

Almanac Teams: Fifteen minutes of fame (1980- )

Rodney Boyd’s team of more obscure Number 15s since 1980 contains an umpire and a federal court judge…be careful what you get up to around this side!

Almanac Teams: Fourteen karat pyrite (1980- )

Rodney Boyd extends his run of teams to the more obscure Number 14s – one of which is so obscure, you might have to do a double take…

Almanac Teams: Friday the Thirteens (1980- )

Sometimes a player makes a big impression, too big for just one side – for Rodney Boyd’s obscure Number 13 side since 1980, that player is Allen Jakovich.

Almanac Teams: Cheaper by the dozen (1980- )

A couple of the players in Rodney Boyd’s more obscure Number 12 side could feel stiff they didn’t make his best team to wear the jumper…but one thing they all have in common is a compelling story.

Almanac Teams: The Elevens Hour (1980- )

Back into the swing of things this week, Rodney Boyd provides his more interesting Number 11s side of the past forty years; this one contains a slow Brownlow winner and a benched premiership captain.

Almanac Teams: These go to eleven (1980-)

Rodney Boyd picks his best AFL/VFL team to wear the number 11 since 1980.

Almanac Teams: Imperfect tens (1980- )

Rodney Boyd considers some of the more obscure VFL/AFL players to have worn the Number 10 jumper over the last 40 years, including one of the more controversial players in recent memory.

Almanac Teams: Noteworthy Nines (1980- )

Rodney Boyd rounds the turn into double digits with his team of interesting players to sport the Number 9 guernsey since 1980.

Almanac Teams: The Debatable Eights (1980- )

It’s Monday and that means Rodney Boyd is back to share his weekly side, this one made up of the more ‘interesting’ players who wore Number 8 in the past 40 years or so.

Almanac Teams: The (not-so) Magnificent Seven (1980- )

From myopic sharpshooters to cross-code game winners, there’s plenty in Rodney Boyd’s team of more obscure Number 7s since 1980 this week.

Almanac Teams: Seventh Heaven (1980- )

We forge ahead with Rodney Boyd’s series of teams; this week’s side has the best Number 7s to don the jumper since 1980(ish) and a first time selection of two players from the same team.

Almanac Teams: Hit for Six (1980- )

Rodney Boyd moves from Number 5 to 6 this week; this side has a few players called on to play extra roles during a game.

Almanac Teams: The (not quite so) Famous Fives (1980- )

Back onto the more obscure names this week, Rodney Boyd’s team for the bearers of Number 5 has some excellent footballers who’ve done interesting things.

Almanac Teams: Mambo Number 5s (1980- )

The best players to wear the Number 5 jumper since 1980? Rodney Boyd makes his selection and invites your contributions.

Almanac Teams: More Fours (1980- )

Rodney Boyd follows up his best ever team of players who wore Number 4 with a slightly more obscure selection to play in the same number.

Almanac Teams: Fab Fours (1980- )

It’s an unlucky number in some cultures, but Rodney Boyd’s team of the best Number 4s is so packed with talent, you’d think it more than lucky to be given the jumper.

Almanac Teams: A Real Bushrangers’ Australian Rules “Twenty”

This week, KD supplies an Australian Rules bushrangers’ “Twenty”, made up of actual bushrangers. You know it’s a strong side when ‘Bold Jack’ Donohue, ‘The Wild Colonial Boy’, just scrapes in on a half-back flank!

Almanac Teams: The best bunioned left footers on the non-preferred

Tony Newport, with a funny team of a sort. Perhaps we take this as a comment on AFL footy writing in the silly season? (You be the judge – Ed).

Almanac Teams: Three’s a charm (1980-)

In his last team for 2020, Rodney Boyd turns his attention to some of the more ‘out-there’ selections in the Number 3 jumper since 1980.