Almanac Teams: Mummy’s Cook(ed) a Mullett; Best of Number 41 (1980- )

Number 41 for Rodney Boyd’s best of sides contains some names who promised the world but underdelivered, hard working role players, up-and-comers and jets cruelled by injury at their peak.

Almanac Teams: Forty Winks; Obscure 40s (1980- )

Last week’s controversial skipper gets another run today in Rodney Boyd’s obscure Number 40s side along with a couple of interesting Asian connections and a player who did a reverse Scott Pendlebury.

Almanac Teams: (Footy) Life begins at Forty; Best of Number 40 (1980- )

The skipper on the bench and a 20-year-old with single figure games? The heat is really on now for Rodney Boyd to select his best sides in this his 40th such effort.

Almanac Teams: Pagan Jewell(s); Obscure 39s (1980- )

Rodney Boyd has some interesting names and careers in his Number 39 obscure side; from five-club flag winners to zero gamers and even secret agents, there’s something for everyone here.

Almanac Teams: What’s a Kellaway? Around a Holman; Best of Number 39 (1980- )

Just when you think they couldn’t possibly be competitive anymore, Rodney Boyd’s best of Number 39 side shows up with a surprisingly high number of club and league champions since 1980.

Almanac Teams: To Sedat with love; Obscure 38s (1980- )

If you were ever left out of the huddle at quarter time, Rodney Boyd’s side of more obscure Number 38s since 1980 is the team for you!

Almanac Footy (Opinion): A Matter of Will

‘One of the most underrated qualities that AFL recruiters overlook is the capacity of a player’s will.’ So says Ian Wilson in an argument that is hard to refute.

Almanac Teams: Jonestown, Best of Number 38 (1980- )

Keeping up with the Joneses over the back fence is a tough enough ask, but how would your side go in keeping up with the backline in this team? Rodney Boyd’s best of Number 38 features some minor Morris involvement too…

Almanac Teams: Lappin up the Tranquilli-ty; Obscure 37s (1980- )

The second of Rodney Boyd’s Number 37 sides features Mark of the Year winners, Australian Football Hall of Fame Legends and infamous Number 1 draftees.

Almanac Teams: No Harmes in being Goodes, Best of 37 (1980- )

Now that Rodney Boyd’s job is becoming harder, his best of sides are becoming more interesting in many ways. And despite the limitations of 37, this side does contain arguably the best utility the game has seen in 40 years…

Almanac Teams: The Balme(y) Iles; Obscure 36s (1980- )

The second Number 36 side from Rodney Boyd has plenty of representation from the Victorian Goldfields and Western District, with many more interesting names from as far afield as Latin America.

Almanac Teams: Three-for-one Pies! Best of 36 (1980- )

Is Number 36 the tipping point? Rodney Boyd is starting to dig deep for his best sides series, though the Magpies have had no shortage of quality in the jumper!

Almanac Teams: Number 35 Obscure (1980- )

The second of Rodney Boyd’s Number 35 sides features some of the more interesting names to have donned the jumper – including a Tigers captain, Geelong all time great and former West Coast coach.

Almanac Teams: The Horse and the Frog, Best of 35 (1980- )

We’re halfway to Number 70 (will we get that far? Who knows!) in Rodney Boyd’s best of sides since 1980. Today’s team is all about a sextet of absolute stars in any era, with a few handy cameos thrown in.

Almanac Teams: Ask for more, 34 (1980- )

Here’s the double up for Number 34s from Rodney Boyd, packed with some interesting names and stories from their time in the VFL/AFL and beyond.

Almanac Teams: A Hogg and three ‘hams; the Best of 34 (1980- )

Surprisingly the numbers continue to produce some quality sides for Rodney Boyd as his latest foray into Number 34 shows – they might need some luck down back with the high ball though…

Almanac Teams: A Cloke(d) Hunter in the Weed; Obscure 33s (1980- )

Rodney Boyd’s second crack at the players of the Number 33 has some lasting cult figures (and haircuts going through a bit of a revival of late!) and some less noted relatives of more famous names.

Almanac Teams: Knights, Rookes and Royals; the Best of Number 33 (1980- )

There’s seemingly a bit of a theme with the names in Rodney Boyd’s side today – maybe they’d be best suited to running out on the Queen’s Birthday?

Almanac Teams: Dirty debut, 32 (1980- )

Rodney Boyd takes another dip into Number 32, this time with perhaps a little less ability and class, but plenty of interesting characters – like the club nomad who only made relatively few appearances on the big stage, but managed to snag two flags in a week.

Almanac Teams: Thirty-two, buckle my shoe (1980- )

Number 32 is definitely a midfielder’s playground and bats surprisingly deep in talent for a high number – Rodney Boyd explains his selections.