Almanac Teams: Drafted, but never played a game

Love it or loathe it, the AFL Draft is here again – with that in mind, Rodney Boyd has supplied a side comprised of players whose names entered the draft, but didn’t enter the field of play (in the AFL at least)

Almanac Teams: Players who were drafted/traded to a new club but didn’t play a game

A follow up side by Rodney Boyd concerns players who had significant careers beforehand, but were drafted or traded in by clubs who never saw them wear the jumper for points.

Almanac Teams: Players who were traded/drafted but didn’t play a game

Love it or loathe it, for men’s footy the silly season is just around the corner – trade period. Rodney Boyd has put together a side based on the flavour of the moment, with players who got traded to a side without playing a game for them.

Almanac Teams: Players whose last game was in a Grand Final

You want more finals-themed teams? Well you’ve come to the right place. Rodney Boyd’s sides this week contain those who didn’t play a game after claiming a flag or those who fell short in a grand final.

Almanac Teams: Players that have played in a premiership or grand final for two clubs

More finals-themed action from Rodney Boyd as he outlays two sides made up of players who climbed the mountain (or stumbled at the summit) for two clubs in their careers.

Almanac Teams: Players that won a Premiership or made a Grand Final in their first year

Rodney Boyd is back at it again – this time he shares two sides (one luckier than the other) just in time for the AFL finals series.

Almanac Teams: Players in a Grand Final with less than 20 Games

This week, Rodney Boyd delves into footy’s past to provide us with a team of premiership players and a team of grand finalists who had played less than 20 games prior to the big day

Almanac Teams: Very good players who were never All Australians

Rodney Boyd has created another cracking footy team – this time, of players who have never made an AFL All Australian side.

Almanac Teams: One career game

Following in the footsteps of his last side, Rodney Boyd’s team this week is made up of those who ran out (or sometimes didn’t even do that) in just a solitary VFL/AFL game.

Almanac Teams: One game players at a club

Rodney Boyd has a team (and many more besides) made up of those who played many games for other sides – but only one for a different club.

Almanac Teams: Famous Family Members

Family ties are a regular feature in Rodney Boyd’s sides and today’s effort is no exception. Get around the team whose nearest and dearest also made an impact in sporting and other facets of public life.

Almanac Teams: Celebrities who share the same name as footballers

Rodney Boyd has taken the lead from the bright lights of Hollywood, the political arena and the same footy ovals (but in summer) for this interesting team of namesakes.

Almanac Teams: AFL Players on Reality TV Shows

And now for something completely different…Rodney Boyd has turned his team-creation talents towards those who have had their 15 minutes of fame on ‘Reality TV’.

Almanac Teams: 100 goals for two clubs

In response to a suggestion by Glen!, Rodney Boyd has cobbled together a side made up of the cream of the goalkicking crop at two clubs. The results may surprise…

Almanac Teams: 100 gamers at two clubs

A hundred games is a ton of fun, but to do it again for another mob is twice as nice. Rodney Boyd has put together a stellar side based on players who ran out 100 times for more than one club.

Almanac Teams: Mid-season Draft

With Mid-season Draft season in the air for 2023, Rodney Boyd turns from family ties to notable players who came into the fold when the whips were already cracking.

Almanac Teams: Drafted brothers who never played a game

Rounding out his recent relatives run, Rodney Boyd shares with us a side made up of the brothers of players who got drafted but never played a senior VFL/AFL game.

Almanac Teams: Sons who never played a game

Another side from Rodney Boyd with relatives who played in the VFL/AFL…but this one also features the next generation who didn’t run out in the league, despite being drafted.

Almanac Teams: Forgotten Brothers (Part 2)

Part 2 of Rodney Boyd’s lesser known brothers looks at the more recent siblings who may have fought in the backyard for the limelight but when it came to the big time, didn’t quite leave as big an impression (in most cases at least…)

Almanac Teams: Forgotten Brothers (Part 1)

Working his way through the degrees of relation, Rodney Boyd’s side takes a look at some fraternal duos (and sometimes more!) whose lesser lights you may have forgotten. This side is from 1980-1999.