Almanac Teams: Cricketing politicians

Glen! channels Rodney Boyd to come up with an Australian team comprised of those who have managed to combine both higher level cricket achievements and political involvements.

Almanac Cricket: The Spirit of Cricket

Glen! has had enough of the Poms complaining about the Aussies not observing the Spirit of Cricket. Check out his starting list of English misdemeanours over the decades. ‘People in glass houses…’

Round 10 – Western Bulldogs v Adelaide: Dogs too good

Glen! attended his third AFL match this century and enjoyed the atmosphere of Ballarat, the game played, and the history of the place, as the Bulldogs convincingly defeated the Crows in the Sir Doug Nicholls Round of footy.

Almanac Cricket: Two Test Team

Glen! gives a rundown of the men who have played cricket at the highest level for two different national sides. From Keppler Wessels to Mohammed Iftikhar Ali Khan Siddiqui Pataudi, there are several interesting stories within.

Almanac Cricket: T20

Glen provides an historical overview of limited overs cricket as the T20 World Cup 2022 begins.

Almanac Tennis: Wimbledon 1973

As Wimbledon 2022 approaches, Glen! takes tennis fans back to the past as he reviews Wimbledon 1973,

Almanac Footy: Round 1 1972

One might ask where were you when JFK was shot? Some may have not existed back then or were still in diapers, but if asked where were you when the legend Peter Hudson did his knee? Glen! would tell you, as he recounts the first round of the 1972 VFL season.

Almanac Olympics: Winter Olympic Boycott

The Winter Olympics 2022 in Beijing are shaping up as a political, diplomatic challenge suggests Glen!

Almanac Cricket: Dr Cricket

With the dust from the footy season barely settled, Glen! turns his attention to cricket, especially cricketers of a medical nature.

Almanac Books: Review – ‘Not Playing The Game: Sport and Australia’s Great War’

Glen! presents an insightful review of Xavier Fowler’s new book, ‘Not Playing the Game: Sport and Australia’s Great War’.

Almanac Teams: Winning Melbourne Cup jockeys and their footy counterparts

Glen!’s fertile mind has him picking a footy team of players who share their surname with a winning Melbourne Cup hoop. [Novel – Ed]

Almanac Footy Review: VFL season 1971, Round 22

Glen! takes Almanackers back 50 years as he remembers the final round of VFL season 1971.

Tokyo Summer Olympics – will history repeat?

This piece was published originally in March 2020, with the Olympics to be cancelled. We’re now on the precipice of the Games finally taking place, albeit behind closed doors. Glen! gave us the background on the Tokyo Olympics and previous cancellations of the Games, as significant now as then.

Almanac History: Music, sport and the footy in July 1971

Glen! takes us back 50 years to remember the music, the tennis and the footy from July 1971.

Almanac Footy History: Round 1 1971

Victoria and its footy comp looked very different 50 years ago. In anticipation of the 2021 season, Glen! takes a look back to Round 1 of the 1971 VFL season. (Some notable debuts here – Ed).

Almanac Cricket: Footscray Cricket Premiers

Glen! remembers the Footscray Cricket Club winning their first VCA premiership in season 1979/80.

Almanac Life: Black Lives Matter

Glen! examines racism in sport, particularly America, and the advent of ‘Black Lives Matter’.

Almanac (Footy) History: 1942 VFL Grand Final – Essendon v Richmond

1942 was a tough year for Australia; the theatre of war was on our doorstep and the outlook was not good but the footy brought some relief. Glen! reviews the 1942 VFL Grand Final between Essendon and Richmond with the Bombers reigning supreme.

Almanac (footy) History: VFA Lightning Premierships

Glen! looks at the history of VFA Lightning Premierships and wonders if there is a place for such a competition in the AFL in 2020.

Almanac Teams: Bushrangers

Glen! selects a team inspired by Australian bushrangers. Yes, he found room for a couple of Kellys, though they aren’t brothers.