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G’day Everyone

The Almanac is a community of writers and readers who love life – especially sport. We’re actually a lot like a sporting club. Which is why we have memberships.

By becoming an Almanac member for 2023, you will help us to cover our costs, especially when it comes to looking after the website which takes our (paid) editors a fair chunk of time.


Membership for 2023 is $100

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It includes:

  • a book – choose from our list which includes: the 2022 Cats Almanac, the 2021 Dees Almanac, The Tigers Almanac 2019, The Eagles Almanac 2018, The Women’s Footy Almanac 2018, The Tigers’ Almanac 2017, The Doggies Almanac 2016, any other edition of The Footy Almanac 2007-2015, Footy Town, Play On (by John Harms)
  • priority booking to all events (including Grand Final eve lunch)
  • as a member you’re able to post pieces on free of charge, while non-members pay a fee to have their pieces posted.

If you are interested in becoming a member please contact John Harms [email protected] and we’ll email you about the next step.

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We have a number of patrons. They are wonderful supporters who make an annual contribution to help keep the Almanac ticking along. This especially allows us to develop projects. For example:

Peter Stirk makes a personal contribution to a student who is an emerging writer/historian/journalist a fee to have a stint as an intern on our website. John Harms acts as mentor. Stirky also pays for a number of memberships, especially for those trying to make their way as professional writers.

Hayden Kelly also makes a personal contribution. We offer the Hayden Kelly Scholarship to a student with an interest in writing and editing for our website. Josh Coales, a second year media and writing student, is the 2023 Hayden Kelly Scholar.

Poet, writer and teacher Kevin Densley who has been writing for the Almanac for a few years now also offers a scholarship to an emerging writer. In 2023 it’s Grace MacKenzie.

Our volunteer editors give their time every week. They include David Wilson, Luke Reynolds and others.

Help us to support a student journalist/writer/historian by creating a scholarship/internship. If you would like to make a contribution as a patron please email John Harms.


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We also welcome support through sponsorship and  advertising. These give your company/organisation presence on our website, in our printed publications, and at our events.

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