Almanac Book Review – Ken Haley’s The One That Got Away: Travelling in the Time of COVID

Yvette Wroby shares her joy at reading Ken Haley’s latest book and spoke at length with the author to help contextualise a great journey of will, determination and a handful of sheer luck.

AFLW: Some reflections on the AFLW’s 2022 Pride Rounds

Yvette Wroby shares some thoughts on AFLW Pride, sharing both some personal experiences as well as resources she has found helpful in stumbling her way to an understanding of the current family and societal situation.

Almanac (Cartoon) Footy – AFL Grand Final 2021: What a MARVEL-ous game it may be!

Yvette Wroby is reliving every Marvel movie this lockdown; it has inspired her cartoon insights into this year’s Grand Final. May the best team win, and may the game be spectacular and marvel-ous!

AFL Finals Week 1: It wouldn’t be a final series without…

Yvette Wroby on Toby Greene, Melbourne, and the tribunal. It’s AFLM finals time.

Almanac Life: Covid-19 Life and Hair

Yvette Wroby and Colin are having a bad hair Monday. Or Tuesday. Or whatever day it is….

Almanac Life: A Covid-19 walk with Colin and a mask….

Yvette Wroby is out and about walking her dog Colin. She has created some drawings of their walk.

Almanac (Cartoon) Life: Covid-19 lockdowns have taught me…

One constant for Yvette Wroby over all of the lockdowns has been Colin the dog’s nightly toilet trips…and the night sky.

Almanac (Cartoon) Life: Has anyone noticed?

Yvette Wroby on the world and footy…..

Almanac (Cartoon) Life: Maybe next year…

Yvette Wroby is hoping for a better future, for the planet and the Saints…

Almanac (Cartoon) Comment: Yvette Wroby on Taylor Walker and racism in footy

Yvette Wroby sets out her view on the recent racist comments of Taylor Walker (and other like him) in black and white.

Almanac (Cartoon) Life: Covid conundrums

Yesterday she nailed the travails of Saints’ supporters; today it’s a series of reflection of Covid in the spotlight. Again, no words needed.

Round 20 – St Kilda v Carlton: There goes another season and the hot air of expectation

Yvette Wroby knew her Saints were in trouble when they were favourites against the self-deprecating Blues and their supporters….Saints by a million they said!

Almanac Games: Do you know this board game?

Denise and Yvette, the footy sisters, are looking for your help. Have you heard of this game Footy Trivia, do you know how to play? They are as hopeless at understanding the rules as they are at kicking a real footy. Help wanted!

Round 6 – Port Adelaide v St Kilda: A St Kilda’s state of mind

Yvette Wroby stopped writing for the Almanac when St Kilda gave her little joy. There just wasn’t much to say. But with higher expectations in 2021 and disappointing performances, pictures tell it so much better.

Finals Week 1 – St Kilda v Western Bulldogs: Feeling the dogs breath and love at a distance.

Yvette Wroby has recovered enough from the Elimination Final to write a report. Just. Now it’s time for the semi’s and the nerves are almost ready for another hit.

Round 13 – Brisbane v St Kilda: It’s a LOT

There’s a game of footy which Yvette Wroby watches via the Fan Zone, but there’s so much more. The Robert Muir story. An interview with ChicksTalkingFooty on JoyFM, a St Kilda AFLW Best and Fairest to look forward…there’s a LOT.

Almanac stalwart Yvette Wroby to ‘star’ on Fan Zone this Sunday

Exclusive to the Footy Almanac: Yvette Wroby takes her footy idiocy one step further with Channel 7’s Fan Zone on Sunday 23rd August at 3.35pm for Brisbane v St Kilda. Fan Zone, here she comes.

Round 11 – St Kilda v Geelong: Been there, had that done to us before

Yvette Wroby is a woman of few words this week. The defeat at the hands of the too strong Geelong FC with Jack Steven in hoops, well, only art will suffice in these bleak times.

Round 9 – St Kilda v Sydney: With Pride

Yvette Wroby has been very quiet, footy-wise, during lockdown and COVID19, but it is with great PRIDE that she has returned to celebrate this special win.

Round 3 – Sometimes there are no words

There were no words for the disappointment of Saturday afternoon’s Collingwood v St Kilda match for Yvette Wroby… But why not share your own words or images if you were on the losing end of the “weird” games of this week’s round?