A Beautiful Waste – The David McComb Story

Ian Wilson reviews the latest documentary coming to Australian and global independent cinemas: Love in Bright Landscapes – The story of David McComb and The The Triffids. A band that sits close to his heart, reminiscing the times during his life in WA growing up listening to them and the cultural impact they have left on his generation.

Almanac Footy: The Kings of the Wings

Melbourne’s Ed Langdon and Andrew Bradshaw have demonstrated how exciting the wing position can be in footy. For Ian Wilson it also reminded him of some of the greats from the past.

Almanac Music: The Definitive Melbourne Song

Ian Wilson has nominated a song by ‘Weddings,Parties,Anything’ he believes to be the definitive Melbourne song.

Almanac Rugby League: Embracing The Storm

As a ‘dyed in the wool’ long suffering Saints supporter for over the past fifty years Ian Wilson now turns his attention and support to the NRL, and in particular, Melbourne Storm as he explains.