Almanac Family: Mum Knows Best

Ian Wilson remembers his much loved mother and the lessons in life he learned from her.

Almanac Travel: Castlemaine’s Arts Hub

Ian Wilson makes a case for Castlemaine’s up and coming place in the zeitgeist for multiple generations of art lovers in and around Melbourne.

Almanac Human Rights: The Scourge of Homelessness

Homelessness, for many of us, is an issue difficult to comprehend, and one that needs resolution to ensure everyone has the right to an adequate standard of living. Ian Wilson discusses the issue from the point of view of one who works in the mental health industry.

Almanac Music: Favourite Album Cover Art

Having recently moved to Ballarat Ian Wilson and his partner Lynda created collages of favourite album covers to decorate walls in their home as Ian explains.

Almanac Life: Melbourne’s resurgence

Ian Wilson compares the wellbeing of Melbourne’s social night life with the earlier days of the covid pandemic and can’t help but feel buoyed, while two of the biggest names in the last 70 years of music feature too.

Almanac (Armed Forces) Life: Confronting the Real SAS

His wife’s fascination with reality TV’s ‘SAS Australia’ got Ian Wilson thinking about his first-hand experiences with the real thing back in his Army days.

Almanac Footy: The Saints’ Department of Youth

Lifelong Saints fan Ian Wilson attends his first Trevor Barker Medal night, and comes away with hope for the future and an unexpected bonus.

Almanac Footy: Why winning isn’t everything

The big dance is the topic of the moment, but Ian Wilson reflects on the bigger picture via Mick Malthouse, Donald McDonald and the Werribee Tigers of 2023.

Almanac Footy: They’re The Boys From Werribee

Ian Wilson was a member of the Werribee FC’s first premiership in 1993, and 30 years later he is hoping for another Werribee premiership in the VFL Grand Final next weekend against Gold Coast.

Almanac Photography: The Brilliance of Platon

Ian Wilson has recently discovered the work of British-Greek photographer Platon Antoniou, who currently has an exhibition at the Ballarat Art Gallery

Almanac Photography: 10th Annual Ballarat International Foto Biennale

Now living in Ballarat, Ian Wilson is enjoying all the city has to offer including the 10th Annual Ballarat International Foto Biennale.

Almanac Names: The Origin of The Name Bendigo

Where has Ian Wilson placed his tongue as he explains the origins of how Bendigo got its name?

Almanac Roadtrips: An Extension to the Dad Joke

Ian Wilson is at it again, this time with his take on the origins of the names of several Australian locations.

Almanac Music: A Tribute to Died Pretty

With the cancellation of the upcoming ‘Died Pretty’ concerts due to the serious illness of two band members, the band may not play again. If this is the case, this much loved Aussie band will be sorely missed by their many fans. Ian Wilson pays tribute to a favourite band.

Almanac Comedy: John Cleese’s Final Live Act

John Cleese is one of the great comedy writers and performers of our time. Ian Wilson reviews John Cleese’s recent live show at Hamer Hall in Melbourne.

Almanac Music: David Bowie’s Live Genius

Ian Wilson only came to fully ‘get’ David Bowie’s brilliance after Bowie’s death. The recent release of a tribute film added to our writer’s appreciation of the chameleon artist.

Almanac Footy: The Joy of Reunions

Ian Wilson reflects on Coorparoo Roos’ players and supporters reunion that was held last weekend. Reminiscing the glory days of the 80s and meeting up with old mates and former VFL and AFL players who attended the event.

Almanac Book Reviews: Two Fine Music Biographies

Ian Wilson shares his thoughts about the biographies of contrasting musicians Lucinda Williams and Tony Cohen.

Almanac Footy (Opinion): A Homage To AFL Defenders’ IQ

Ian Wilson rises to Micky Randall’s challenge to compile a list of AFL defenders with high IQ levels.

Almanac Footy: Bemoaning Today’s AFL Commentary

The quality of footy commentary today leaves a lot to be desired when compared to commentators from the the 70s as Ian Wilson suggests.