Fearless, Round 9: Melbourne has copped enough! Focus elsewhere please…seriously it’s like shooting fish in a barrel

Having set a dubious precedent (players with sleeve tatts don’t squib, do they?), Josh Hunt and his Cats took on the Dogs in the Little River Hoon Cup. Weather jibes aside, a reasonably tight game saw Stevie J put on a clinic to assist the Cats get home by 20pts. The Cats’ cream rose but [Read more]

Footy journalism gone to the dogs

By Simon Dobbie This is going to be a whinge. Maybe even a rant. I’m not entirely sure, but I think a rant is a whole level above a whinge. Yep, let’s call it a rant then. And the subject of my rant? Well, its footy journalism. AFL journalism to be precise. It’s a not [Read more]