Almanac Comment: When superstitions evolve

Greg Andrew sets out to help us understand the difference between mannerisms and superstitions on the one hand and OCD and ADD on the other. Think about it before you next watch Rafa, Steve Smith or The Marn.

Almanac Cricket- West Indies v Australia T20 Series Review: Crunched in the Caribbean

Missing some star players, it was a miserable T20 series against the West Indies for the Aussies as Luke Reynolds reports in his review of the series.

Almanac Sport: All in a day – calypso cricket, Les Bleus rugby and Dream Team hoops

Wayne Ball watches on as Australia resumes rivalries with international sporting opponents in cricket, rugby and basketball. He realises just how diminished the powerhouses of his youth are in 2021.

Almanac Book Launch: ‘And Bring the Darkness Home: The Tony Dell Story’

The Governor-General of Australia, David Hurley AC, DSC, FTSE, will launch ‘And Bring the Darkness Home: The Tony Dell Story’ by Greg Milam on Friday 27 August 2021. Full details are in this post.

Almanac Life: Tony Dell – Soldier in a Baggy Green finds peace at last

Ron Reed discusses Tony Dell’s short Test career sadly thwarted by PTS, a consequence of his tour of duty as a conscript in the Vietnam War. Unknowingly Tony suffered from PTS for four decades until his recent recovery which is told in a forthcoming book, ‘And Bring The Darkness Home: The Tony Dell Story’ by Greg Milam.

Almanac Cricket: Black Caps can teach us a lot

Bob Utber was delighted to sit up half the night watching a great contest of cricket with a wonderful win by NZ over India in their ICC World Cricket Championship match in the UK.

Almanac Books: Bernard Whimpress talks about Wisden

Bernard Whimpress will next be speaking in the Books In My Life series on 6th July. His subject book will be Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack. Details within.

Five things you may have forgotten (or don’t know) about Shannon Hurn

A timely and tongue-in-cheek refresher about the sometimes under-the-radar Eagles backline marvel Shannon Hurn from John Gordon.

Almanac Cricket: Five players who deserved a Baggy Green

Dan Hoban once won an Ashes selection competition on the Almanac so he knows his stuff! He nominates five players who could/should have worn the Baggy Green.

Almanac Cricket (Books): We all have a book in us somewhere

Craig Dodson reckons we all have one book in us. He recounts the story of his.

Almanac (Local) Cricket: Pomborneit Cricket Club 2020/21 Season – January, February & March Review

Luke Reynolds presents a comprehensive newsletter wrap of the Pomborneit Bulls 2020/21 season, with their first XI taking home the ultimate prize for a third consecutive season amidst a wonderful year of growth for the club.

Almanac Book Extract: ‘Media and Me, by Warnie’ from ‘War Games’ by Ron Reed

Ron Reed’s latest book is the special guest at the next Odd Friday/Footy Almanac lunch on April 23 at the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel. Here’s a chapter to tempt your (reading) taste buds!

Almanac Cricket: Run Out

Neill Jones shares his first story with the Almanac, a delve into the deep love his mum Veronica had for the game of cricket. [Nice debut – Ed.]

Almanac Cricket: Forget the Grammys. Introducing… the Hammys!

Old cricketers never die, they just tear something. Inspired by the Grammys, Andrew Gigacz proposes the Hammy Awards. He cites himself as a prime nominee. All nominations welcome.

Almanac Cricket: Getting out of jail – Lower Eltham’s relegation fight

Sean Mortell is a member of Lower Eltham’s first XI team in the Diamond Valley Cricket Association. He has the crazy tale of a rollercoaster season that ended in Lower Eltham fighting to avoid relegation in order to keep a proud tradition alive on the final weekend of matches.

Australian Cricket Society Lunch – you’re invited!

Almanac readers are invited to attend The Australian Cricket Society’s annual football lunch to be held in late April.

Almanac Cricket: A day of two significant anniversaries

Sir Donald Bradman passed away twenty years ago today. Is the legend standing the test of time? It’s also the anniversary of the birth of commentating great John Arlott. The Footy Almanac invites your responses.

Almanac Cricket: Wake up Australia and play the game!

Citrus Bob Utber’s exasperations with Australian cricket continue after watching the feeble effort of the Aussies in their T20 match against New Zealand.

‘The Surrey Boys – among Beechworth’s sporting elite…’ by KB Hill

KB Hill profiles the Surrey clan from up Beechworth way. Philip and his sons Brendan and Kayde have been wonderful servants of their home teams for many years.

Almanac Cricket – Border-Gavaskar Trophy series review: A special effort disrupts Australia’s cricketing peace

Sean Mortell reviews a Border-Gavaskar Trophy series which began as a disaster for the visitors, only to see them triumph in the end.

Almanac Cricket: 36 into 11 won’t go

After seeing Australia select 36 players for two separate tours in the coming months, Citrus Bob has his (rather outraged) say on the decision to enlist so many troops.