Almanac Comment: When superstitions evolve

Greg Andrew sets out to help us understand the difference between mannerisms and superstitions on the one hand and OCD and ADD on the other. Think about it before you next watch Rafa, Steve Smith or The Marn.

Almanac Cricket: Run Out

Neill Jones shares his first story with the Almanac, a delve into the deep love his mum Veronica had for the game of cricket. [Nice debut – Ed.]

Almanac Cricket: Forget the Grammys. Introducing… the Hammys!

Old cricketers never die, they just tear something. Inspired by the Grammys, Andrew Gigacz proposes the Hammy Awards. He cites himself as a prime nominee. All nominations welcome.

Almanac Cricket: Getting out of jail – Lower Eltham’s relegation fight

Sean Mortell is a member of Lower Eltham’s first XI team in the Diamond Valley Cricket Association. He has the crazy tale of a rollercoaster season that ended in Lower Eltham fighting to avoid relegation in order to keep a proud tradition alive on the final weekend of matches.

Australian Cricket Society Lunch – you’re invited!

Almanac readers are invited to attend The Australian Cricket Society’s annual football lunch to be held in late April.

Almanac Cricket: A day of two significant anniversaries

Sir Donald Bradman passed away twenty years ago today. Is the legend standing the test of time? It’s also the anniversary of the birth of commentating great John Arlott. The Footy Almanac invites your responses.

Almanac Cricket: Wake up Australia and play the game!

Citrus Bob Utber’s exasperations with Australian cricket continue after watching the feeble effort of the Aussies in their T20 match against New Zealand.

‘The Surrey Boys – among Beechworth’s sporting elite…’ by KB Hill

KB Hill profiles the Surrey clan from up Beechworth way. Philip and his sons Brendan and Kayde have been wonderful servants of their home teams for many years.

Almanac Cricket – Border-Gavaskar Trophy series review: A special effort disrupts Australia’s cricketing peace

Sean Mortell reviews a Border-Gavaskar Trophy series which began as a disaster for the visitors, only to see them triumph in the end.

Almanac Cricket: 36 into 11 won’t go

After seeing Australia select 36 players for two separate tours in the coming months, Citrus Bob has his (rather outraged) say on the decision to enlist so many troops.

Almanac Book Launch: ‘Born Lucky: The story of Jack Potter, Australia’s finest 12th man’

Get along to the Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club for the official book launch and lunch of the autobiography of Jack Potter, one of Australia’s finest cricketers never to play Test cricket.

Almanac Cricket: Footscray Cricket Premiers

Glen Davis remembers the Footscray Cricket Club winning their first VCA premiership in season 1979/80.

Almanac Cricket: Headingley 1930 – the first triple century in Test cricket

From the Footy Almanac archives we reprise Andrew Starkie’s wonderful account of Don Bradman’s history making first triple century in Test cricket in 1930.

Almanac Cricket: Should I go to the cricket on Tuesday?

With all that is still currently in play concerning the Covid-19 virus, and in light of the now annual debate that surrounds Australia Day, Michael Viljoen wrestles with what might otherwise be a straightforward question – should he go to the cricket on Tuesday?

Almanac Cricket (and life): Jack Lihou

A notice in the newspaper this morning set Almanac editor Ian Hauser thinking back over the years. It might even be enough to get him started on a long-delayed project.

Australia v India – Fourth Test, Day 5: Chaos, defiance, pirates and unicorns

On the decisive day of an enthralling test, E. Regnans was happy just to take it all in. (A lovely expression of the joy of cricket watching – Ed).

Almanac (Sports) History: It all happened on January 21 (with a bit of music thrown in)

Some big names feature in memorable sporting moments that happened on January 21; a couple Poms display a sense of fun; and it wouldn’t be The Almanac if it didn’t feature a bit of music!

Australia v India: Has Australia lost its way?

The series is done. Now it’s time for the post-mortems. Who better to deliver one than ‘Citrus’ Bob Utber, who reported on every day of this series for the Almanac.

Almanac Cricket: What is happening with fourth innings in Australia?

Prompted by a tweet from an English statistician, John Butler examines an interesting trend in fourth innings in Australian tests.

Australia v India – The Gabba Test: A scene for history to be changed for the better

Sean Mortell recaps a fascinating Fourth Test in Briabane.

Australia v India – Fourth Test, Day 5: Incredible India are fantastic (and a win for cricket)

‘Citrus’ Bob Utber completes his coverage of the Australia v India series having witnessed history being made at the Gabba.