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We are keen to publish your writing. (And your artwork, your photography, and whatever else you produce.)

We have many registered contributors – some contribute weekly (and more), some contribute once a year.

Pieces are not commissioned. People choose to write what they like and when they like.

We have a number of paid editors whose job it is to get your pieces posted on the site, and they are assisted by a squad of volunteer editors. The costs of running the site have grown and are substantial.

We encourage all contributors to become members. [Request a membership form HERE]

Members can post as many pieces as they like, for free.  Other contributors (non-members) can post their first piece for free, after which there is a small charge.


To publish with us, please follow these steps:

Register on the site  (see top-left hand sidebar where it says ‘site registration’), and you will become a ‘subscriber’. Soon after, your status will be changed by us to ‘contributor’. This may take a few hours.

Once your status is changed, all you need to do is go to ‘login’ (top of the left sidebar on the homepage).

This will enable you to post directly to the site by going to ‘POSTS’ and then ‘ADD NEW’.

Write your story in the box. Or, if you have completed the piece as a Word document, copy your words to the box. We suggest you work in Word and then copy and paste, as interruptions to your personal connection may result in frustration. [If you want specific elements to your style – eg poets prefer certain layouts – it’s best for you to do that, but we can help if need be].

If you would like to add a photo that you’ve taken, choose to “add media” within your piece.
“Add media” is a button on the top left of the editing toolbar.

From there you can drag and drop your photo, then select the name, alt-text and size.
The image will be inserted wherever you placed the cursor.
You can cut and paste images around the place if you need to move them.

One thing to watch is the size – the maximum width is  500 (units).
This is to ensure compatibility with handheld devices and small screens.

Click on ‘SUBMIT FOR REVIEW’ in the right hand sidebar. That piece will remain ‘PENDING’ until the editors post it and add the link to the home page. Then your words will be entertaining and stimulating the world, or at least the Almanac world.


The Almanac produces collections of writings in (printed) book form such as:

The Footy Almanac (by season and/or by club)
Footy Town
Long Bombs to Snake

If you are interested in making a contribution to one of these publications please contact us by EMAIL HERE

Please note: Copyright remains with the author for both website and book pieces. Any inquiries about permissions should be directed to individual authors through [email protected]