Balcony Banter – The Preliminaries

Lynda Carroll shares the whole range of emotions she experienced as her Dees took on the Cats in the Preliminary Final last weekend.

Balcony Banter: What a lovely view

Through her work, Lynda Carroll knows all the ins and outs of the MCG. She’s also a keen Demons fan and recently shared her thoughts about Melbourne’s current ‘view from the top’ on the MCC Members blog ‘Balcony Banter’.

Balcony Banter: Memorable Grand Final parades

There’s been many AFL Grand Final parades over the years, Bill Hodges recounts some of the more memorable on the MCC’s Balcony Banter Blog.

Balcony Banter – Collingwood v GWS: Then the game stirred

It was quiet in the MCC Members Stand until the Pies started to kick goals. Read John Harms Balcony Banter account of the game with his host Moon.

Balcony Banter Round 23 – Richmond v Brisbane: An MCC debut

David Leydon is a sports nut. He had never been to the MCC Members until he was the guest of a good friend for the Richmond-Brisbane game. Here’s the piece he wrote for the MCC’s Balcony Banter. [Well played Comrade – JTH]

Finals Week 1 – Melbourne v Geelong: The love for Melbourne in Melbourne

There’s a lot of love for the Melbourne Football Club in Melbourne at the moment. The affection was palpable in the MCC Members from early on Friday afternoon, continued through the Dees’ superb performance, and was expressed through street art across the weekend. Katie Purvis has been completely immersed in the whole experience, as has her 91 year old dad. [Great to have you on the site Katie – ripper Cordner story too. Welcome, JTH]

The Ashes – Fourth Test, Day 3: The Rivalry of the Century

Anna Pavlou gets her first look at Ashes cricket, from the MCC Members of all places. With a trip to the MCC Library included, she’s off to a great start! (Sounds like the perfect day to me, Anna – great stuff – ED)

Finals Week 2 – Geelong v Sydney: Cats pounce

John and Marj Burke enjoyed their Friday night in the MCC Members.

Finals Week 1 – Geelong v Richmond: Hope (from Balcony Banter)

Classy piece from writer Peter Fitzpatrick who personifies the hope of the Geelong fan. [Great to have your words on our page Peter – JTH]

Write a story for Balcony Banter

Balcony Banter is the MCC’s fan-writing blog. We’re looking for writers.

Calling MCC members who went to the T20 on Friday night

If you went to the T20 on Friday night and would like to write a short piece for the MCC Members Blog – Balcony Banter – please drop me a line.

Balcony Banter: Calling all MCC members who would like to write a report on the Boxing Day Test

If you’re an MCC Member and would like to write a report on one of the days of the Boxing Day Test please let us know.

Finals Week 1 – Geelong v Hawthorn: A Classic

John Harms’s piece on Geelong v Hawthorn, first published on the MCC Blog, Balcony Banter. Classic day, classic match.

Round 4 – Essendon v Geelong: Provisional entertainment

Upon using it for the first time, Mark Browning discovered that his MCC membership wasn’t the only provisional thing that day

Finals Week 2 – Hawthorn v Adelaide preview: “I’ll sit alone”

Hawks supporter Grant Fraser discusses and explains his angst when preparing to go to the footy to watch his Hawks play the Crows at the MCG.

Melbourne Test – Day 2: In Twitter We Trust (?)

The contemporary MCC Members Test match experience: stuck in the Percy Beames Bar with TV on and Twitter chirping away.

AFL Round 21 – Hawthorn v Collingwood: Great Expectations and the human condition

E. Regnans leaves his Dickensian life to head to the MCG with two colourful Russian women, and finds the spirit of Dickens in the MCC as well. (Quality Regnans – again. Ed) [Good to see appearances from Miss Havisham and Fagan – JTH]

AFL Round 5 – Essendon v Collingwood: Opportunities Lost On and Off The Field

Kevin Witham is on the lookout for performance-enhancing drugs in the Frank Grey-Smith Bar of the MCC Members. But he is destined to a life of lettuce sandwiches.

Melbourne: have you considered your supporters might be the problem?

A big thank you to the Demons supporters who sat right behind me at the ‘G on Sunday to see their team play the Blues. Had they not been there, resplendent in their cashmere coats and members’ medallions, I would not have been aware of the injustices inflicted on their team by the the umpires. [Read more]

Short Sentence for Collingwood Supporter

  ‘Carlton… Essendon,’ said the big fella – he doesn’t talk in sentences yet after a big brain bleed left him with aphasia twelve months ago. ‘Yeah,’ I said, ‘Probably go, depends on the weather.’ ‘Carlton… Essendon,’ he repeated, ‘you, me.’ I suddenly twigged. He was offering to take me. Big gesture for a Collingwood [Read more]