Five minutes of Stevie J: the argument for a footy instinct

John Harms takes us back to five minutes of genius from Stevie J v the Bulldogs in 2012. Remember the moment? Is there a footy instinct?

Five minutes of Stevie J: an affirmation of the footy instinct?

  Stay with me on this, because we’ll get to Stevie J. But in the meantime I need to establish my thesis. I remember chatting with Roger Merrett at the launch of Ross Fitzgerald’s footy book about the Brisbane Bears.  I think that was just before the 1996 season got under way. We mainly talked [Read more]

You’d take magic over grind

I love a deft tap on the footy field, as much as I love a good footy brain. You can’t have one without the other. Tom Hawkins, he loves the deft tap. Whenever he flicks his wrist to guide the footy to a teammate in the clear, I press rewind on the foxtel control. Look [Read more]

Cats On Holiday

Darl and I we’re in Auckland after spending 11 nights on the South Pacific island of Fiji where even there we were able to catch AFL games on the Australian TV Network.  I tried to time our flights and destinations to make sure we could find a TV that was showing the game.  So far [Read more]

John Kingsmill’s Footy Diary

ROUND NINE Friday night Geelong had to win tonight and they did. But they made such a sluggish task of it. The Dogs are no force this year; they’re no easybeats. They’re not shirking. But they’re skinny up forward. They’re one tower short in their castle. Each goal they kick demands a sacrifice from the [Read more]