Round 1 1962 – Footscray v Hawthorn: An angry lady, Teddy Whitten and my first game!

Some fond childhood memories of angry supporters, Teddy Whitten, his dad, as Col Ritchie remembers his first ever VFL game, Round 1 1962, the Bulldogs and the Hawks.

2020 Marsh Community Series – Round 2: Geelong v Essendon

In front of a good crowd in Colac, Essendon managed to hold on for a win from the fast finishing Geelong in the Marsh Community Series Round 2 match.

Bombers 2020: Is it too early to start dreaming?

The Bombers looked good against the Eagles last weekend in their Marsh 1 match according to Col Ritchie, but is he looking through rose coloured glasses?

Almanac Memories: First day of school 1956, Noble Park PS.

With school about to recommence this week Col remembers his first day of primary school at Noble Park Primary School in 1956.

Almanac Walking – Therapy for the Soul: Some links

Walking is a therapeutic and relaxing pastime that can bring substantial benefits to both mind and body. Check out some interesting reads that look at the philosophical aspect of walking.

Almanac Nostalgia – The Copper

An image of an old copper provokes childhood memories for Col.

Almanac Flashback – Pier to Pub 2019: Murray won’t be home tonight

From the archives: A tragic day at Pier to Pub 2019.

Almanac Desert Island – What’s next?

The Almanac Desert island can be a lonely place. Some company would be nice. So if it could magically happen, who’d you like for company on the island?

Desert Island Drinks – What will it be sir/madam?

Marooned on a desert island, magically you’ve got your music, books and food to comfort you, so now, to top it all off, what will you have to drink?

Desert Island Food – Fuel for the body

We’ve fed the soul, we’ve fed the mind, now it’s time to feed the body. Nominate a meal miraculously produced for your indulgence marooned on a desert island.

Desert Island Books – The Footy Almanac reading List

Col has produced a reading list of the nominated books generated by the Almanac community as books for whiling away the time marooned on a desert island.

Desert Island Books – Feeding the mind: Which books will you take?

We’ve fed the soul with music, now it’s time to feed the mind with books. Nominate the books you’d like to read “lost” on a desert island.

Desert Island Discs – Spotify: “The Footy Almanac Spine Tingling Playlist”

Checkout the Spotify “The Footy Almanac Spine Tingling Moments Playlist” Col has produced from comments made about special moments in favourite songs.

Desert Island Discs – Follow up: “shivers down your spine”

Neil Young’s guitar solo in “Like a Hurricane” is a favourite part of the song that sends shivers down Col’s back when he hears it. What sends shivers down your back?

Desert Island Discs – Which album will you take?

Marooned on a desert island? Which album would you hope to have with you to while away the time? Col had no problems making his choice!

The Great Romantic: Cricket & the Golden Age of Neville Cardus

There’s nothing better than a fab cricket book to get stuck into! Col’s just finished reading a great book about the doyen of cricket commentators, Neville Cardus and the Golden Age of cricket which he thoroughly enjoyed. Check it out.

Delisting can be cruel!

Col’s disappointed Essendon has delisted one of his favourite players.

Almanac Music – Like a Rolling Stone: Bob Dylan

Col remembers the time he first heard Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” played by a favourite teacher in Form 4 all those years ago.

AFL Trade Period 2019 – Joe Daniher: To go or stay?

The AFL Trade Period has commenced and Col’s disappointed one of Essendon’s favourite players wants a trade.

Almanac Lunches – The Footy Almanac Grand Final Lunch 2019: Photos

The Footy Almanac Grand Final lunch for 2019 was another great success. Check out some photos from the day.