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Almanac Life Seasons – A Notable Death: Fr. Gerard Dowling

Peter Fuller remembers a one-eyed Kangaroos supporter who just happened to be both a Catholic priest and an outstanding broadcaster, Fr. Gerard Dowling.

Almanac Local History – Pine Ridge Cemetery Coburg: George Launder

The next in the series of sporting characters buried in the Pine Ridge Cemetery at Coburg is George Launder.

Almanac Local History – Pine Ridge Cemetery Coburg: Albert ‘Nuts’ Renny

Allan Barden recently visited the Pine Ridge Cemetery in Coburg where numerous sporting identities are buried. He will profile one each week for the next couple of months. The first is Albert ‘Nuts’ Renny.

Almanac Life: Peter Maddern’s eulogy for Fred ‘Chocka’ Bloch

Peter Maddern, better known as The Silver Bullet, gave this eulogy celebrating the character, life and influence of Fred Chocka Bloch.

Almanac Tribute: Tim Harcourt’s personal tribute to Fred (Chocka) Bloch

Tim Harcourt offered a heartfelt eulogy at Fred ‘Chocka’ Bloch’s funeral yesterday. Read his moving tribute here and access the funeral’s livestream.

Almanac Life: In Memory of Daphne Jean Crumpen

Frank Taylor was asked to speak at Daphne Crumpen’s funeral in October 2022. He described her rich life and the powerful influence she had on him.

Everyday Obits: Gigs remembers Rowdy Adam

Rowdy Adam was a Doggies man through and through as Andrew ‘Gigs’ Gigacz knew only too well. He pays tribute to Rowdy and his generosity.

Everyday Obits: Eulogy for June Georgina Blainey

Trevor Blainey remembers his wonderful mother, June Georgina Blainey, with great love, in the eulogy he gave at her funeral a few months ago.

Vale Philip Charlwood

Frank Taylor shares his fond memories of Philip Charwood, a fine man of character, a man who loved his Dees and was fantastic to be around.

Everyday Obits: Frank Taylor’s Eulogy for Joe Shepherd

Today, February 22, is the anniversary of Joe Shepherd’s death. He suffered terrible burns trying to save the properties of friend in Strathewen. His son Daniel, who was with him at the time, also died. Joe was a friend of Frank Taylor, and many others. A plasterer, he was one of the most respected tradies in the district, a mentor to many. Frank spoke at Joe’s funeral.