AFL Round 10 – West Coast v Richmond: Footy algorithms and unlikely allies

Monday night footy toys with John Carr’s footballing algorithms, but after Richmond’s performance against the Eagles, he’s decided it isn’t so bad after all.

Old school footy books

Footy books. John Carr has hundreds of them. Sourced from op-shops, fetes and second hand book stores. Check out his collection.

The ‘Off-season’ is now the ‘On’

John Carr’s poetic take on the off-season.

Spring hopes eternal – a survival guide to September

“It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want – oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!” ~Mark Twain As winter slowly comes to a close, those chilly frost-filled mornings [Read more]

Four points in the bag…next

There’s not much to say that hasn’t been said about the abysmal game of Australian football between the Melbourne and Richmond clubs, but I’ll add a thought or two. Firstly, two acts stood out in the third quarter against a tide of turnovers, poor choices and first class comedy. One was from a predictable source, [Read more]

GWS v Richmond

 Good Win….Surely.  Greasy, Wet and Slippery  Ground Well Skinny  Gosh, We’re Struggling  Giants Will Surprise  Gun forwards Will Star  Goals With Seconds left Grubby Win- Sealed Grimes Will Strengthen backs Ginger Jackson Was Solid  Game Was Sodden  

The Patriarch of Footscray

I love Friday’s at the moment. I know, everyone loves Friday, but for me they’ve just become Daddy and Richie days, with mum starting a new job. Last week we went to have a look at Williamstown’s refurbished Point Gellibrand Oval, the day before it was reintroduced to football. I love the Willy footy ground. [Read more]

The Theatre of Football

I’ve been dying to put into words my day at the Richmond v Hawthorn match two weeks ago, but a swag of uni assignments saw to it that last week’s writing consisted of essay’s, not the footballing type! And though the heights of Friday nights win against the Saints have all but obliterated the memory [Read more]

Collecting for the Salvos at the Footy

Footy is a game of rituals, for fans and players alike, whether it’s the routine of lining up for a set shot, wearing a pair of lucky undies to the game, avoiding the run through banner or saying three Hail Mary’s every time the gangly ruckman has the ball deep in defence. A ritual which [Read more]

Are theTigers learning lessons from the past

Cast your minds back to round 10 of last year. Port Adelaide were a basket case while Richmond had just defeated the Bombers and were humming along nicely, having won four of their past five matches. The result of this Tiger v Power match was considered a ‘fait accompli’. Richmond had sold this home game [Read more]

It was ‘A Hard Year’s Plight’

I wrote this piece last year during Richmond’s ‘winter of discontent.’ Losses to Port Adelaide and the Gold Coast had overshadowed some good early form in the season, and we were facing another lowly finish…. “It’s been a long cold lonely winter.” These words, penned by the late George Harrison, the ‘quiet’ Beatle, have been [Read more]

You can’t choose your family…or your Footy Club! (Updated)

Note:I know, I have already published this piece. However I have since come across some interesting and relevant information thanks to Richmond historian and son of a Tiger legend, Rhett Bartlett. The inserted text is in red should you wish to read just that, and the two pictures that follow are also new. Thanks for entertaining my [Read more]

Gutted. Absolutely gutted.

I’m Gutted.  gutted– sensation of shock, amazement, normally unwanted, tingling stomach on the verge of crying, Normally happens when horrible news is delivered to you quickly. It can also mean ‘to remove the intestines or entrails.’ Either way, it’s unpleasant. Absolutely gutted. It’s a great phrase, isn’t it. All the profanities in the world fail to [Read more]

The Day The Tiger Ate The Cat

As Richmond heads down the highway to take on the might of Geelong, seriously one of the greatest teams of all, I began to reflect on the last successful trip I made down to Kardinia Park. Actually, the only successful trip I’ve made to the Cattery. Funnily enough, it seems fairly recent. You see, the [Read more]

Round 3, 2012. Richmond v Melbourne

Logging onto the official AFL tipping website with just minutes to register my tips before the round 3 deadline, I came to game 2 and had to do a double take… Richmond was considered a 94% chance of winning! Ninety-four per cent! Now I understand that Melbourne is a ‘club in crisis’ and other such [Read more]

Round 2, 2012- Collingwood v Richmond

by John Carr Having decided early in the week to sit this game out in terms of attendance, (three tiddlywinks, a wife working weekends…something’s got to give) I booked myself a night in front of the box to watch my Richmond tackle the Pies. Sounds simple enough? What on earth was I thinking? Making dumplings [Read more]

You can’t choose your family…or your Footy club!!!

In case it escaped your attention last year, esteemed journalist Patrick Smith took the astonishing step of turning his back on four generations of Essendon-supporting tradition, trading the Bombers in for my club Richmond! Smith’s actions were in protest of his ‘former clubs’ handling of the controversial James Hird and Mark Thompson coaching appointments, using [Read more]

Round 1; emergency dental work, anticipation and Reality!

Thursday night football is not a family friendly timeslot. There’s kids with school the next day, stories to read and homework to be done. As such it was a ‘gently gently’ approach I took with my better half in regards to my attendance at a football match. It had been a rough week with late [Read more]

Is it time to cut time?

How long is a piece of string? It’s a question we’ve heard a thousand times, and as we know there’s no one answer. A piece of string has no set length. The same question could be asked in reference to a game of football, and I’m not just talking about footy, I’m asking you to [Read more]