Almanac Rugby League Meets Bob Dylan: Juxtaposition or Oxymoron?

Can there possibly be a link between rugby league and Bob Dylan cover songs? Moondance has unearthed this unlikely scenario.

Almanac Music: Dylan Cover Songs – The Top 10: Aussie Style

Karl Dubravs continues his series examining cover versions of Bob Dylan songs. This time Karl devises a top ten list of Bob’s more popular songs covered by Aussie artists.

Almanac Music: Dylan Cover Songs – Aussie Style: In Memoriam

In the third of his series on Australian artists covering Bob Dylan songs, Karl Dubravs pays tribute to some of the local music figures who have passed on since 2013.

Almanac Music: ‘The Basement Tapes’ – The Legendary Tales: Bob Dylan and The Band

The making of the legendary ‘The Basement Tapes’ by Bob Dylan and The Band features in a short documentary created to support the release of the complete songs recorded during the Big Pink sessions – and Bob fan Col is rapt.

Almanac Music: Rare Dylan Covers – Aussie Style

Karl Dubravs has created an incredible list of Aussie cover versions off Dylan songs in his continuing series.

Almanac Music: Dylan Cover Songs – Aussie Style

Karl Dubravs has gathered a selection of Bob Dylan songs recorded by Australian artists, and you’ll be surprised who some of those artists are. [This is Karl’s first piece for the Footy Almanac – welcome Karl. ED]

Almanac Art: The Brett Whiteley Studio

Col and Meryl had a fascinating and enlightening visit to The Brett Whiteley Studio in Surry Hills during their recent visit to Sydney.

Almanac Music: Ripper 76 to Patsy Biscoe to The Fonz

Mickey Randall buys his new turntable a house warming gift, and what better gift for a turntable than a Bob Dylan album as Mickey explains.

Almanac Music: You Go To My Head – Songs Involving the Mind

This week’s music piece from KD concerns songs involving the mind as a central aspect. As usual, readers’ choices and comments are warmly encouraged.

Almanac Music: ‘Not Quite Bob’ – Very Bob – The Band

Moved by the death of The Band’s Robbie Robertson, Trevor Blainey returns with his ‘Not Quite Bob’ series to at look at one of the most influential and respected bands of all time, The Band.

Almanac Music: Vale – Robbie Robertson of The Band: RIP

Robbie Robertson, guitar player and songwriter, and member of The Band has passed away after a long illness.

Almanac Music: Happy Birthday Bob! – Bob Dylan Top 20

It’s Bob’s 82nd birthday today. Col reprises his post from last year featuring his top 20 favourite Bob Dylan songs. Happy birthday Bob!

Almanac Music: Angels, Devils and Flawed Humanity – Part 3: Ten Songs About Flawed Humanity

‘Part 3 – Ten Songs About Flawed Humanity’ is the third article in a three-part piece for The Footy Almanac. The focus is upon songs which are closely connected to imperfect humanity. Almanac readers are welcome to add to Kevin Densley’s list.

Almanac Music: Bob Dylan’s ‘Nashville Skyline’ Anniversary

Bob Dylan’s ‘Nashville Skyline’ was released this week 54 years ago. ‘I Threw It All Away’ from the album is one of Col Ritchie’s all time favourite Dylan songs.

Almanac Music: ‘Red River Shore’ – Bob Dylan

Col has discovered a new Bob Dylan classic that amazingly had passed him by.

Almanac Music: Extraordinary Musical Moments – Patti Smith Sings ‘A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall’ at Bob Dylan’s Official Nobel Prize Ceremony, 2016

In this instalment of his ‘Extraordinary Musical Moments’ series, Kevin Densley discusses Patti Smith singing ‘A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall’ at Bob Dylan’s official Nobel Prize ceremony in 2016. KD describes the occasion as both ‘wonderful’ and ‘notably imperfect’.

Almanac Music: Another Serve of Bob Dylan

Following the lead of fellow Almanac editor Col Ritchie, Ian Hauser takes another look at the phenomenon that is Bob Dylan.

Almanac Music: Happy 80th birthday Bob!

What a fabulous way to celebrate Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday, a concert of Bob songs performed by Melbourne’s finest musicians and singers at the Memo Music Hall in St Kilda. May you stay forever young Bob!

Almanac Music: ‘The Weight” (Live at the Royal Albert Hall) – The Band

‘Music from the Big Pink’ was the first album released by The Band and includes their timeless classic ‘The Weight. Have a listen to a live version of this classic song.

Almanac Music: A musical journey (in praise of Fred Eaglesmith)

Warren Tapner has had plenty of years filled with enjoying great music. But his wonderful journey reached its peak when he came across the crooning of Fred Eaglesmith.