Melbourne: have you considered your supporters might be the problem?

A big thank you to the Demons supporters who sat right behind me at the ‘G on Sunday to see their team play the Blues.

Had they not been there, resplendent in their cashmere coats and members’ medallions, I would not have been aware of the injustices inflicted on their team by the the umpires.

Of course, it was Carlton’s (slightly mad) Robinson who stirred up the hornet’s nest after the same game last year, calling Melbourne’s game style ‘bruise free’, and he was up for the re-match.

The Blues’ toughness overall has been questioned, too. It made sense that the match would be played with a bit of feeling.

It is apparently within the boundaries of acceptable behaviour to throw a player into the fence, but a string bean second-gamer is branded ‘filthy’ for for having the temerity to contest a ball with the well-known hard man Brad Green. Thank goodness these bastions of merchant banking were able to point out the evil under our very noses in every single contest. They were loud and relentless, for oh…. about 3 quarters. Then strangely, they disappeared.

Perhaps they were waiting by Josh Bootsma got back to his car safely (assuming he’s old enough to drive). He probably had to run the gauntlet of a pack of fired up Dees supporters, waiting to slap him with their cravats.

Okay, they’re frustrated, but for Gods’ sake, stop the whining! We go to the footy to support our team and enjoy the banter in the crowd. I have had more fun at the dentist (and my team won!).

In the perfect preppy MFC members’ world, the Demons are gallant and the opposition (and this includes the umpires) are fiends.

In the real world, the Demons are crap, and even a soft Carlton team with half its good players missing can beat them.

Melbourne, your supporters are holding you back. Not ’til you experience a barrage of abuse for your listless (and I’m holding back here) performances week after week, will you and your Board look in the mirror and realize the problem is looking back at you. It’s not the bloody umpires.

Go Blues!





  1. Chris Weaver says

    ‘Barb’ is an appropriate name. Your lot cried like cut snakes when Lonergan drove Carrazzo into the turf a few weeks back.

    Lose the chip from the shoulder and appreciate your players are bigger downhill skiers than even the biggest MFC fan stereotype.

  2. Tony! Tony! It’s Peter from Peterborough. Do you think the Dees will win this weekend, Tony? Good cover on Hotham otherwise.

  3. Not sure the brave Melbourne souls actually at the game complaining about umpires etc (as is the popular pastime of one eyed supporters of all clubs) is the reason why the administration, the football department and the players can’t find a winning formula!

    One doesn’t have to cast their mind back too far to another club (whose most famous patron used to watch games from the comfort of his Rolls Royce) hitting rock bottom and their members being in a similar funk.

    Perhaps next time, given the ample empty seats on offer, it would be advisable to simply move and find a happy place with like minded Blues. Personally I always conduct a reccy of the spot I plan to inhabit.

  4. … I believe it was a Bentley.

  5. Lord Bogan says

    ‘Fiends’. Snidely Whiplash unhand that player this instant!

    Barb, don’t like the Blues, but enjoyed this piece :)

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