Almanac Book Extract: ‘The Golf Courses of Vern Morcom’ – Toby Cumming

Toby Cumming’s latest book ‘The golf courses of Vern Morcom’ is an insightful look into the many different holes and greens shaped by the course architect. Enjoy an excerpt from the book, where Toby discusses a course comprised of Morcom’s best holes.

Almanac Book Review: ‘The Golf Courses of Vern Morcom’ – Toby Cumming

Peter Baulderstone reviews Toby Cumming’s book, ‘The golf courses of Vern Morcom’, the story of one of Australia’s most influential golf course architects.

Almanac Golf: Toby Cumming and ‘The golf courses of Vern Morcom’

Toby Cumming played his early golf at Anglesea. He became interested in the course’s architect, Vern Morcom, and went looking for Vern and his influence. This piece tells the tale of his involvement in golf and why he researched and wrote this book. [Terrific piece – JTH]

Almanac Golf: New Book Release – ‘The golf courses of Vern Morcom’ by Toby Cumming

Toby Cumming has published a new golf book ‘The Golf Courses of Vern Morcom’, the story of one of Australia’s most influential golf course architects.

Tiger Woods: Sport’s Greatest Comeback?

In the lead-up to the US Masters which starts tonight, we revisit Peter Baulderstone’s reflection on Tiger Woods’ win at the 2019 US Masters and how he has risen from the ashes of personal and physical betrayals. He tries to rank where it fits with the great comeback stories of Ali, Seles, Laver, Bradman, Hogan and Watson. (Simply brilliant! – Ed.)

Almanac Golf: A Masterful Display

The US Masters Tournament should be on everyone’s bucket list says Aussiegus, not only for its wonderful golf but also for the many surprises it throws up. This story was previously published on the Footy Almanac site in 2016.

Almanac (Golf) Archives: Golfing Heaven and Hell

As US Masters time draws near, let’s revisit this gem from the archives. Our golfing correspondent PJ Flynn (the Henry Longhurst of the Almanac) tells of the day that the fate of the US Masters championship landed in his lap. Fame rests in our hands, if they would only stop shaking.

Almanac Golf and Community: Stuck in a bunker: how the reaction to the Northcote Golf Course proposal exposes golf’s need to sell itself to the community

‘In many of our major cities, there is a push to repurpose public golf courses as parks.’ Joseph Ryan engages in a constructive discussion to assess the future options for golf courses and golf clubs.


Peter Baulderstone, who is happy for it to be 1980 again in Perth, muses on leaving professional sport behind. Or did it leave him?

Almanac Golf: Royalty over and on the golf course

KN Dole’s family has a long connection to Metropolitan Golf Club – which includes The Wilson Christmas Cup. Here KN tells a few of the stories that do the rounds.

Almanac Golf: A Sporting ‘Mischievance’! Caddying in the 107th Open (1978) at St Andrews

What an achievement or ‘mischievance’! K N Dole recalls the time he was a caddy at the 107th British Open (1978) at St. Andrews.

Almanac Golf: Memories of St Andrews

KN Dole’s piece is bringing back memories of a magnificent golf course. JTH just had to go looking for these old photos.

Almanac Golf: A Game of Golf with…Ox, DHS and Matty Finish

John Harms reports on a hard-fought match at Metropolitan Golf Club, one of Melbourne’s famous Sandbelt courses. [First published in 2012]

Almanac Golf: We can win this

The first golf team – P. Flynn, Medium Dazza Smith, Jake Norton (of the Wandering Eye) and JTH – to represent The Footy Almanac ventured to Barwon Heads. Here’s what happened. [First published 2012]

Almanac Life: The Last Golf Game

Smokie reveals that he has not played golf in thirty years, and that his last game was on a championship course in Pittsburgh.

A Good Friday in Glenelg North

Mickey Randall observes life on Good Friday in seaside Glenelg and environs. [Trademark Mickey-ness. JTH]

Almanac History – On This Day: What happened on January 16?

After a bit of encouragement, Ian Hauser continues his ‘What Happened on…?’ series. January 16th throws up the usual mix of images and memories.

Almanac Golf (and Weather): Dry

John Harms returned to Oakey again this holiday season. He played nine holes at his beloved Oakey Golf Club. There was no sign of rain.

Blitz Golf – Is it golf’s version of T20?

Blitz Golf is the golfing world’s answer to cricket’s T20. Joseph Ryan examines the concept.

‘The trials and tribulations of a pro golfer…’ by KB Hill

‘This is the story of one of Wangaratta’s finest golfing exports,’ says KB Hill as he charts the career of Andrew Kelly.