Finals Week 1 – West Coast v Collingwood: USA, underdogs and numbness

Sean Mortell was hoping for the best for his Pies and, as the belief built, so did the challenge from the Eagles. He describes one of the finest ever Collingwood victories. [Terrific account of a classic game – JTH]

Finals Week 1 – West Coast v Collingwood: How the west was won (Floreat Pica Society)

Guy Fazzino shares with the Floreat Pica Society the breathtaking ride in the west, the latest in a slew of amazing finals between these two big clubs.

Finals Week 1 – West Coast v Collingwood: Pies Prelim Pride

Danni Hakim has got some things to say to Kane Kornes [sic]. And she’s not holding back.

Round 9 – West Coast v Geelong: Reasons to be Cheerful

Peter Baulderstone thinks the world has become a sad and dangerous place and footy a wasteful folly. Until his Eagles win a close one over the Cats in the game of the season.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Rounds 8 and 9

Cam Hooke assesses the damage after the drubbing against West Coast, then saddles up to preview the game against Fremantle.

Round 8 – West Coast v Collingwood: The showtime Eagles and a perfect image

Basketball analogies aplenty from the coach and Sean Mortell – the Pies sorely missed former baller Pendlebury as West Coast showed why they are only a pick and roll away from even more greatness.

Round 8 – West Coast v Collingwood: Debacle (Floreat Pica Society)

Tough game to watch for Pies fans, but Rory Adams was on hand to assess the carnage and shine a light on a few bright spots wearing black and white.

Round 8 – West Coast v Collingwood: The Marking Magnificents

Peter Baulderstone welcomes dry weather footy in Perth where his Eagles’ pressure and marking cannibalised a feeble Collingwood.

Round 6 – West Coast v Adelaide: Beware, the broken phone!

The Eagles got the four points, Nic Nat had the last laugh and Cathi Johnston’s side is back home in WA…what’s not to like?

Round 3 – Sometimes there are no words

There were no words for the disappointment of Saturday afternoon’s Collingwood v St Kilda match for Yvette Wroby… But why not share your own words or images if you were on the losing end of the “weird” games of this week’s round?

Round 2 – Gold Coast v West Coast: Immense

Less a match report than a decision to record the witnessing of something special, Jarrod Landells felt the need to pay due deference to the number 18 in red and gold.

Round 2 – Gold Coast v West Coast: “And it goes to a Gold Coast player…”

Matt Quartermaine, sans pub TV coverage, takes to the radio to follow the Suns-Eagles clash on Saturday evening. He was reminded of a sketch he did with Parko thirty years ago. Here’s his report – and you’re sure to love the YouTube clip. [Prescient – Ed]

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 8 – West Coast v Melbourne: What Dees fans are really like

Watching the Eagles overpower his Dees, James Massola thought about common perceptions of Melbourne fans, some unfair, others on the spot. Several of them played out during the course of the game.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 6 – West Coast v Western Bulldogs

Matt O”Connor had big plans for this Super Saturday of football. They didn’t include an encounter with the ticket inspectors on the tram. Undeterred, he reported on a competitive game in the west.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 5 – Richmond v West Coast

The weather was unpromising, and the ladder positions suggested a lopsided contest, but Chris Riordan ended up very pleased he made the effort to watch the Eagles’ battle the Tigers at the G’.

Why I Hate Victorians

Peter Baulderstone takes aim at all things Victorian from his mineshaft in Western Australia. Is he serious? Is he right? He’s certainly hostile. (This 2018 effort has had revived interest among the non-Victorian audience. Can’t think why. PB in pre-flag warrior mode – Ed)

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 3 – Fremantle v West Coast

The Eagles took the Derby points, but Les Everett saw signs of further trouble in their continuing siege mentality over off-field controversies.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 2 – West Coast v Collingwood

The Pies ventured West to tackle the Eagles. Matt OÇonnor’s interests were torn between fictional political drama and real-life midfield battles.

Round 1 – West Coast v Melbourne:  Last Orders on the Titanic

How to make sense of the final game that never never should have been played in a season that was cancelled before it began? A show about nothing? Peter Baulderstone finds meaning in old movies, Gatsby and Monty Python.

My International Women’s Day sportsfest

Cathi Johnston packed in a couple of big sporting contests featuring some amazing women for International Women’s Day. The day didn’t start off in the best fashion, but her first ever live cricket experience certainly brought some smiles.