Almanac Travel: Fifteen (happy) notes from our Melbourne weekend

Mickey Randall packed a lot into a weekend trip to Melbourne.

Eurovision Spectacles and Probity Illusions

Robbo on controversial decisions when discussing the final result of Eurovision.

Round 8 – Brisbane v Collingwood: Collingwood back on song!

Ramon Dobb was disappointed when Collingwood’s game against Brisbane was scheduled against Eurovision, however he managed to find some worthy distractions.

How to Watch Footy, part 10: Glimpses

Another big weekend of footy for Vin Maskell – Auskick, Under 18s, AFL – although the Geelong-Collingwood game played second fiddle to Julia Zemiro on SBS.

Essendon breaking new ground

“ Hi Tania. We expected that. Thanks for calling. Guys, it’s off,” said my dad. After the rain on Friday, I would have been very surprised if our tennis game was on. It was the first washout of the season, but it meant a quiet day before gearing up for an almost certain win for [Read more]