Redemption, redemption, or is it really?

It has now transpired that this footy trip was some 56 weeks in the making.  We knew that we would have to have a rematch replay against the very young Gold Coast Suns and the sooner the better for our own piece of mind.

Let me take you back over some background that has burned in the craw for 56 weeks.  A lovely autumn Saturday afternoon at AAMI Stadium, Port travelling nicely build a comfortable lead of 40 points with a quarter and 5 minutes to play.  All apparently going to plan…. Enter stage left G Ablett, come on boys let me lead by example!  Wham, Bam, Kapow, siren goes to end the game and the Suns have achieved their first AFL win by a comfortable  3 points, but realistically it could have been anything if the game had gone longer.

Not sure if the footy club was embarrassed, but we long time and faithful supporters were (I will not provide details of what I thought of the rest of the 2012 season, you appear to be an astute audience, you can work it out).

The footy world is in raptures, Mr D, especially so, the 22 Suns supporters at the ground are on top of the world.

So this date is entrenched in my mind – 23 April 2011 – Redemption required!  So when the 2012 AFL Footy program arrives, what is the first game I surf for – Suns versus Port Adelaide – Saturday 26 May 2012 @ THE MIGHTY Metricon Stadium, should still be big enough if ALL Port Adelaide Supporters made the trip.

OK, haven’t been to the Gold Coast for a while, organise a gang looking for redemption and the bookings are made for 5 lovely days on the Gold Coast.  A group of 9 coming from Adelaide and another 4 or 5 ex pats currently living in QLD, book in to make the pilgrimage.  Can’t wait!

Fast forward to the week commencing 21 May 2012, Port 15th, managing two huge wins for the season by a total of 6 points, Suns, 18th, no wins and also having the HONOUR of being the first team to lose to the Giants.  (I know what that feels like!).

Well, the day arrives, a beautiful sunny day on the Gold Coast, have finished all the tourist bits, now for the Footy.

The game is on, the Suns turn it on for the start of the game, the ex-Adelaide boy, Sam Day starts off if he is going to win the game off his own boot, some great contested marks and beautiful shots for goal, how in god’s name is he going to fit into the Adelaide Crows forward line when he gets homesick and returns to Adelaide.  The first half ends up being a waste of time with a point separating the two sides at half time; I am not feeling very good at this stage.

Let me talk about the third quarter 7 goals to none in favour of Port, you beauty, gives us a 48 point lead at 3 quarter time, does anybody see some similarities to 2011 here?  I am a bit nervous as the last quarter starts, which is played as the first half with both sides kicking 3 goals 2 points.  So basically Port was able to win the game with one decisive quarter; the third quarter.

So has redemption been made?, I am undecided but a win is a win, especially when they have been so infrequent over the last couple of years.

Special mention to Kane Cornes for a marvellous job as a “tagger” on Gary Ablett, why does Matty want to change what Kane is so good at, ask Simon Black (2004 GF).

Best Players:      Boak, Broadbent, Cornes

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