Almanac Music: A Pogues Life

With the passing of the legendary Shane MacGowan, Smokie details just how much the music of The Pogues means to him

Almanac Fiction: The Search for the Shield (Episode 5)

Down at heel gumshoe Swifty Taylor decides to take a break from his search and goes for a drink

Almanac Fiction: The Search for the Shield (Episode 4)

In the fourth instalment of his search for the shield, Swifty Taylor crosses paths with an old acquaintance.

Almanac Fiction: The Search for the Shield (Episode 3)

As the search for the missing Tony Williamson Shield continues, flatfoot Swifty Taylor meets up with the ‘running man’ in Episode 3 of ‘The Search of the Shield’.

Almanac Fiction: The Search for the Shield (Episode 2)

Our intrepid gumshoe Swifty Taylor traverses Williamstown as he continues his search for the missing shield…

Almanac Fiction: The Search for the Shield (Episode 1)

Down-at-heel gumshoe Swifty Taylor has been asked to assist his old footy club in locating the missing best club person shield. The mean streets of Williamstown beckon.

Almanac Music: The Beatles Best 50 Songs

Smokie takes us on an epic personal journey through his 50 favourite Beatles songs. [With Paul McCartney touring Australia at the moment it is an opportune time to reprise Smokie’s Beatles story. – ED]

Almanac Cricket: Reunited With The Baggy Green

The Philpott family have taken possession of their late father Peter’s treasured baggy green cap. And Smokie played a very minor part in the story.

Almanac Music: Aussie Album Review – Jet ‘Get Born’

In the wake of Jet’s elevation to the ARIA Hall of Fame, Smokie returns to their debut album “Get Born”. It is the 17th of his Aussie album reviews

Almanac Cricket: Pees and Queues

At Old Trafford for the Fourth Test match, Smokie was confounded by the length of the queues

Almanac Cricket: A BazBall Glossary

Smokie Dawson has been in Manchester at Old Trafford watching the 4th Ashes test. In between drinks, and the rain, Smokie spent his time devising a glossary for the spectacle that is Bazball.

Almanac Book Review: ‘The Footy Jumper Book’ by Tim Rath and Andrew Gigacz

Smokie has poured over a recently released book by Gigs and Tim Rath that documents the history and colour of that most universal of footy accessories, the jumper.

Almanac (Local) Footy: ‘Known Knowns’

As Williamstown CYMS prepares for Round 1 of the VAFA premier B season against St Bernard’s, Smokie provides a preview.

Almanac Life: Amy Adams on the London Tube

Smokie gives us a new definition of ‘Trainspotting’ (Tubespotting?) as he recalls the evening that he stood next to Amy Adams in a carriage on the London Underground.

Almanac Music: The Best Australian Albums of 2022

Having listened to over 60 new albums by Australian artists in 2022, Smokie Dawson gives us his thoughts on the best of the crop.

Almanac Music: Aussie Album Review – Skyhooks ‘Living in the 70’s’

In what is the 16th of his classic Australian album reviews, Smokie re-visits Skyhooks debut album ‘Living in the 70’s’.

Almanac Music: Midnight Oil – From the Astor to the Palais

Smokie saw Midnight Oil for probably the final time on Wednesday evening. He offers a brief reflection on a four-decade journey with the band.

Almanac Local Footy: The Sandlot

As the Williamstown CYMS Under 19s prepare for their second-semi final against Old Xavierians, Smokie looks back at music and films which were used for pre-match ‘psyching’ in his day – and suggests a film which would be a sure-fire winner.

Almanac Life: Death, Taxes, and the Passing of Time

Smokie ponders the inevitability of the unstoppable passing of time

Almanac Life: The Last Payphone

An icon of the 20th Century, the public payphone booths have now been eradicated from the streets of Manhattan. One of the few technologies that were of popular use to the common person is now slowly fading away and memory-holed as time progresses. Smokie shares his fond memories over the years of how the payphone played an essential role in his day-to-day life and routine.