Almanac Footy History: First Class Sheffield Shield Footy Connections, 1971

The days of the dual footy/cricket champion are long gone, but Swish saw a couple from the top shelf in a 1971 Sheffield Shield game, along with a pretty handy supporting cast.

1972 SANFL Grand Final – North Adelaide v Port Adelaide: Same Again Thanks

It’s fifty years since North Adelaide completed back-to-back SANFL flags. Swish takes a look at the 1972 Grand Final Footy Budget and provides some observations from the Roosters’ acclaimed win in the Champions of Australia a fortnight later.

Almanac Footy – SA v Victoria: Cup Day Canter for the Vics (1970)

This 1970 state game went according to the usual SA v Victoria script, but the curtain-raiser contained an intriguing team of Indigenous schoolboys from the Northern Territory.

Almanac Holiday Greetings – How To Make Gravox

Swish’s hopes that no-one stuffs up this year’s celebratory roast.

Almanac Football Obituary: Russell Ebert – Legend

Swish Schwerdt pays tribute to Russell Ebert, a universally loved footballer – a true champion on and off the field.

Almanac Life: Elizabeth South Shops 1966-1976

Swish harks back to a simpler time in his childhood ‘hood of Elizabeth South, when there were local shops run by local people. Featuring smokes, double-cut rolls, offal, more smokes, Amscol Footy Colours and the occasional Strepsil. [A must-read for lovers of everyday life anywhere, with many memories of 60s and 70s life – JTH]

1971 SANFL Mobil Cards – Part 9: West Torrens

West Torrens – The Mighty Eagles – is the subject of Swish’s latest review of the players from the 1971 SANFL Mobil Cards. Fred Bills, Glen Pill, Peter Phillipou and Bob Wildy, names to bring a smile to the Thebarton faithful.

Almanac Footy: 1968 Victoria v SA – Never in it

South Australia had reason for hope leading into their 1968 clash with Victoria. Mark ‘Swish’ Schwerdt relives what happened next in his inimitable style.

1971 SANFL Mobil Cards – Part 8: West Adelaide

Swish Schwerdt continues his 1971 SANFL Mobil Cards series and presents Part 8: West Adelaide.

1971 SANFL Mobil Cards – Part 7: Sturt

The mighty Double Blues were the kings of the SANFL at the beginning of 1971. The Mobil Footy Cards of that year featured some of their many stars. Swish has a bit to say about each of them here.

Almanac Book Review: ‘Flags, Spoons and Knives’ by Lee Harradine

West Adelaide stalwart Lee Harradine has produced a book reliving sixty-plus years of the trials and tribulations of this proud SANFL club. Swish has reviewed this important addition to SA footy history.

1971 SANFL Mobil Cards – Part 6: South Adelaide

Swish’s latest 1971 SANFL Mobil footy cards instalment revisits South Adelaide and its selection of four players who all went on to play 200 games or more, including SA legend Peter Darley.

1971 SANFL Mobil Cards – Part 5: Port Adelaide

If your subject is the SANFL, then you will inevitably find yourself discussing Port Adelaide. Swish Schwerdt’s 1971 Mobil footy card series stops off at Alberton Oval.

1971 SANFL Mobil Cards – Part 4: Norwood

Swish brings us the next in his 1971 SANFL Mobil footy cards series. This one features the men of Norwood.

1971 SANFL Mobil Cards – Part 3: North Adelaide

North Adelaide was entering a rewarding period under Mike Patterson when these 1971 Mobil Cards of four of its very best were produced, including the greatest of them all, Barrie Robran.

1971 SANFL Mobil Cards – Part 2: Glenelg

Swish is back with Part 2 of his 1971 SANFL Mobil Card virtual collection which this time features the Glenelg Tigers.

1971 SANFL Mobil Cards – Part 1: Central District

Swish is assembling a virtual collection of the SANFL Mobil Footy cards from 1971. Centrals is first up in this (alphabetical) club by club series.

SANFL 1987 Grand Final – North Adelaide v Glenelg: Amayzing

Swisch Schwerdt remembers 1987, in all its 1987-ness, culminating in the North Adelaide – Glenelg Grand Final in the SANFL. [The Ricky May national anthem is a must-see – Ed]

SA’s Lost Video Treasures – Vol 2: BetaMax

Swish has opened that other box of SA themed videos. Maybe he shouldn’t have. [But we’re glad he did – Ed].

SA’s Lost Video Treasures

Swish’s recent clean up revealed a host of SA video history that was thought to have been forever lost or otherwise disposed of. Have you seen any of these before? [Swish really is the cultural historian SA deserves. This is brilliant – JTH]