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“Oh cringe of cringes,” writes Dips O’Donnell about the Australian response to the Royal Tour. (He’ll hate those capital letters) Read his rant (and the comments which it has flushed out) HERE.


Anna Pavlou has spent the last few weeks researching the history of the ANZ Zedders, the ES&A team and how they eventually formed Albert Park FC in Melbourne. Lots of interviews. She did this thanks to the encouragement and support of Almanac patron Peter Stirk. Read Anna’s piece HERE.


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Almanac Rugby League – Australia v Tonga: and the winner is…rugby league!

Passion, pride and Pacific power were on display at Mt Smart Stadium but the Kangaroos were up to the challenge. Here’s how the last southern hemisphere match of the year played out.

The Royal Tour: Oh cringe of cringes! What abasement!

I get the impression Dips is no fan of the royal family.

Almanac Horse Racing – Caulfield Cup Preview: A Youngstar is born

Sal casts his discerning eye over The Caulfield Cup day field and makes his recommendations for punters.

What’s in the WAFL 2018 by Les Everett

Les Everett looks at some of the possible AFL Draft picks from this year’s WAFL.

Plenty of practice and empty heads – Part 7: Intuition in sport

To David Stiff, intuition is the evaluation of voluminous data points that lead to a resolution or course of action within the field of play. He examines the issue in this excellent article.

Sport as Entertainment – 2. Professionalism and Commercialisation of Sport

Stainless examines the development of mass spectator sport from its roots in the late 19th century when most of the games and competitions we know today were being codified and organised. Clubs and stadia sprung up, fuelling the growth of sports with huge spectator appeal.

Pub Review: The Exeter, Adelaide

Mickey Randall has been to another pub! Here is his review.

Almanac Cricket: John Arlott and Fred Trueman

Col relives some fond cricket memories of ABC Radio, John Arlott, Fred Trueman, and his dad.

Almanac Golf: New independent golf journals/magazines – Best/funniest podcast ever

Golfing tragic, Peter B, has come acoss some new independent golf journals and podcasts he thoroughly recommends for the enjoyment of all Almanackers.

Almanac Lunches – The Odd Friday Lunch: Graham “Smokey” Dawson 19th October

The next Odd Friday Lunch at the North Fitzroy Arms will be on Friday 19th October with well known broadcaster Graham “Smokey” Dawson.

A day in the life of Australian cricket

17 October 2018 – just another day in the life of Australian cricket. What did it tell us? Here are a few thoughts.

Almanac Rugby League: the final Test

The rugby league season finally ends this weekend with the clash between Australia and Tonga. Here’s our preview.

Almanac Cricket: an Enigmatic Eleven – a team of puzzles trying to find a common solution

A long rain break at the Gabba yesterday gave father and son time to pick an Australian team of enigmas. There were many names from which to choose.

Almanac Art and Footy History: Richmond v Footscray, Punt Road, 1904

DJ Williams has painted a scene from the Richmond v Footscray clash at Punt Road in 1904. The piece is augmented with his words about the early rivalry of Richmond and Footscray and also gives an account of a very exciting match.

Sport as Entertainment – Introduction

Sport is increasingly marketed as an entertainment product. Is this necessarily a bad thing? Or is it merely a reflection of a changing society? Stainless introduces a series of articles which will interrogate the notion of sport as entertainment.

Almanac Review: Time and Space, and Footballistics

Ken Haley has read these two books very closely as this very entertaining and instructive review suggests.

Almanac Footy History: The Zedders, ES&A and the emergence of Albert Park FC

Grade 11 student Anna Pavlou follows on from her first piece about workplace footy in Melbourne with a look at a team which emerged from the footy teams of two banks, the ANZ Zedders and ES&A which these days has become Albert Park FC. Anna was encouraged to undertake this primary and secondary research and complete this substantial history by Almanac supporter Peter Stirk.

New Triathlon Code – Kick, Run and Cycle

Our Kyoto correspondent Yoshi has been trying out alternatives to the usual triathlon configuration. Like a true Almanacker, his footy, and a copy of The Women’s Footy Almanac, never left his side.

Almanac Golf – Golf Capital: Leishman’s win in Malaysia, Pepperell aces Walton Heath.

This week’s golf wrap is highlighted by another tour victory for Warrnambool’s own Marc Leishman.

Almanac Cricket – 2nd Test, Pakistan v Australia at Abu Dhabi

Another test in the balance. Catch up on the overnight scores, and leave a comment if you wish.