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Vale: Bob Hawke R.I.P.
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AFL Round 9

West Coast 13.7.85 d Melbourne 9.15.69
Collingwood 17.10.112 d St Kilda 10.11.71
Brisbane 13.15.93 d Adelaide 13.14.92
Geelong 21.7.133 d Western Bulldogs 13.11.89
Essendon 8.12.60 d Fremantle 7.11.53
North Melbourne 10.12.72 d by Sydney 11.11.77
Port Adelaide 13.11.89 d Gold Coast 7.9.51
Richmond 14.11.95 d Hawthorn 8.11.59
GWS 20.18.138 d Carlton 7.3.45


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Round 9 – North Melbourne v Sydney: How impressive are our young cygnets!

The young Swans are beginning to make an impact on the Sydney team, and Jan Courtin is very happy about this as her report of the Round 9 match between the Roos and Swans indicates.

Round 9 – North Melbourne v Sydney: From Boys to Men at Blundstone Arena

Joe Moore likes what he sees in the next generation of Moores (his young bloke) and of the Swans coming through. Read his Round 9 report of the Roos and Swans match at Blundstone Arena in his home town of Hobart.

Round 9 – Geelong v Western Bulldogs: Wiser with Time; Dad, Uncle James and Tom Hawkins

Anna Pavlou, her dad, Tom Hawkins, and a Coke, are just a small part of a day at the footy as Anna’s report shows.

Onya, Tom!

Earl O’Neill offers his thoughts about Tom Boyd’s recent retirement.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 9 review, Round 10 preview.

As always, Cam Hooke reports in his precise, comprehensive style all things Magpies for all the True Believers.

A Loss of Mutual Trust: Adventures In Modern Day Sports Writing

Craig Litza Little discusses the nature of contemporary sportswriting at a time when in both the US and Australia there is reflection on how it has changed since the 1980s. He looks at a new book to be published by Geoff Slattery (with Russell Jackson heavily involved) and the recent coverage of Tom Boyd’s retirement as stimulus for the discussion.

Round 9 – Collingwood v St Kilda: Floreat Pica Society report from Steve Fahey

Steve Fahey reports for The Floreat Pica Society about Collingwood’s stylish excellence with their victory over the Saints in their Round 9 clash.

Round 9 – Essendon v Fremantle: Election Footy

At the very least, Caspar McLeod was able to enjoy one winner on Saturday

Round 9 – Collingwood v St Kilda: Yoshi Curse Established?

Yoshi works on developing his footy skills but his Saints are letting him down.

Bob Hawke

Rod Oaten with some thoughts on Bob Hawke.

RIP Hawkie – The Punter’s Pal

Bob Hawke was the greatest Australian of Peter Baulderstone’s lifetime. He reminisces about Canberra politics in the 1980’s and the great man’s love of sport and people. Hawke’s prodigious achievements and his all too human failings made most Australians fall in love with him. (Share your memories of Hawke the man, politician and sports lover – Ed.)

Everyday Obituaries: Brendan ‘Bourkie’ Bourke

Bourkie, one of life’s great characters, died a few weeks ago. His funeral was a magnificent tribute to his rich life. This is PJ Brangan’s eulogy introduced by John Harms.

Round 9 – Sal’s Preview: Taking a good hard look at themselves

Sal Ciardulli has gone the way of most tipsters – with the home teams. Is there an upset in there somewhere? [Please, someone, argue the case for an underdog.]

Haiku Bob – Round 8: moments that linger

Haiku Bob recreates the tension of an unexpectedly close day at the footy.

Getting some dirt on your boots

How do you teach junior footballers to deal with on-field bullying? Dave Brown’s not so sure you can.


Old Dog has had a gutful of the haters in the peanut (comments) gallery. Herein lies his opine on D.Rampe, characters and missed opportunities…

1971 SANFL Grand Final – North Adelaide v Port Adelaide: Swampies Outfoxed

Mark ‘Swish’ Schwerdt takes us back to Adelaide, circa 1971, via the Grand Final Budget of that year. (Make sure you stick around until the end- Ed).

Round 9 – A critical round of matches for some clubs this weekend.

Who will be the winners in the Round 9 matches this weekend?

The 2019 Grantland Rice Cup

Earl O’Neill scans the footy writing landscape for writers he likes to read. He’s found he has to dig deep.

Almanac Golf: Golf Capital – Shifting majors, shifting coaches

Hamish Neal weighs in on this weekend’s new date for the PGA Championship and what’s been happening in professional golf.