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            Sunny Crowd at Caulfield by Kate Birrell

More art work from Kate Birrell HERE


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Oct 25 – Odd Friday/Footy Almanac Lunch at the North Fitzroy Arms with ‘Jack the Insider’ who will talk about his book The Fine Cotton Fiasco. Details HERE.

Nov 4 – The Almanac Melbourne Cup Eve Lunch at the North Fitzroy Arms. 12.30 for 1pm. $50.



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On Frankston’s Pantry Plus and their Pluses

Deakin student Shannon Cole is impressed with the Pantry Plus Program that provides food for under resourced people in the community.

FEARLESS 2019 – the last 3 weeks belatedly

Fearless presents his belated reports of the AFL Finals, Weeks 2,3 and the Grand Final.

FEARLESS 2019 – a trip to Briar Hill: A great concept

Got any excess sporting gear? Fearless reports on how you can help dissolve the barriers to sport across Australia by donating re-usable sporting gear. A great concept.

Virat Kohli

Damian Balassone has a thought or two about Virat Kohli.

Bathurst, 2004

Earl O’Neill takes us back a decade and a half to Bathurst and ponders modern V8 supercars, motorcycle vs car enthusiasts and the spaces between.

Almanac Racing – Guineas Day and a Pineapple for Dinner

Kate Birrell’s celebration of a Yellow and Black flag has metamorphosed into Spring racing at the Caulfield Guineas – complete with the odd winning punt, shared fried chicken with the kids and artwork to capture the moment.

Pub Review: Dingo Pub

Even when on holidays in the Whitsundays, Mickey Randall does not miss the chance to review a watering-hole

Almanac Cricket: Pomborneit Cricket Club 2019/20 Pre-Season Review

With the season set to begin, take a look at all of the off-season news from the Pomborneit Cricket Club.

AFL Trade Radio Satire – Episode 3: Brett Burton sits down with Sam McClure

Andrew Else continues his satirical look at the trade period with episode 3 of Trade Radio.

Almanac Racing – Guineas Day Preview: Is it good for you?

It’s Caulfield Guineas day and Sal Ciardulli has all the tips you need to pick a winner.

Book Tour – “The Totem Poles of Ouyen United: Travels in Country Footy”: Events & dates

After the successful launch of “The Totem Poles of Ouyen United: Travels in Country Footy”, Paul Daffey is doing a book tour to promote his book. Check out the details and join in the fun!

Racing: Horses get sick, don’t they? – Part 2

Matt Watson continues his series on the 2007 outbreak of the Equine influenza in Australia, and as the disease spreads so does the blame game.

Why Spectators Should Suck it Up, and Move On

Sarah Black has some advice for ‘fans’ and players who believe it’s appropriate to offer 15 year-old umpires a pair of glasses while they’re trying to adjudicate a netball game. [And the stats may just make your head spin. – Ed]

Almanac Cricket – Marsh Sheffield Shield 2019-20 Season Starts Today

The domestic cricket first class season gets underway today with Round 1 of the Marsh Sheffield Shield competition featuring all six States in action. Familiarise yourself with the season’s Shield and Test match schedules.

Racing: Horses get sick, don’t they? – Part 1

Equine influenza is a disease with a very long history. Matt Watson begins a series on the 2007 outbreak of the disease in Australia, when we discovered we weren’t as well prepared as we thought we were.

Almanac Book Review – ‘On the Chin: A Boxing Education’ by Alex McClintock

Boxing, ‘the sweet science’, polarises the general population and sports lovers equally. Luke Stegemann reviews a new release, Alex McClintock’s “On the Chin: A Boxing Education” which approaches the sport from a different angle.

AFL Trade Radio Satire – Episode 2 – The Production Meeting

Andrew Else continues his imaginary series, taking us behind the scenes to listen in to the day’s production meeting at ‘Trade Radio’, the source of all the top stories from the AFL trade period.

Thinking Of You 2019

Once again inspired by Martin Flanagan, Matt Quartermaine entertained the Almanac Grand Final lunch crowd with this farewell to season 2019.

Collingwood, a season in review: A blur of emotion, success and fighting ‘til the final siren

Hoping to rebound from disappointment, Collingwood’s season had many fluctuations. Sean Mortell reviews the Black and White 2019 season.

AFL Trade Radio Satire – Episode 1: Adrian Dodoro

Andrew Else thinks AFL Trade Radio could do with a bit more Clarke and Dawe. In his Episode 1, an imaginary Adrian Dodoro tussles with an imaginary Dwayne Russell.