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Almanac History – What happened on the twelfth of the twelfth?

Ian Hauser continues our series of ‘on this day’ posts. It’s a special one for him, the twelfth of the twelfth, with the focus on cricket and the arts.

Almanac Cricket – Australia v New Zealand: First Test – The Perth Blog

The First Test against New Zealand in Perth gets underway later today. Time for a new blog to allow you to keep us up to date with your take on the flow of the game.

The Tale of the Tiger Tape — 2019

Anagrams, interesting stats, and more as Gigs reviews Richmond’s premiership winning season in his own inimitable style.

Almanac Pop Culture: 10 Great Scenes from the ’10s

Edward P. Olsen lists 10 scenes from movies in the “10’s” that stayed with him. Would you care to add your own nominations?

The Odd Friday Lunch (Dec 13): With special guest Simon Madden

Great to have Simon Madden as our guest at the next Odd Friday/Almanac Lunch. Book now.

‘Enigmatic Carey, a star of the Depression era…’ by KB Hill

Bert Carey was a mercurial sportsman from up Wangaratta way in the Depression era, performing extraordinary feats on the footy and cricket fields. KB Hill tells the tale.

Almanac Life – #hourlydaily scenes of life: #211 to #217

David Wilson is back with more observations of #HourlyDaily life on the streets.

The Video James Corner: Streamers storm the field

James Bosco continues his regular segment examining various aspects of esports. Today he looks at the options to high level competition.

Almanac Basketball: 76ers need to move on from Ben Simmons

Deakin Uni student Mark Miller commences a weekly basketball feature for the Footy Almanac. Today he examines the career of Ben Simmons at the Philadelphia 76ers and questions whether it is time for Ben Simmons to move on.

Almanac Cricket – Test Team of the 80s

In a moment of sleeplessness, Damian Balassone created a super Test Team for the 1980s. What do you think of his team? Any glaring omissions?

Almanac Fashion: A Bit Shirty

As that little known David Bowie/Graham Parker duet goes, “Fashion Is No Ordinary Word”. In Swish’s case, very ordinary. What’s in your t-shirt collection? And why is it still there at all?

Nominations: Conversation of the Year.

Dips O’Donnell has nominated his conversation of the year. It’s a beauty. Have you got one to share?

Helmets and Parachutes

High pressure hoses, parachutes & helmets, and the laws of cricket. What does it all mean? Phil Hill explains.

Almanac Footy History: Glen ‘Black Duck’ Rosser, an ornament to the game

Rulebook told the story of Norwood and SANFL legend, Glen ‘Black Duck’ Rosser last year – Glen is sadly no longer with us, but his deeds will live on long into the future of SA footy. Vale Black Duck.

A Six on the Sixth

Kate Birrell is a proud parent experiencing the joy of watching a growing son and his deeds on the cricket field, especially clocking a cracking six!

SANFL 1966 Grand Final – Sturt v Port Adelaide: First of Five

Norwood’s Ron Kneebone featured on the cover of the 1966 SANFL Grand Final Budget. The second successive Oatey-Williams Grand Final proved to be the beginning of a Double Blue era of dominance.

“Talking Sideways” – by Reg Dodd & Malcolm McKinnon

“Talking Sideways”, a new book by Reg Dodd & Malcolm McKinnon is a story about Aboriginal life, of living and growing up around Finniss Springs in South Australia’s arid north.

Almanac Weekend Read: All (Dusty) Roads Lead to Landor

Dennis Gedling takes us way out West for the ninety-eighth running of the Landor Cup. It’s a three-day carnival about all that is best in country racing. (Make yourself a cuppa and enjoy this feature – Ed.)

Desert Island Books – Feeding the mind: Which books will you take?

We’ve fed the soul with music, now it’s time to feed the mind with books. Nominate the books you’d like to read “lost” on a desert island.