7 burning questions (and 7 charred answers) as we approach the second week of finals.

Adam Ritchie with 7 burning questions, all beautifully answered, from the first week of the finals.

Ranking Adelaide’s recent defections by the severity of their betrayal

Adam Ritchie ranks the Great Betrayers of Adelaide.

AFL Grand Final – Preview: A tale of two philosophies

We all know who will win on Saturday because of the tea leaves; how they beat your mob; or how your Grandma once went out with a bloke from…….. Adam Ritchie is having none of this. He has all the stats and analysis you need to settle every bar and backyard argument in the lead up to the big one.

AFL Finals Week 1: Winners and Losers

The difference between finals football and home and away football is like the difference between the first two Godfather films and the third. The third has its moments, but the other two are in a different class.

AFL Finals: Trying to Predict the Future Like A Fool

Adam Ritchie can’t resist the opportunity to publicly state things that will be proven wrong in four weeks. His stats tell the story on why the Hawks will not be in the final, but in the end, his gut prevails on who will take out the flag.

AFL Round 21 – Review: Winners and Losers

Come Brownlow night we are often talking about players potentially coming home with a wet sail. Joel Selwood is almost certainly the stand-out nominee for the “wet sail” title.

AFL Round 19 – Review: Winners and Losers

Who has the greater claim on the Ball of the Century – Shane Warne or Port’s Angus Monfries?

AFL Round 18: Winners and Losers

It looks like it’s down to Port Adelaide and Carlton for that final spot (though, the way Collingwood are going they both might make it). A look at their run home paints an intriguing picture.

AFL Round 17 – Adelaide v Geelong: I want to have Matthew Wright’s baby

Crows fan Adam Ritchie loses control as Football Park reaches fever pitch in the final quarter against the Cats.

AFL Round 16: Winners and Losers

Classic Winners and Losers this week. Malceski, Pendlebury and Mayne among those to get the thumbs up, while Adam’s own club heads the list of Losers. Poor old Crows.

AFL Winners and Losers: Rounds 13 through 15

Facing Sydney, Collingwood and Essendon in three successive weeks and coming away with two wins means Port Adelaide are, by far, the biggest winners of this three round period.

Melbourne Meddling

The AFL wants a say in Melbourne’s future, including the appointment of the next coach. This policy is fraught with danger, writes Adam Ritchie.

AFL Round 12: Winners and Losers

The stars run riot, Carlton squanders another opportunity, and the case against priority picks for Melbourne. And then there was Adelaide, again. Adam Ritchie sums up another thumping round.

AFL Round 11: Winners and Losers

Sydney are just showing off now. Watching Tom Mitchell slot into the side is like watching the richest kid in the playground get a shiny new toy. Thank God Daniher picked Essendon, otherwise they’d be rubbing that in our faces too.

AFL Round 10: Winners and Losers

Adam Ritchie, in his round-up of all that made Round 10, predicts that by the end of his career young Ablett will have fundamentally altered Australia’s physics curriculum.

AFL Round 9: Winners and Losers

Is Winners and Losers this week just a thinly veiled way for an Adelaide fan to talk about Adelaide? Perhaps… (North fans probably shouldn’t read this.)

So I did the AFL’s Fan Survey…

And oh boy was it intriguing! Leading questions everywhere! Didn’t get asked about the frequency of rule changes. Didn’t get asked about rule interpretation either. Sliding rule? Nah. Score Review System? What is that?

AFL Round 8: Winners and Losers

The young gun Sun, Jaeger O’Meara, is laying serious claim to Joel Selwood’s title of “best first year player in recent times”, writes Adam Ritchie in another entertaining Winners and Losers.

AFL Round 7: Winners and Losers

A round that saw Majak Daw burst onto the scene and Tom Lynch turn himself into an unlikely trivia answer.

AFL Round 6: Winners and Losers

The first rule of Round Six is don’t talk about Round Six. Not because we don’t want anyone to know about it, but because you didn’t even need to witness it to know what happened for 90 per cent of it.