Almanac Tennis: Wimbledon 1973 – A lob back over the net

Glen!’s recent story about Wimbledon 1973 brought memories flooding back for Peter Crossing – he was actually there at the event! And, this is his account of that day at Wimbledon in 1973.

Almanac Books: ‘Hard Wired’ – Emma Carney Media Release

A new book about the life and sporting career of former champion triathlete Emma Carney has been published. This media release provides background details and information about Emma and her book. Emma Carney will be the special guest speaker at the forthcoming Odd Friday/Footy Almanac lunch on July 15. All welcome.

Almanac Tennis: Wimbledon 1973

As Wimbledon 2022 approaches, Glen! takes tennis fans back to the past as he reviews Wimbledon 1973,

Almanac Rugby: Super Rugby Pacific Final

Brian Lynch reports of the Super Rugby Pacific final before ruminating on the machinations within Rugby Australia regarding the future of the competition.

Almanac Soccer: Arnie and Australia off to the World Cup

The Socceroos are on their way to the World Cup 2022 after a thrilling victory against Peru reports Roy Hay.

Almanac Life: Ulysses recalled – Farewell to The Brick.

John Gordon recalls his former team mate fondly known as ‘The Brick’, a man of great sporting prowess, and later in life, in search of a miracle as John so poignantly and profoundly explains.

Super Rugby Pacific: Semi Finals

Brian The Ruminator reports on a couple of epic clashes in the semi-finals of the Super Rugby Pacific 2022 season.

Almanac Netball: ‘Netball attack players are a protected species.’

‘Netball is a non-contact sport’; ‘Attackers are a protected species’; ‘The winner will be the team with more goals than the other!’ – so says the wisdom of once-was-a-defender Marlene Thurlow. Along with Andy, she went to see their great-niece play for the Vixens against the Thunderbirds.

Almanac Rugby: Super Rugby Pacific Quarter Finals

Help me Brumbies, you’re my only hope! Brian the Ruminator wraps up the Super Rugby Pacific quarter finals which saw the home teams all on the winners list and one Australian side left to face the Kiwis.

Almanac Book Review: Athletes and Near Death Experiences – The Case of Triathlete Emma Carney

Braham Dabscheck summarises Emma Carney’s experiences of hardship, politics, injuries, mental and physical abuse. Highlighting what it took for her to reach the elite level of a Triathlete throughout the 90’s. Her story as Dabschek reviews, uncovers the incompetence and inadequate support for athletes such as Emma Carney that nearly cost her life, signifying the much needed attention for change in management structure and policies for future Australian athletes to not have to endure the experience Carney had suffered throughout her career.

Almanac Rugby: Super Rugby Pacific Final Round

And that’s all she wrote for four teams in the Super Rugby Pacific competition (the only sides with negative points differentials too) as finals beckon for the NZ quintet and three of the best from this side of the ditch. Brian the Ruminator has the details.

Almanac (American) Baseball: Middle of the 3rd

Brian The Ruminator brings us up to date with the Major Baseball League season. In terms of the overall season, we’re in the bottom of the third innings.

Almanac Rugby: Super Rugby Pacific Round 14

According to Brian the Ruminator, it’s all a bit shuffling the deck chairs before the looming iceberg of finals football in Super Rugby Pacific – though notably one Australian side got the chocolates over their Trans-Tasman opponents.

Almanac Rugby: Super Rugby Pacific Round 13

It was another poor weekend for the Australian teams in the Super Rugby Pacific competition, as Brian the Ruminator reports.

Almanac Basketball: Loud Liz is a big loss in only one way

 SHE should be a hoops hero but the Opals’ best player has well and truly worn out her welcome, writes RON REED.

Almanac Rugby: Super Rugby Pacific Round 12

The Kiwi domination made a big comeback this week in the Super Rugby Pacific competition, with the Brumbies seemingly the last best hope for the rest of the sides.

Almanac Racing: King of the Bool does it again

On a red-letter day for jumps racing, a local hero breaks the record, writes RON REED.

Almanac History: Two football anniversaries – Pompey and the Socceroos

Historian Roy Hay reminds readers of two significant football anniversaries coming up this year featuring Albert ‘Pompey’ Austin, and Australia’s first international soccer match.

Almanac Rugby: Super Rugby Pacific Round 11

We might have a competition on our hands this year…Brian the Ruminator takes on Round 11 of Super Rugby Pacific and is chipper about the fortunes of the local sides against their so long dominant Aotearoa cousins.

Almanac Soccer: Barnsley FC 2022 – Relegation awaits

Coming close to promotion to the Premier League last season, 2022 has been a huge disappointment for Barnsley FC as relegation to League 1 awaits them.