Running with the Richmond Harriers

Andy Fuller gives a first hand recount of running with the Richmond Harrier’s during training Wednesday night.

Almanac Rugby League – 2019 NRL Finals Week 2 and NRLW Round 2: Total commitment

Total commitment – the fans demand and deserve nothing less. After one disaster last weekend, Ian Hauser thinks we can expect better this time around. Here’s his preview.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Finals Week 1 and NRLW Round 1 Review

He may not have picked too many winners, but rugby league aficionado Ian Hauser sure appreciated what he saw in the first weekend of NRL finals and Round 1 of the NRLW. Here’s his report.

The Life of a Swimming Teacher: My Experience Throughout my First Year of Teaching

Shannon Cole shares her experiences of becoming a swimming teacher, developing relationships with her students, and the pleasure she receives in fulfilling her role.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Finals Week 1 and NRLW Round 1: Let’s get down to business

The NRL Finals get underway this weekend while the NRLW begins its condensed season. Ian Hauser runs his eye over the form and picks his winners.

Almanac Book Review – ‘Heartland: How Rugby League Explains Queensland’ by Joe Gorman.

In his new book release, Joe Gorman gives an interesting take on understanding the Queensland psyche through a study of rugby league. Our reviewer, Ian Hauser, thinks he may well have a point.

Almanac Baseball: U18 World Cup

Brian the Ruminator reports on the WBSC U18 World Cup recently completed in Korea where Taiwan defeated USA for gold. Australia performed creditably on the baseball diamond to be pipped for third place in a playoff.

Stories from the other side of the table: Book review by Les Everett

Les Everett’s good mate Gordon Lee is a top table tennis player, ranked number 1 in Australia in the over 80s age group. Les discusses fascinating aspects of Gordon’s eventful life incorporated in his book “My Serve”.

Bruce Hatcher, Ross Oakley and Arthur Moynihan

Rugby League non-aficionado Roger Lowrey is full of pith as he buys into the expansion/merge/move debate going on within the NRL. He offers some astute advice based on AFL experiences.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 25: Jostling for positions

The final round in the NRL will be all about jostling for finals positions with several possibilities in the offing. Ian Hauser checks it all out.

Almanac Books – “The Last Dance” by Murray Walding

A new book from Almanacker Murray Walding – a rollicking tale of hi-jinks, surf and dancing in the ’60s – has just been released.

Almanac Swimming: Kate O’Donnell wins gold!

We have a swimming champ in the Almanac family. Kate O’Donnell performed brilliantly at the DSSA National Swimming Championships on the weekend and her proud dad Dips O’Donnell has passed on Coach Tracey Drewitt’s report.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round24: How long can this keep going on?

Two rounds to go. Ten teams still trying to fit into eight. Ian Hauser tries to make sense of it all.

Almanac (Sports) Travel: St. Louis – Land of Blues, Reds, Brews and MACs.

Steve and Lachie Earl are in St Louis where it seems the locals find them exotic enough to chat, befriend and look after them with visits here and there. [Great travel yarn belted out on a phone – JTH]

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 23: Hanging on by the fingernails

With the pressure still on to secure a spot in the eight, Ian Hauser hasn’t let his holidays divert him from taking a look ahead to Round 23 in the NRL.

Almanac Book Review: ‘The Immortals of Australian Rugby League’ by Liam Hauser

Liam Hauser’s previous rugby league books have focussed on State of Origin and NRL Grand Finals. Here ecumenical football follower Adam Muyt reviews Liam’s latest publication, ‘The Immortals of Australian Rugby League’.

Almanac Baseball: Ode to Lefties

Baseball aficionado Brian ruminates about a couple of great left-handed pitchers for his Boston Rex Sox and plays word games with his aspiring nephew.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 22: Wheat and Chaff

The NRL’s Round 22 looks like it will sort out the wheat from the chaff based on what we learned last weekend. Ian Hauser undertakes the winnowing.

Almanac Mongolian Life: Four minutes which changed a nation

Mongolia was in the deep throes of a political crisis in 2008. Max Wiggins deftly describes the impact that Neidan Tuvshinbayar’s maiden Olympic gold medal for his country in judo healed all tensions for the developing nation. [Great to have you back Max – Ed]

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 21 – What did we learn?

The ex-teacher in Ian Hauser has him drawing lessons from the NRL’s Round 21. Attention, class!

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 21: Mouthwatering Matchups

What an NRL Round in prospect with several clubs playing mini-Grand Finals to stay alive in the competition. Then, on Sunday, two clashes of the heavyweights which may well be genuine Grand Final previews. Ian Hauser explains. (And don’t forget, live NRL footy on free to air TV four times a week from now to the finals!)