Almanac Travel: The Trek

Dips O’Donnell visits one of the wonders of world on a four day trek to Machu Picchu, and survives the raging discomfort caused by an aguaymanto as he explains.

Almanac Life: The penny is dropping

Dips O’Donnell shares some words of wisdom about ‘think’ time given to him by his father. [The Footy Almanac reprises this wonderful piece by Dips from twelve years ago – still very timely. – ED.]

Almanac Travel: The Train Boy – Juliaca, Southern Peru

Dips O’Donnell continues his incredible travels through South America – this time on a train in Peru, and the small boy that captures his attention in Juliaca.

Almanac Travel: The Bolivian salt plains

Dips O’Donnell continues his extraordinary South American travels and highlights his visit exploring the incredible Bolivian salt plains. [Another ripping read Dips! – Ed]

Almanac (Travel) Life: Bombing the Amazon

Dips continues on his South American adventures, this time, bombing the Amazon. By bombing, we mean jumping into the Amazon river to attract any curious creatures who take notice to such movement in the waters. Find out what Dips had encountered on his tour along the river here!

Almanac (Travel) Life: This ilha is grand

Dips heads off for a vacation in Brazil on the island Ilha Grande and gives his first impressions of what paradise is like on the moment of arrival.

Round 4 – Geelong v Hawthorn: Turn it Up!

Jeremy Cameron turns it on to provide Geelong with a much needed first win of the season to the relief of Dips O’Donnell and other Geelong fans.

Almanac Life: Yarrawonga Rhythm

It’s summer, and for Dips O’Donnell that means Yarrawonga, days on the lake, water skiing, a good book, and a quiet beer as the sun slowly sets.

The Overland

Delve into a marvel of nature, storied with beauty and character as Dips recounts a journey.

Almanac Footy: A Grand Final Reflection

Dips wrestles with his emotions of elation and euphoria by trying to translate it into words of why attending the 2022 Grand final was one of the most memorable experiences he has ever had compared to previous Grand Finals

Almanac Life: Vale – R.J.W. Selleck

Dips O’Donnell farewells a much loved uncle.


Only a few things would make Dips shed a tear. He can probably count them on one hand, but a moment at the Grand Final touched him.

Finals Week 1 – Geelong v Collingwood: A Review

Who would have thought the review would be just as good as the preview? Dips takes us through one of the all time classic finals between Geelong and Collingwood from his perspective in and around the MCG.

Finals Week 1 – Cats v Pies: A Preview

Dips shares possibly the only preview you’ll need before the Qualifying Final.

Almanac Boxing: Famechon – A Time and a Place.

Johnny Famechon, Australian boxing world champion has died aged 77. Dips O’Donnell remembers ‘Fammo’ in this fine tribute to him.


You don’t have to be a Cats fan to know Mark Blicavs does stuff that other footy players rarely do…and it happens almost every week. Dips pays tribute to a remarkable player.

The bedlams are burning

In response to the recent incident between Tom Stewart and Dion Prestia and the general argument around a send-off rule, Dips makes the case for the unfair game that we know and love.

At Easter-time Stawell Giveth and Stawell Taketh Away

We re-visit this classic Almanac yarn each Easter (for good reason):

Dips O’Donnell tells the story of his crack at Stawell and what the event and the weekend mean to the O’Donnell family.

Almanac Cricket: Back to the ‘Bishens’

From the Footy Almanac archives we reprise this cracking cricket story by Dips O’Donnell first published on this day in 2010.

Almanac Life: Dad and Monet

Serenity is the new gold according to Dips O’Donnell as he reflects on his dad’s life as he found peace and contentment in the twilight years of his existence.