Round 8 – Melbourne v Sydney (and lots of other observations): Barry Gibb plays for Sydney

Pure genius from Old Dog. Who players look like. [So glad you stayed up through the night to write this Old Dog – JTH]

Geelong’s Record Run – Round 13, 1952: Geelong v Melbourne – Geelong in full flight

Peter Clark continues his series on Geelong’s unbeaten run in 1952-53. Today it’s the Round 13 clash against the Demons at Kardinia Park, with profiles of debutant Harry Herbert and Melbourne’s Stuart Spencer.

1966 and all that: Round 12 – St. Kilda v Melbourne

The Saints get their 1966 season back on track with a powerful final quarter against the Dees.

Round 2 – Carlton v Melbourne: Honourable losses butter no parsnips

Peter Fuller laments the slow starts of the Carton FC – especially this one. But, while admiring the gritty comeback, he notes the butterless parsnips.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 8 – West Coast v Melbourne: What Dees fans are really like

Watching the Eagles overpower his Dees, James Massola thought about common perceptions of Melbourne fans, some unfair, others on the spot. Several of them played out during the course of the game.

Almanac Life (and training): It’s 10.30pm

Old Dog has been out late, running to get the kilometres into his legs, sharing the night with an owl, also sharing some insights into training in the age of coronavirus.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 7 – Western Bulldogs v Melbourne: Johnson v Johnstone

The Doggies and the Dees drew the short straw and fronted up for the unwanted Mother’s Day time slot. Christopher Riordan went along to see the Johnson v Johnstone clash from the comfort of the Medallion Club.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 6 – Melbourne v Port Adelaide: The trouble with umpires

“As if the Dees didn’t have enough problems with dodgy draft picks, why did the umpires have to give them a hard time, too?” Mark Freeman may well have asked. Why indeed?

1966 and all that: Round 1 – Melbourne v St Kilda

Harold Holt was in Vietnam visiting the troops as Melbourne and St Kilda stepped onto the MCG in front of a big Round 1 ANZAC Day crowd. Peter Clark continues his account of the 1966 VFL season.

Round 21 – Melbourne v Collingwood: Haiku Bob – still some dreamers

Cold night. But the dreamers keep dreaming. Haiku Bob is one of them.

Round 18 – Melbourne v West Coast: AFL footy in the Red Centre (Part 1)

Cathi Johnston headed to Alice via Adelaide and starts her report of the trip and the match with this travel piece to set the scene.

Round 6 – Richmond v Melbourne: The Men Who Stayed Behind

John Green reflects on the monumental nature of ANZAC day and the direction of footy since the World War II period.

AFLM Round 5 – Melbourne v St Kilda: It’s time to shine

Can you feel it Almanac peoples? The warmth and happiness emanating from Saints supporters. Yvette Wroby is glowing from this terrific start to the season. Who knew?

Round 5 – Melbourne v St Kilda: All Round Team Performance sees Saints Demolish Demons

Braham, a very experienced researcher and writer, cannot hide the joy from his voice. And why would he! His Saints are playing with spirit and skill. {Lovely snapshot of a tremendous performance – JTH]

Almanac Football – Tom Freeman: Balancing Act

At 19 years of age, Tom Freeman has committed himself to professional football, as well as balancing his family, friends and life outside the 120 minutes on field as Anna Pavlou reports.

Finals Week 1 – Melbourne v Geelong: The love for Melbourne in Melbourne

There’s a lot of love for the Melbourne Football Club in Melbourne at the moment. The affection was palpable in the MCC Members from early on Friday afternoon, continued through the Dees’ superb performance, and was expressed through street art across the weekend. Katie Purvis has been completely immersed in the whole experience, as has her 91 year old dad. [Great to have you on the site Katie – ripper Cordner story too. Welcome, JTH]

Round 23 – Melb v GWS: A Weekend of Melbourne Culture

Peter Crossing gives an entertaining account of the various forms of culture he imbibed across the Melbourne weekend, from the NGV to the MCG and other pleasant haunts. ‘The Arts’ in all their multi-faceted glory. Very Melbourne.

Round 18 – Geelong v Melbourne: Wow! What a Finish!

‘I seemed to be the only one in the area with a radio, listening to the K-Rock call, and everyone around me kept asking, “How long left?” “90 seconds!”’ Marcus Holt recalls the thrilling game at Kardinia Park on Saturday night.

Haiku Bob – Round 12: breaking lines

A great day for haiku: a birthday, a stiff breeze, a tall Yank, a Pie win. See what Haiku Bob spotted.

Round 5 – Melbourne v Richmond: Anzac Eve and the sounds of silence

Mandy Johnson is pleasantly surprised and moved by the Anzac ceremony before the Melbourne-Richmond game. A tight match follows, then suddenly the Tiges are six goals up and continue to run away.