Almanac Footy History – The Crapp Chroicles Part 3: A Crapp First League Game

Henry ‘Ivo’ Crapp umpires his first game of VFL football in the very first round of the competition, in 1897. As Tim Ghys reports, some rule tweaks were soon required.

Almanac Footy History – The Crapp Chronicles: Henry ‘Ivo’ Crapp

This is the first installment of ‘The Crapp Chronicles’ where writer and podcaster Tim Ghys uncovers the life and times of legendary footy umpire Henry ‘Ivo’ Crapp.

Almanac Footy: Who loves wearing fluoro-green socks? The life of an ex-footballer turned umpire.

When injuries put an end to Jeremy Hall’s playing days, he decided to give back to the community by becoming an umpire.

The Thoughts of ‘Rulebook’ – Umpiring woes everywhere

Experienced man-in-the-middle Malcolm ‘Rulebook’ Ashwood vents some of his frustrations with the way the modern game is umpired. He’d like to see the whistleblowers take a stand on a few subjects. (A long-awaited rant, Rulebook! – Ed.)

Why Spectators Should Suck it Up, and Move On

Sarah Black has some advice for ‘fans’ and players who believe it’s appropriate to offer 15 year-old umpires a pair of glasses while they’re trying to adjudicate a netball game. [And the stats may just make your head spin. – Ed]

AFLM Round 2 – West Coast v St Kilda: Missed by thaaaat much

For three quarters of the West Coast v St Kilda game, the Saints were in it up to their eye balls. Yvette Wroby anxiously awaited the inevitable comeback. She is proud that the Saints were thaaaat close up til then. She’s also making a stand and calling the AFLM games what they are. The AFL is now made up of two competitions.

The Umpire’s Alphabet

Dennis Gedling gives us a colourful acrostic poem about the under-appreciated art of football umpiring.

Finals Week 3 – West Coast v North Melbourne: Diabolical! Got it it one Brian

Tony Robb lets off some steam after watching Saturday night’s Preliminary final between North V West Coast. Diabolical was the theme of the evening, as the Brian and Ray show define the term.

We Salute You

Echoing the sentiments of many, Swish Schwerdt pays tribute to the thankless volunteers who make sports across the country happen every week. We salute you!

It’s not easy being green

Really interesting piece from an umpire’s perspective. [Excellent expose of the notion that umpires have identity, something which mainstream discourse tends to deny them – JTH]

When the rain tumbles down in July.

In an effort to avoid planning for term 3 classes, Steve Hodder’s thoughts were directed to the AFL’s fear of forceful tackling, and ponders the notion that those at headquarters have forgotten to preserve the fundamentals of playing Aussie Rules.

An Initiative that Has Everyone Happy with the Umpires

In one of the AFL’s great unsung initiatives, the Fiona McBurney Match Day Experience allows a child with Down syndrome to be the assistant for the umpires – or, as Bradley’s daughter Isabel calls them, “the quiet team.”

AFL Round 6 – Carlton v West Coast: My grapes are sour, yes, but the Eagles was robbed!

Butterflies, wings, hurricanes… Mark Simms analyses some last quarter decisions that did not help the Eagles.

Finding a positive in the DRS: Remove the policy of neutral umpires

In the spirit of ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’ there is a positive to take out of the DRS farce that is engulfing the Ashes. We can only hope that this brings to an end the policy that the ICC has of allocating neutral umpires for Test matches.

AFL Round 18 – Sydney v Richmond: Persecution and Richmond

Persecution and Richmond go hand in hand, writes Cheryl Critchley.

Man in White

The Man In White: Country Connections takes the reader into the world of umpiring beyond ‘the big league’.

The Jolly folly: Louie was right – big blokes just don’t get it

Darren Jolly’s assertion that the Rules of the Games committee has ruined the game is incorrect, but what would you expect from a ruckman, writes Stephen Alomes.

Footy in South-East Asia

Former AFL umpire Adam McDonald now umpires in South-East Asia, and has been involved with the Bali Geckos, Malaysian Warriors and the Vietnam Swans.

Easy targets

Peter Davis was struck once while umpiring. It was in a game of under 14s.

Standing on the outside lookin’ in

Tony Robb poses the questions that need to be asked. To quote a former North Melbourne ruckman – you know it makes sense.