Racing: Horses get sick, don’t they? – Part 2

Matt Watson continues his series on the 2007 outbreak of the Equine influenza in Australia, and as the disease spreads so does the blame game.

Racing: Horses get sick, don’t they? – Part 1

Equine influenza is a disease with a very long history. Matt Watson begins a series on the 2007 outbreak of the disease in Australia, when we discovered we weren’t as well prepared as we thought we were.

Almanac (Australian) Cricket: Beset by crisis because the system is spoiled

This is the regression we had to have.  In ironmike20’s life, Australian cricket has suffered three great crises and rebounded.  This crisis is self-inflicted, but a setback is an opportunity for a comeback.  The Aussies have done it before and can do it again a passionate Mike claims.

Almanac Books: Sons of Guns – family and football

The author of the book “Sons of Guns”, Matt Watson takes us through his relationship with family & footy, shares tidbits from the stars of his manuscript and the long, involved process it took to complete.

Almanac Cricket: Vaseline and cricket

Smith, Warner and Bancroft broke a nation’s heart when they broke the spirit of the game. Why cheat?  Why destroy everything Test cricket stands for?  Why destroy a nation’s psyche?  Why try to ruin Test cricket? Ironmike tries to understand why.

Almanac Music: If you want blood – we got it

A heartfelt tribute to Malcolm Young and everything that AC/DC means to many

Almanac Motor Racing – Bathurst (Part 5): The road trip Home

The big race is over and IronMike20 makes his way home…

Almanac Motor Racing – Bathurst (Part 4): The road trip Sunday

On a cold and wet Sunday, Ironmike20 continues his Bathurst report about the trials and tribulations of the great race.

Almanac Motor Racing – Bathurst (Part 3): The road trip Saturday

Matt Watson has made it through to Saturday, even if his mate’s jocks are a bit worse for wear.

Almanac Motor Racing – Bathurst (Part 2): The road trip Friday

Matt Watson is now on the mountain and taking in the day’s practice – albeit surprisingly light on provisions.

Almanac Flashback – Bathurst 2017 (Part 1): The road trip Thursday

Footy Almanac reprises Matt Watson’s first piece in a series of articles which chronicle his 2017 Bathurst 1000 adventure. First things first: a road trip to get there.

Premiership Port – a loving toast

Matt Watson just cannot watch a game as a neutral. And in this year’s AFL Grand Final he found himself fully behind the Tigers. He explains why in recounting this terrific story of the day – and the celebration later.

1980 Premiership Port – Harry Tinson

Matt Watson has his late grandfather’s unopened bottle of 1980 Richmond Premiership port. How much potential in a bottle of alcohol? As he uncovers the story behind the bottle, Matt pledges to open it if the Tigers salute on Saturday.

Round 23 – Brisbane v North Melbourne: The wooden spoon – a useless utensil

Matt Watson dissects the history of the wooden spoon in AFL as the Lions and Kangas battled it out this weekend to avoid the dreaded tag of wooden spooners.

Doug Gott – deep connections to football

Matt Watson brings us Doug Gott’s sporting story, from the days when each year had two seasons (cricket and footy). Gott succeeded at both.

Graham Carbery – a man who stood up

Graham Carbery, the boundary umpire head butted by Phil Carman passed away recently. As Matt Watson highlights, this was a man who should not be defined by one fleeting moment.

One left hook

Tomas Bugg landed a massive left hook on Callum Mills’ chin on the weekend, scoring a knockout blow. Unfortunately for Bugg, it took place on the footy field, not a boxing ring.

Almanac Boxing: School teacher to champion

The Battle of Brisbane was a real fight. Horn is world champion. Australian boxing has a new face.

Fabulous Phil Carman – an extract about punches

In this extract from Fabulous Phil, Matt Watson relates the reasons why Max Richardson ‘ … just turned around and biffed him.’

Fabulous Phil – gathering the story

Matt Watson’s book Fabulous Phil – The Phil Carman Story has just been released. Best for me to say, just read this terrific piece by Matt about Phil Carman and the process of writing the book.