They shall not be forgotten years. Richmond: 1981 – 2016: An occasional series of reflections on the triumphs and tragedies that made 2017 so worth the wait.

Stainless confronts the horror that was Richmond’s 1982 Grand Final loss and its aftermath in his ongoing series about the Tigers during those years their fans would like to forget but can’t. So many ‘what ifs?’ in this brutally honest reflection.

Almanac Teams: The Brightest Brians

“Welease Bwian!” Or at least, release a team of Brians. Phil Dimitriadis looks at the many lives of footballing Brians.

“Our Game”

This piece has been taken down following a reader’s request.

The Elephant in the Room

Brin argues, in a thought provoking and articulate article, that the standard of sports journalism in Australia and the level of understanding provided to readers by people paid to report on the game of Australian Rules football is not up to scratch.

The Pies’ most memorable games against the Eagles

Steve Fahey continues his occasional series of the Pies’ most memorable games against opposition clubs. This time it’s not all wins as some famous games ended in other results.

Round 9 – Melbourne v North Melbourne: BT

As if it wasn’t bad enough having to miss the match due to work commitments! Smokie then has to suffer through BT’s call.

Era, era on the wall; 1977-1986

Jeff Dowsing continues with his fantastic look at bygone football eras. Many think the 70s and 80s where the greatest in footy. Actually they nearly killed but ultimately saved football. A must read for students of the game.

Finals Week 3 – West Coast v North Melbourne: Diabolical! Got it it one Brian

Tony Robb lets off some steam after watching Saturday night’s Preliminary final between North V West Coast. Diabolical was the theme of the evening, as the Brian and Ray show define the term.

Aussie Rules Commentary Terms (or how to explain AFL terminology to non-Australians)

Know of a loved one or friend new to the game who’ll need some help understanding modern football commentary? Damian Gibson is here to help.

Channel 7’s Saturday night pre-game show and its remarkable similarity to a steaming pile of poo

Sean Curtain reckons it was not just the Richmond forward line stinking it up on Saturday.

A push and a rush and the game is ours

Collingwood’s 50 Most Sensational Games Round 4, 1987 Collingwood   2.4.16   4.10.34   7.11.53   16.14.110 Richmond       3.5.23    7.7.49   14.8.92   15.10.100 VENUE: VFL Park DATE: Saturday 20 April CROWD: 36,749 UMPIRES: Robinson, Forster COLLINGWOOD B         Christian       Gayfer       Kerrison HB      Brown         Manson           Keays C          Millane        Turner        Bradbury HF       Fielke         Starcevich    Rizonico F          Banks           Taylor             Croall FOLL  Cloke, Atkins, Ryan [Read more]